After School Special

I sat at my desk trying hard to focus on the book in front of me, but it was a losing battle. Although Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner may be an all time classic, it was nowhere near as interesting as Miss Ross’s amazing ass. Friday’s were dress down days for the teachers and I lived for them. Usually on these afternoons I was treated to the sight of my favorite teacher’s fine ass in a pair of fairly tight jeans.

Last week those jeans were accompanied by a pair of black boots the heels of which had to be four inches. They were fuck me boots if I’d ever seen a pair and I’d be more than willing to oblige them! As good as that look had been last week, today’s ensemble was nothing short of unfair! The fuck me boots had been replaced by a pair of black heeled sandals which were accompanied by a short black skirt that could really only be referred to as a mini. Miss Ross’s skirt fell well short of her knees and as she’d stood in front of the class writing on the board the sight of the backs of her creamy thighs had me hard as a rock.

The biggest turn on of all for me was that she knew it! When she was writing on the board she’d made it a point to reach up several times to make notes above her original sentences. Each time she did her skirt raised even higher. There was no way Miss Ross wasn’t aware of the effect a hot cougar like herself had on a room full of eighteen year old guys. She’d never wore anything this racy before, but more often than not her blouses showed a decent amount of cleavage and her skirts were tight enough to show off her well rounded ass.

At times I wondered if anyone had ever complained to the office about how she dressed, but then I figured, who the hell would? Hell my old man had been drooling when he’d met her at the open house earlier this year. Giving up on the depressing poetry and opting for a more pleasant distraction, I looked up to see Miss Ross was sitting on the edge of her desk looking over at the other side of the class. Taking advantage of her head being turned, I stared at her long legs. She had them crossed and the skirt had ridden up the leg on top to the point I could see a hell of a lot of thigh. Miss Ross was slowly kicking her leg back and forth and was letting her sandal dangle from her toes.

That move screamed sex to me and staring at her deep red nail polish I swore I would suck on those toes if it would give me the chance to work my way up. My eyes wandered up and I sighed in appreciation as the top was hot as the bottom. Miss Ross was wearing a short sleeve black blouse that was unbuttoned to reveal a red shirt underneath that was so tight her full tits looked as if they were ready to fall out. I licked my lips at the tops of her tits and the little bit of black lace that was showing. I wondered if she were wearing some nice lacy black panties to match that bra.

Miss Ross reached up and with a flip of her hand sent her long black hair over her shoulder. Another hot fucking move! Damn straight she knew what she was doing. Her head started to turn and I quickly glanced the other way. I smiled when I saw two other guys staring at her then quickly look down when she turned their way. I looked back down and flipped the page in front of me, giving the illusion I was reading. After waiting a minute I looked back up to see Miss Ross had stood up and was walking along the front row away from me.

I watched the slow swing of her hips and admired the shape of her legs. I wondered how those long legs would feel draped over my shoulders while I tongued what I bet would be a completely shaved pussy. I jumped as a ball of paper landed on my desk. I unraveled it to see it was a note from Billy.

“Christ she’s hot today! Hey, you going to volunteer to lead the discussion group on this bucket of suck tomorrow, you ass kisser?

Crumbling up the note and shoving it in my pocket, I grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled, “Damn straight I’d kiss her ass, and lick it. Hell I’d spread it open and give her a fucking rimjob! I’d even suck her damn toes if she wanted me too! Fucking cocktease!”

I folded the note and reaching out, flipped it onto Billy’s desk. He reached for it, but jerked back as Miss Ross who had apparently been standing behind us, picked it up from his desk. Holding it in her hand she walked to the front of my desk. I sat in the front-all the better to ogle her all year-and now standing in front of the entire class Miss Ross held up the note and said loudly.

“Well class, it appears that Todd is so excited about this poem that he’s sharing his notes about it with Billy.”

As the class laughed and waited expectantly for Miss Ross to further embarrass me, I felt a growing knot in my stomach. Looking up into those big brown eyes that I had envisioned looking up at me from her knees so many times, I swallowed hard and tried to look calm.

“So,” she said with a smile, “Shall we see what pearls of wisdom Todd has come up with?”

There was more laughing and some clapping from behind me and closing my eyes, I thought please just be kidding. If she read that note I was seriously fucked. I’d spent too much time screwing around senior year and because some of my other grades had dipped needed to pass this class top graduate. That note could get me flunked! Never mind the shit I’d catch from my parents when my stupid ass got suspended.

“Very well, let’s see what we got here!” Miss Ross nodded.

“Please Miss Ross,” I began softly, “Don’t”

“You don’t have to beg Todd,” She laughed, “I’ll be more than happy to read this for you!”

There was more laughter from behind me and the knot in my stomach turned into a sharp twisting sensation as she unfolded the note. Miss Ross gave me a wink and after making a show of clearing her throat, brought the note up before her eyes.

“So Todd says, Damn straight, I…” she trailed off and her eyes widened as she read the rest to herself. She lowered the note and no longer smiling, stared down at me. “Really Todd?” She asked, “That’s what you think?”

“I…I’m so sorry M…Miss Ross.” I stammered.

The class had now grown quiet and I felt like sliding down under my desk as her eyes bored into mine.

“No, not yet you’re not.” She said quietly.

Crumpling up the note she dropped it onto my desk and said, “You will stay in your seat when the bell rings Todd, you and I need to have a little talk.”

I could feel the heat in my face as I blushed furiously and slumping down in my seat managed to whisper. “Y…yes ma’am.”

I sat there with my head down staring at the book in front of me, but not seeing the words. Holy shit was I in trouble! The note was still on my desk in a ball and part f me wondered why she had given it back to me. I figured she would have wanted to show it to the principle or my parents. I wanted to take it and shove it in my pocket, but was afraid of her seeing me. After a couple of minutes I risked a glance at her and froze when I saw her sitting on the edge of her desk again and staring directly at me. I put my head down and almost jumped out of my seat when the bell rang.

The other students all filed out of the classroom and leaning over to me, Billy whispered, “Good luck man!” and quickly headed out. When it was just the two of us, Miss Ross said quietly, “Go lock the door.”

“E…excuse me?” I asked.

“I said lock the door. I don’t want to be disturbed during this conversation.”

“Okay.” I answered softly and getting up walked over to the door and thumbed the button to lock it.

As I walked back towards my desk, I could feel my legs shaking.

“Don’t sit down Todd, come over here.”

I did as she asked and walking over to her desk stood in front of her. Miss Ross stared at me and unable to hold her gaze, I lowered my eyes and found myself staring at her impressive chest.

“Like what you see Todd?”

“Huh?” I snapped my head up, “I…”

“As much trouble as you’re in, and you’re still gawking at me?” She asked.

“No, I….”

“Well here, let me help you out.”

Grabbing her blouse, Miss Ross slid it off her shoulders and removed it. The shirt beneath was sleeveless and as I took in the smooth skin of her shoulders, she shoved her chest out at me.

“There you go, Todd, get a good long look at them.” She shook her head, “Is that what you do all during class? Stare and think about fucking me?”

“I…” hearing her say fucking stunned me and I resorted to shaking my head again.

“Really?” she cocked her eyebrows, “That note would indicate otherwise.”

“Well I…uh… I’m sorry.”

“Why?” she asked.

“Well because….”

“Why should a young man feel sorry for looking at an attractive woman?”

“I…shouldn’t I?” I put my hands out.

“Nope.” She answered, “I’m flattered that you look.” She gave me a nasty little smirk, “I know you do, I know all the boys do and I love it.”

“You do?”

“I do, I mean after all,” Grabbing the top of her shirt she pulled it down to expose more of her cleavage, “Isn’t that what I am; a fucking cock tease?”

“I was just um…” I stopped as she placed her finger to my lips.

“See that’s the problem here Todd. Looking is fine, fantasizing is fine, but saying crude nasty things about me is where you were wrong today.”

“I’m sorry Miss Ross.” I said more firmly this time. “I know I was wrong, but could you maybe not tell…”

“You are wrong.” She nodded. “How do you know I’m a tease? That’s an assumption made by men who know they’ll never get a woman so they say they’re teases. It’s a very petty misleading statement. Never mind harsh and hurtful.”

I started to answer, but stopped when she slid off the desk to stand in front of me. In her heels she was almost as tall as me and her eyes were only inches from mine.

“You know how much trouble you can get into for this, don’t you Todd?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Well I suggest that you start doing some serious ass kissing if you don’t want me to say anything.”

“What…what do you want me to do?” I asked, confused, but relieved that I might have a shot at getting out of this.

“I just told you.” Miss Ross said, “Start kissing my ass.”

She turned around so that her back was to me and seemed to be waiting. I stood there unsure of what to do and looking over her shoulder she said, “Well?”


“Get on your knees Todd.”

“What?” I asked, my eyes wide.

“You can’t very well kiss my ass while you’re standing now can you?”

Reaching back Miss Ross grabbed her skirt and as I watched stunned, lifted it up over her hips.

“Damn.” I said softly as I stared at her perfectly rounded ass.

Miss Ross was wearing a black thong that was little more than a string and showed off both of the cheeks of her ass.

“Start kissing Todd.” She said softly. “Get on your knees and do just what you wrote in that cute little note of yours. Tell you what; you do a good job and this stays between us.”

“Y…yes ma’am!” I exclaimed.

Dropping to my knees so quickly I banged them hard on the floor, I placed my hands on her hips and began kissing her left ass cheek.

“There you go.” She sighed, “Show me how much you want my ass.”

I began not only kissing, but licking and sucking her warm firm ass and sliding my hands down, started fondling it as well. I trailed my tongue down her ass and began sucking on the bottom of her cheek. Miss Ross started to wiggle her ass back and forth and I was aware of a painful throbbing in my jeans where my hard cock was bent at an angle.

“Pull my thong over and spread that ass Todd, just like you said you would!”

Grabbing her thong I pulled it from between her cheeks and sliding it to the side stopped and admired the sight of her smooth pink pussy peeking out at me from between her thighs. I felt something brush my hand and saw that Miss Ross had reached back and grabbing her ass, spread her cheeks wide open for me.

“Go ahead Todd, give me that rim job you wrote about.”

I licked my lips and leaning forward, eagerly stuck my tongue into my teacher’s asshole. She emitted a squeal that caused a shiver to run through my aching dick. I teased my tongue around her rosebud, and then growing bolder pushed it into her ass.

“Oooh, you weren’t kidding were you?” she asked as she shoved her ass back into my face. “You do like that ass!”

I removed my tongue and taking a chance she wouldn’t care slid my tongue down and plunged it into her pussy. Miss Ross cried out and I moaned at the taste of her in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around inside her and then slowly slid it up through her wet lips until I found her hard clit.

“Stop.” Miss Ross snapped and I reluctantly did as she said, sitting back and removing my tongue from her delicious pussy.

Standing, she turned around and sitting on the desk, said, “Take that shirt off.”

I yanked the t-shirt up and over my head so quickly I heard it rip, but could care less. As soon as I tossed it to the side, Miss Ross raised her legs and placing her soft feet on my shoulders reached down and spread her pussy open for me.

“Come and get it Todd, let me watch my hottest student lick my pretty pussy.”

I just about dove into her pussy. Placing my hand son those firm creamy thighs, I fastened my lips to her clit and began gently sucking it into my mouth. Miss Ross placed her hand on my head and as she began playing with my thick black hair, said, “Look up at me Todd, let me see those big blue eyes while you eat me.”

I looked up into her eyes and saw that they were wide and bright. There was a look on her face that was one of pure lust and again my cock fought for release. I started swirling my tongue around her pussy and as she moaned she reached up and pulled her shirt and bra down far enough to cause her huge tits to pop out. While I continued tonguing the pussy I’d been stroking to for two years, she cupped her tits and started playing with her hard pink nipples. She sighed softly and spurred on by that sexy sound I brought my hand up and slid two fingers into her wet and very hot pussy.

“You are a good student aren’t you Todd?” she purred as I started pumping them in and out of her.

“Yes ma’am.” I whispered around her clit.

“Well good students should get rewarded shouldn’t they?” she asked.

“Whatever you say Miss Ross.” I answered in between sucking her clit into my mouth.

“Good answer!” she cooed, “Now stand up so I can give you something a lot better than a gold star!”

As much as I was enjoying her pussy I had no qualms about standing up, hoping she was thinking what I was thinking. I had no worries as the second I was on my feet; Miss Ross slid off the desk, onto her knees and immediately unsnapped my jeans. Looking up at me she licked her full red lips and as she pulled my dripping prick out, smiled,

“So tell me, Todd, am I a tease?”

“No…no ma’am.” I moaned a she slowly pumped my cock in her hand.

The sight of her long slender fingers around my swollen cock was incredible, although it quickly became a second thought as she lowered her mouth to my oozing tip. Looking up at me, she said softly, “Tell me what you want.”

“Miss Ross would you….” I swallowed, “Suck my cock?”

“This beautiful cock?” she asked, “This nice young hard cock?” she blew on the tip causing my hips to twitch, “I’d love to, Todd, know why?”


“Because I love sucking young hard cocks and I’m going to swallow every fucking drop!”

“Oh goddamn.” I moaned as her tongue flicked across my cock.

“That’s right Todd, I am going to give you the longest hottest blow job you ever had, and then after you suck me off I am going to let you fuck the shit out of me right over my desk!”

“T…thank you Miss Ross.” I moaned.

It sounded lame, but she giggled, “I like that! Very respectful, now where were we?” she again teased her soft wet tongue around the head of my cock. “That’s right I was going to blow you!”

Miss Ross opened her mouth wide and lowering her mouth wrapped her lips around the tip of my cock and started to….

I jumped as my cell phone rang next to me.

“Shit!” I exclaimed as I picked it up, I’d been on a roll!

“Yeah?” I answered.

“Hey Todd its Kim, what’re you up to?”

“Just doing some writing.” I answered as I leaned back in my chair away from the keyboard.

As I did I became aware of the throbbing erection between my legs. As always I wondered if other people who wrote erotica got turned on by their own work. Then again I didn’t always; usually it was when I was working with my favorite subject matter, Miss Ross.

“Good!” Kim exclaimed, “That’s why I was calling, to make sure your flighty ass remembered that our final story for Miss Ross’s writing circle is due tomorrow.”

Oh, fuck me! I thought, I had to have that e-mailed off to Miss Ross before midnight tonight. Out loud I answered, “Nope, I actually remembered this time.”

“I’m glad.” Kim said, “You’re always late and I don’t get it, you’re stories are really good.” She paused then added, “They’re always my favorites in the group.”

“Thank you.” I said with a smile.

I was pretty sure I was Kim’s favorite in general and had been thinking of asking her out. Kim was a pretty petite little blond who was as sweet as she was cute. I’d been holding back because lately I’d been obsessed with older women. Miss Ross in particular, but she was only a fantasy, there were however quite a few older women who came into the restaurant I waited tables at and I swore some of them were flirting with me. I’d been writing about cougars for the last year now and was dying for the actual experience.

Because I was raised not to be a player or dog as my old man put it, I wouldn’t fool around with one if I had a girlfriend so was stalling on dating in hopes of landing some older sex crazed Milf.

“It’s true.” Kim said, bringing me back. “You’re a good writer; I think you could do it for a living if you wanted to.”

‘Don’t know about that.” I told her, “Thanks for thinking of me tonight Kim, I appreciate it.”

“That’s okay,” she giggled, “I like thinking about you.”

Well that was pretty blatant. Frowning, I tried to think of a way to brush her off, but couldn’t come up with much and went with,

“I like that you like that! Well listen, I really have to clean this thing up so I’ll see you on Sunday at Miss Ross’s?”

“I’ll be there.” She replied. I was getting ready to say good bye when she added, “Hey Todd we’re having a cook out Sunday at my house, want to come over with me after the group?”

“Uh…yeah sure.” I told her.

Not sure I wanted to go down that path, but didn’t want to be an asshole to her either.

“Great! See you then!”

She hung up and putting the phone down, I sighed and thought about jerking off. Usually my pattern was to write my stories while horny because it made the sex hotter. Now however, I was going to have to shelve my latest nasty little piece currently dubbed “After School Special” and get to work finishing the lame horror piece I was doing for the group. Maybe I would take a few minutes and watch some porn, get off and get to work. Of course I could always just close my eyes and think of Kim. In fact it was getting pretty obvious that I could do more than spank it to her, she was giving some pretty clear signals.

As I sat up and clicked save on my latest Miss Ross driven story it occurred to me that I probably should get something going with Kim and give up on my stupid fantasies. I’d been watching and writing too much porn lately. I minimized the screen on “Special” and stared at the next document which was my goofy vampire story for the group. As I read the uninspiring words I realized it could be a decent story if I tossed some hot sex in there. I doubted that Miss Ross would appreciate that though. I grinned as I thought that in any scenario I could envision she would not only appreciate it, but play with herself while reading.

Sadly, that Miss Ross only existed in my head. In reality she was just an attractive teacher that supplied a lot of eye candy and fantasy to countless students over the years. Although I doubt there were any others that took it to the degree that I did. For me she had become nothing short of an obsession. Billy had once asked me if I thought Miss Ross was the hottest teacher we’d ever had. I had answered that never mind teacher, Simone Ross was the hottest woman I’d ever seen period!

When I’d had her as a sophomore two years ago she had driven me crazy to the point I’d had to be excused to go to the bathroom so I could jerk off to the thought of her doing….well whatever the hell she wanted to me. In fact I was so into her that when I’d heard she was teaching a creative writing course I’d taken it as one of my senior electives just to be able to see her every day before I graduated. Well there was only two weeks left to enjoy her and I was doing that as much as I could.

Not that I didn’t actually enjoy the class itself as I had indeed been writing for the last couple of years. The only problem was what I was writing was dirty stories, or as the web sites called it; erotica. I was pretty good at it and at the urging of my then girlfriend Julie, had submitted a few to a story site named Erotic escapes where under the pen name hotforteacher I’d gotten some pretty good reviews.

Most of my stories were about older women with guys my age and Miss Ross had been the inspiration for many of them. Most of my female leads had the same long dark hair, big brown eyes and perfect full lips as my favorite English teacher. Yes Miss Ross had been the nasty little cougar in my mind and in print many times over the last few months. Shit, I’d even joined her writing discussion group because it met every other Sunday at her house.

While the other half dozen students sat and discussed their stories and other’s work, I sat there like a perv, picturing Miss Ross lounging naked on her couch or standing in her shower, rubbing her wet soapy tits. Last class she was wearing a tank top and a pair of denim shorts that had me spanking it all night long. That same day, I’d hit an all time low and while everyone was out on her deck, I’d used the bathroom then sneaking down her hall way slipped into her bedroom and moving quickly had opened her top bureau draw and found myself staring at an array of thongs and lacy bras.

It had taken an act of will not to steal one, but I managed to turn around and walk back out to the deck where I’d sat with my book in my lap to cover my constant erection. It always amazed me that she was single. A woman like that…

“Okay, enough.” I said out loud.

Closing my eyes I forced Miss Ross out of my mind so I could finish my project. As I’d stated in my latest story, I did actually need a decent grade in this class to keep my average up. I played the game of telling myself that if I focused and finished “A Vampire’s Remorse” I would then watch some milf porn and get off before I went to bed.

Opening my eyes, I cleared my mind and re-read the first half of the story. I then started to type. The first few sentences were forced, but as time went on, I caught on and my fingers started to blur across the keyboard. As always when I wrote I became immersed in the story and got more into than I had thought I would. When I typed the words “The End” I sat back and after rubbing my tired eyes was surprised to see it was ten fifteen.

After giving the story a quick run through spell check I remembered my promise to myself and with a grin minimized “Vampire’ and brought up the net. I went straight to my favorite site ‘The cougars cave” and started browsing videos. I stopped on one that said “Joe works hard in detention” and clicked on it. The video came up to show a kid sitting alone in his classroom getting lectured by his very hot and provocatively dressed teacher. My eyes widened as I saw she bore a pretty good resemblance to Miss Ross. Same long black hair, brown eyes and very impressive rack.

Having no desire to listen to the stilted dialogue of the alleged plot, I brought the video forward.

“Oh yeah.” I whispered as the teacher was now on her knees, sucking her lucky students cock.

The camera panned to show her from behind and I licked my lips at the sight of her perfect ass. I remembered my own story where I had my tongue buried in Miss Ross’s ass and as the camera went back to the stunning brunette sucking cock, I began to imagine how I would describe it. I sat up as the rest of my story jumped into my head and clicking off the video brought “Special” back up and began typing at a frenetic pace. My fingers pounded away on the keyboard as in the story I pounded away on Miss Ross.

Of course I didn’t start fucking her until she had given me an eye rolling blow job that ended with her letting my cum drool out of her mouth and onto her tits. From there she had hopped back onto the desk for me to take over where I left off and suck her off with my fingers buried in her pussy. I described her as wailing like a banshee as she came beneath my eager tongue and telling me to stand back up and slam the shit out of her. The story then went into the two of us going around the world. My stud of a story self banged her with her legs spread wide, bent over her desk, and doggy style on the floor.

The story ended with her riding me hard and fast on my back on her desk, then us rolling onto our sides, where with her leg draped over mine I fucked the shit out of her until I whipped my cock out and came all over her soft stomach. At that point I was sweating and my cock was aching between my legs. I forced myself to type out some pillow talk dialogue about how she knew she teased the students and had always fantasized about fucking one. In the story Ross told me about how as soon as she saw that note she knew she was going to fuck me and how would I feel about attending ‘summer school’ with her.

I typed the end and after ‘signing it’ Hotforteacher copyright Erotic escapes 2012 clicked save and sitting back in my chair, pulled my throbbing prick from my pants and stroked it hard and fast to the images of everything I had just written. I moaned as my cock began spurting and in my mind those streams of thick white cum were splashing all over Miss Ross’s lips and tongue.

“Wow.” I gasped as I released my spent cock and tried to catch my breath.

I stood and after gingerly tucking my dripping cock back into my pants slipped out of my room and took a quick shower. While soaping myself, I envisioned Miss Ross standing behind me and doing it for me, giving me a nice soapy hand job. Before I knew it I was stroking again and in a surprisingly short time blew another good sized load. After rinsing off I stepped out and as I dried myself off decided that it was time to ask my little blonde admirer out.

My mind was in over drive and I needed to get some actual sex. A guy who I knew at work knew Kim’s ex boyfriend and he’s said she was a wild little thing so I’m sure I would have some fun with her. I went back in my room and stretching out under the sheets closed my eyes and started thinking about Kim. It would be fun to have someone to do things with and might even inspire some new stories. I was just starting to nod off, when my eyes flew open.

“Oh shit!” I said aloud.

I hadn’t sent the damn story off yet! I shook my head, trying to clear it and getting up, staggered over to my computer. Bringing up the story, I right clicked it to send to and after punching in Miss Ross’s e-mail sent it off. I closed the screen and as I began to turn saw the time on the computer was eleven forty. Damn that was close I thought as I went back to bed. I almost got myself in some serious trouble.


I awoke to the sound of my cell ringing and with a groan rolled over to answer it. On Friday’s I worked six to close and hadn’t gotten home until two thirty this morning. By the time I’d settled down enough to sleep it had been close to four and I could barely force my eyes open. The clock on my night stand said eight am and I groaned again. I grabbed the phone and without looking at the number, grumbled, “Who is it?”

“Well good morning to you too, sunshine!” a female voice chirped in my ear.

“Who…who is this?” I asked, trying to place the voice.

“You don’t recognize my voice?” There was an exaggerated sigh. “And here I thought I was your favorite!”

“Favorite?” I sat up and shook my head, “Kim?” it didn’t quite sound like her, but it was my only guess as I tried to clear the cob webs from my sleep addled mind.

“Kim?” this was followed by laughter. “I guess there are worse things than to be confused with a pretty young girl.”

“Look I’m sorry, but…”

“Todd, its Miss Ross.”

“Miss….?” Holy shit, how did I miss her voice? I’d only heard it whispering dirty things in my ear for a couple of years now. “I’m sorry! I was sleeping and…”

“No worries, I probably sound different on the phone, and besides,” she paused briefly before continuing, “I’m sure my voice isn’t the one you would imagine in your ear in the morning.”

I paused thinking that was a little eerie after my last thought. Clearing my throat I asked,

“Umm…is everything okay?”

“Well I have a little problem Todd.” She began. “I didn’t check my calendar and I have a family thing on Sunday I can’t get out of. But we need to have the last group so I was wondering if you can make it today?”

“Today?” I frowned trying to recall if I had to work.

“Yes, I called the other students and they all said they can make it, can you?”

As she spoke I had reached out and grabbed the paper I had jotted my schedule down on.

“Yeah sure, I don’t have work until eight tonight. What time are we meeting?” I looked longingly at me pillow hoping for a couple more hours sleep.

“Oh, you have a couple of hours!” she laughed, “I know I woke you up and honestly, I’m still rolling around in bed.”

“ are?” I repeated like an idiot.

“Yup, still in my jammies,” she giggled into the phone like a little girl, “Just a pair of boy shorts and a little red cammie top. Not very professional.”

“Umm…. No I guess not.” I answered weakly as my cock began growing picturing her in a silky little top, her braless tits ready to fall out.

“Sorry Todd,” she laughed again, “I guess that was a little, how do you kids say it T&A?”

“I…I think you mean TMI.” I replied, thinking T and A was exactly what was lodged in my head right now.

“Oh, that’s right, too much information!” another cock stirring giggle. “The other one means tits and ass.”

“I…yeah it does.” I told her quietly trying to keep my voice steady.

“Sorry, Todd I shouldn’t say that, I doubt a guy your age wants to hear that from someone almost old enough to be your mom.”

“You look a lot younger than my mom.” I said without thinking.

“Good answer!” she exclaimed then lowering her voice to close to a whisper added, “Or are you just…” she paused, “Kissing my ass?”

I swallowed hard, recalling “After School Special” and managed to laugh, “No seriously, you look pretty young.”

“Aren’t you sweet, well you know what they say about flattery; anyway is noon okay for you?”

“Yeah uh…sure.”

“Good because like I said to you yesterday in class, I found your story very intriguing and can’t wait to talk about it!”


“Really Todd, I’m very excited to hear all about your motivation! See you at Noon!”

I started to reply, but she had hung up. I leaned back on my pillow and for a moment allowed my mind to wander over what Miss Ross would look like in lying in bad in a pair of tight lace boy shorts, her little top riding up her stomach, up to just below the swelling of her tits. I shook my head to clear it. I was too tired even for that right now. Closing my eyes and waiting for sleep to return, I wondered what the hell had Miss Ross so interested in my story.

Granted I thought it had come out better than I expected, but saw nothing in it that would have her excited. Even yesterday at class she had come up to me and told me how impressed she was with my latest work. I’d thanked her and said it was a bit different for me. She’d smiled and said that not only was it different, but seemed truly inspired. She’d walked away at that point, leaving me to be truly inspired by her ass in a pair of tight black jeans.

I shrugged as I lied there and chalked it up to maybe she just felt this story was more up to my potential. Miss Ross had been telling me all year I was better than what I was turning in. Of course, I thought with a grin, she had never seen any of what I referred to as my ‘real’ work. Talk about inspiring. Speaking of inspiring her conversation with me had bordered on out right flirting. I knew it wasn’t, she was probably just in a good mood. I noticed at the meetings at her house she was much more relaxed and spoke quite differently and this was no different.

On a different note, that conversation would make a good beginning to a new story. I show up at her house, she’s the only one there and answers the door wearing some sexy lingerie and….I smiled as I felt my mind drifting back into sleep and wondered if shit like that ever happened outside of movies and stories.


I pulled up in front of Miss Ross’s house and glancing at my phone saw it was five to twelve. That was odd, I thought as I looked around. I didn’t see Tony or Kim’s cars or anyone else for that matter. I was usually the last one to arrive so this would be a first. I started to get out, but stopped and took a quick look in the mirror. I’d spent more than a little time trying to get my hair just right and had shaved. I looked closely at my blue eyes, making sure they weren’t bloodshot from not a lot of sleep and after giving myself a big smile said, “You look good too Miss Ross, why yes I would love to see your…”

I laughed and sighed, “Knock it off Romeo.”

I grabbed my notebook and getting out of the car, did a brief check to make sure my black polo shirt was tucked into the jeans I was wearing. The jeans were more than a little tight and the shirt showed off the arms I’d built up playing football the last two years. All in all I thought I looked pretty good. Whether I was showing off for Kim or in some vain hope Miss Ross checked out young guys was up for debate, but one way or another I was happy with the result. I’d also sprayed on some Wings cologne for a little extra effect and after running my fingers through my hair, walked up to Miss Ross’s door and rang the bell.

I had turned partway at the sound of a car coming around the corner to see if it was one of the other kids, but it wasn’t. I heard the door open and Miss Ross say, “Hi Todd, thank you so much for coming today!”

“Hi Miss,” I began as I turned towards her, “I….”

I stopped in mid sentence when I saw her. She was wearing a red sundress what was so low cut not only could I see the top half of her tits, but right down between them. In fact I could see far enough down to notice that what I wasn’t seeing is any type of bra. I forced my eyes from her chest and noticed the dress tied around her neck leaving her smooth creamy shoulders bare. Well not completely bare, Miss Ross’s long curly black hair was down and draped over her right shoulder.

“You okay Todd?” she asked.

“I…” I snapped myself out of it and hoped to hell I hadn’t been gawking. “Sorry, I thought I umm…heard my cell ringing. Anyway, uh…no problem, glad to be here.”

“And I’m very glad to have you here.” She gave me a smile that caused my heart to flutter.

Not only because it seemed more than a bit playful, but her lips were painted a deep red, making them more luscious than ever and as I looked into her big expressive brown eyes, she winked.

“Well come on in, you know the way.”

She turned and when she headed down the hallway in front of me, I felt my mouth drop open. The dress was as short as the damn skirt I’d pictured her in my story. The red material wasn’t reaching more than a few inches below the cheeks of her ass and while I stared at the backs of her long smooth thighs, I wondered if she could even bend over in it. Following her into her living room my eyes wandered down her long shapely legs and with a start I noticed she was barefoot.

Miss Ross entered her living room and I saw that where she had usually pulled all the chairs into a circle, they were spread out around the room. Walking over to the love seat in front of the window, she paused to pick up a glass of wine and a folder I assumed had our stories in it. That was different, I’d never seen her drink at these things, usually we had soda or iced tea. I stood in the middle of the room, unsure of where to sit and watched while she pulled the shade down that was over the loveseat.

Turning she sat down in the corner of the love seat and when I started to sit in the armchair across from her she shook her head and pointed to the other side of the love seat.

“Come sit over here Todd.”

I started over then stopped when she raised her right leg and crossed it over the left. She’d raised her leg high enough that I had gotten a glimpse of red lace between her legs. I felt my face begin to flush and lowered my gaze to the floor in hopes she didn’t notice.

“Well?” she asked. I raised my head to see her pat the cushion next to her, “Come on over, are you afraid I’ll bite?”

“No, I just…” I shrugged and made my way over, as I did she continued,

“I’ve been known to nibble from time to time, but not bite.”


“Sorry,” she laughed, “I’m in a really good mood and think maybe I’ve had a glass too many,” she indicated the wine glass, “But hey it is the weekend. Want some?”

“No thanks I’m uh…too young to drink.”

“That’s right you are, aren’t you?” she smiled at me, “Just a pup, or is the word,” she winked. “Cub?”

“Cub?” I frowned.

“Oh, come on now Todd, I know you know what a cougar is and cougars like cubs don’t they?”

“Sure I guess so,” I mumbled as I felt my face getting hot again.

She was staring at me, her eyes locked onto mine and I wondered what was going on, I had the strange feeling I was in one of my own stories. She was drinking, dressed to kill and…

“Where’s everyone else?” I asked.

“They’re coming tomorrow like always.”

“What? I thought you said….”

“I lied.” She said with a shrug. “I wanted to talk to you about your story in person Todd.”

“W…why?” I asked, beginning to get nervous. “What’s so special about that story?”

She looked at me and her eyes narrowed. After an uncomfortable silence, she smiled again, “You don’t know do you?”

“Uh…no not really, it was just a Vampire story. I did try to humanize him, but still I don’t think….”

I stopped as she clapped her hands together, “Oh, this might be even more fun than I thought!”

“Miss Ross, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I told her.

“I guess not,” she laughed as she reached into the folder and removed several stapled together pages. “But you will soon enough.”


Royal Nuru Massage London

“First off, sit back and relax Todd, you’re on the edge of your seat like you’re ready to run.”

I slid backwards and as she had done turned so that I was angled into the corner of the loveseat facing her. Miss Ross gave me a sly smile and lifted the papers as if getting ready to read them. She shifted in her seat and uncrossing her legs, winced. “Damn.”

“You okay?” I asked.

“I went running this morning and my legs are killing me.” She looked over at me and asked, “Do you mind if I stretch them out?”

I shrugged, “It’s your house.”

“Thank you!”

With no hesitation she lifted her legs and stretched them out in front of me. Her feet were only about a foot in front of my face and as I watched she straightened, causing the muscles in her calves to bulge. I could feel my face getting hot again as I stared at her red toe nails. Christ, even her feet were sexy. As if she had read my mind she playfully wiggled her toes and in order to keep myself from gawking, I turned my head and felt my heart begin to beat faster. When her legs went up, Miss Ross’s dress had slid up as well and I had a clear shot of the cheeks of her ass.

I also caught another glimpse of red material and from what little I saw knew it had to be a thong. I knew I should turn my head, but was frozen by the sight of the curve of her ass. In addition to my heart beating faster by the minute I felt my cock beginning to swell and again had the eerie feeling I was in the middle of one of my own fantasies. Miss Ross mercifully lowered her legs, but instead of crossing them again, left them stretched out along the couch so her feet were in front of my knees.

“You hot Todd?” Miss Ross asked.

“Uh…a little.” No lie there, I was beginning to sweat.

“I am too,” she smirked, “Or so I’ve heard anyway.”

I forced a smile back at her and sat there with my hands in my lap, hoping to cover the bulge of my rapidly growing cock.

“First off,” Miss Ross began. “I’ll start with other than a few misplaced commas’ your grammar has really improved.”

“Thank you.” I nodded, feeling better she was starting to sound like a teacher again.

“Most of those mistakes were during the…” she winked, “Climax of the story so I cut you some slack. Now as for the story itself, the subject matter shocked me, but once I got over it I have to say, very well done!”

“Thanks again.” This time my smile was real.

“Tell you what Todd, I read this thing three times.”

“You did?”

“Oh, yeah I did. It got better every time! Hell last time around I had to put it down because I needed my hands to…”

She trailed off and stared at me with an expectant look on her face. I put my hands up and shrugged, “I…I don’t know what you’re talking about?”

“Really? Wow, guess you’re writing from imagination, not experience.” She smirked at me, “That’s okay that stuff can be taught, but okay let me read you one of my favorite parts okay?”

“Sure.” I laughed, “I’m really curious to know what you thought was so good.”

Miss Ross made a show of clearing her throat and I smiled as she began reading,

“I watched transfixed as Miss Ross’s full red lips enveloped the swollen head of my engorged cock.”

The smile left my face and my stomach felt as if someone had kicked it.

“Inch by teasing inch she worked her soft lips and warm wet mouth down the length of my shaft.”

“I…. oh my god.” I whispered. I’d sent the wrong fucking story.

“I moaned in surprised pleasure when I felt her lips touch the base. I was fairly well hung and no girl had ever taken me all the way before….” Looking up at me, she shook her head. “Really Todd? Are you that hung and no other girl? What, all two or three that you may have had?”

“Miss Ross,” I began.

“That’s okay though its erotica so you can exaggerate, let’s see….” She snapped her fingers. “Here we are. She shook her head and I gasped when I felt her tongue slide out and lick my balls.”

“Miss Ross,” I exclaimed, “I…I am so sorry I…”

I stopped as she raised her finger to me. “Don’t interrupt Todd.” Clearing her throat again, she continued to read.

“Miss Ross began bobbing her head in a slow steady rhythm and as she did her big brown eyes were locked onto mine,” she looked up at me. “That’s a mistake her brown eyes locked into mine make it sound as if you have brown eyes, which you don’t, you my dear have beautiful blue eyes.”

‘Oh, fuck me.” I sighed.

“That’s exactly what I’m doing!” she laughed, waving the story, “Well not yet, you don’t fuck me until after I slobber all over my tits and you bring me to a…” she rolled her eyes “Screaming climax.”

I stared at her helplessly and tossing the story onto the table in front of the couch, Miss Ross shook her head and said, “So Todd, you have anything to say for yourself?”

“Just…” I sighed, “Look Miss Ross.”

“Call me Simone.”


“Sure, go ahead, I mean after that story I figure you’re pretty familiar with me so why not?”

“Well it would be kind of disrespectful.”

She rolled her eyes, “But writing about tonguing my ass isn’t?”

“I…I don’t know what to say Miss…Simone. I…I was an idiot and sent the wrong story.”

“I think the point here is that you wrote that story at all.” She pointed out.

“I’m sorry and I’ll get going now, I…I guess I’ll see you in Mr. Robert’s office on Monday.”

“You’re leaving?” she asked, “You have your hot teacher all to yourself wearing a playful little dress and reading dirty stories and you’re going to leave,” she sighed, “Guess you’re all talk then.”

I stared at her and couldn’t help notice how fucking good she looked. Her legs were stretched out at an angle that had her feet dangling off the cushion right next to my legs and her skirt had ridden up to show even more of her thighs. And those tits! With her slouched the way she was they were pushed up even more. My eyes worked up to her face and she wasn’t just smiling, she looked as if she were trying not to laugh. In an instant I realized what this was; she was fucking with me.

She’d had a good laugh reading the story and was getting a kick out of teasing and flirting before lowering the boom on me. She was getting a charge out of my being into her and having fun at my expense. I felt more humiliated than before, but the only good thing was seeing we were alone and she was laughing maybe she would let me off the hook with just making me feel stupid. I started to stand.

“I…I feel like an idiot,” I said quietly, “And you’re just making of me,” I told her, “I know I deserve it, but I have to go.”

“Todd, stop.” She said, sitting up and putting her hand on my shoulder, “I want you to stay here, we need to talk about this.”

“Talk about what?” I asked shaking my head, but staying seated, “The F you’re going to give me?”

“From what I’ve read I would think an F from me is exactly what you want!” she laughed.

I was blushing again and put my head in my hands.

“Aww aren’t you cute!” she cooed. “But seriously, I want to ask you something.”

“What is it?” I asked removing my face from my hands.

“Well first, just to make things a little more embarrassing for you, I went to the site you mentioned at the bottom of your story and found your others.” She whistled, “I have to say, I never knew I was so insatiable! In most of those stories I can’t even wait to get home, I fuck on my desk more than my bed!”

“I was just….:”

“Okay, no more making fun of you.” She slid closer to the point our hips were touching and resting her hand on my arm said, “You know Todd when I first opened this story I was pretty shocked, and honestly more than a little pissed.”

“I…I can see that.” I answered looking down at her hand.

Her long red nails looked damn good on my forearm, and unable to help it, my eyes slid over to her chest, she was leaning towards me and I could see straight down her dress. My eyes widened when I saw I had been right earlier, there was no bra and I could see right down to the pink skin that surrounded her nipples. I could smell her perfume and despite my predicament felt my cock twitching again.

“I’m going to put you at ease Todd,” she began, “No one is going to know about this okay?”

“Thank you!” I said as a feeling of relief flooded through me.

“And I’m not going to flunk you, because it was a story, it was on time and it was,” she released a breathy sigh directly in my ear that further encouraged my growing cock. “Sooo well written, very, shall we say, inspiring?”

I turned to look at her and this time there was no hint of a smile on her face. That face was only about a foot from mine and I marveled at even up close how truly beautiful she was. She had to be at least forty, but her skin was smooth and flawless, she could easily pass for thirty. As I looked at her she cock her head slightly to the side and this time did give me a smile, but a softer one. I looked at her full red lips and wondered what they would look like trailing down my chest. Stop that! I’d just dodged a serious bullet and needed to…

“However,” she continued, brining me back to reality. “You do owe me something Todd.”

“What’s that?” I asked nervously as she lifted her hand and started trailing her long red nails down my arm.

“Just an answer to a very simple question, but it’s an important one and if you answer it honestly, then not only are you off the hook, but I’ll tell you a little secret, but you have to answer it, fair enough?”

“I…yes.” I managed to get out as she had leaned even closer and was pretty much whispering in my ear at this point.

“So tell me, my good looking young admirer, have you really fantasized about me like that? Have you lied alone in your bed and thought of me?” she paused then lowering her voice even more continued, “Have you really cum to thinking of me?”

She pulled her head from my ear and turning to face her, I glanced down at her tits and noticed she was breathing heavier. My gaze returned to her face and I saw her lips were parted slightly and her brown eyes were bright she looked…..ready. If I were writing that would be the word. I was suddenly struck by the thought that she might not be playing at this point, then again…What the hell at this point I had nothing to lose.

“Yes,” I began. “I…I’ve been thinking about you a long time you’re…” I looked away from her, “You’re the hottest woman I’ve ever seen.”

“Oh, I like that answer Todd!” she purred in a sultry voice, “I really do.”

“You…you do?”

Was she pulling my chain again? My cock was fully erect and the pants were so tight I knew it would be visible and made sure to keep my hands down.

“Why wouldn’t I?” she asked, “Let me tell you something Todd, you are one hell of a good looking boy. Those blue eyes with that black hair, hmmm-mmm” she nodded, “I love that look and,” she reached out and squeezed my arm. “Neck down is pretty impressive too.”

“I…feel the same way about you.” I said then immediately felt stupid.

Miss Ross smiled, but again it seemed playful. “Hmmm you’re smoother in your stories, but that’s okay, I like nervous.”

“You…you do? Well then I guess you should really like me then?”

She laughed delightedly and clapped her hands.

“That was better,” she then gave me a sly smile, “Am I making you nervous Todd?”

“Yes.” I said nodding like a fool.

“Don’t be,” she said, “Because it’s my turn to tell you a little secret of my own.”

“Okay.” I nodded and shivered as her nails started trailing up and down my arm again.

“The reason I liked your story so much Todd, is because you’re absolutely right about me.”

“I was?”

“Oh, yes you have me pegged perfectly,” she smiled “I am a cock tease. I know you look at me Todd, I’ve seen you, and not just you, but all the boys in my classes. They all look at me and I…” she leaned in and whispered in my ear, “I fucking love it.”

“You….oh.” I gasped as her hand covered mine and pushed it down into my swollen cock.

“I love feeling their eyes on me when I have my back turned, love knowing their staring at my ass, my tits. And….” I jerked my head in surprise at the feeling of her tongue flicking across my ear. “My lips, I know they think like you, they want me on my knees for them and know what?”

“W…what?” I asked as her other hand slid behind my head and up through my hair.

“I get wet. How’s that for something for your story? That I sit there in a puddle in class thinking about all those good looking young studs wanting to fuck me. Sometimes I even lock my door between classes and play with myself.”

“I…wow.” Was all I could say.

“But that is only half my secret; the other half is that I have been wanting to fuck a student for a long time. Wanted to seduce one, give him what they’ve been dreaming about, blow their mind,” she giggled in my ear, “Amongst other things.”

Her tongue grazed my ear again, but this time I stayed still and bit back a moan as her wet tongue trailed down my neck.

“But I couldn’t take that chance could I? And it would be wrong to do, but you my dear are graduating in a week and…” she sat back and lowering her voice said, “I have one more secret, I’m leaving Classical. I’m taking a job in New York as an assistant principle so this is my last chance to fulfill my little fantasy.”

I started to speak, but let out a surprised moan as her hand quickly slipped under mine and squeezed my cock through my jeans.

“Oh, maybe you weren’t exaggerating!” she cooed.

My answer was another moan as she started rubbing her hand along the length of my cock.

“So when I read that story I figured the two of us could help each other out. You get to fuck your hot teacher and I….” she gave my cock another squeeze and sighed, “I get to be the nasty little cougar I want to be.” Slowly licking her lips she gave me another squeeze, “This Todd, will be one young cock I won’t tease.”

“You…you won’t?” I forced the words out as she started rubbing my cock harder.

Still rubbing my cock, Simone reached back under her hair with her other hand and pulled the string to her dress. Lowering her hand she pulled the top down exposing her tits.

“Do I look like I’m going to tease you?”

“Oh….” I swallowed as I took in her large round tits with their hard pink nipples. “They’re…..perfect.”

“Yeah,” she asked as releasing my cock she cupped both her tits and held them up for me, “Are they as nice as you thought?”

“Better.” I said and reaching out tentatively placed my hand over her right tit.

“Don’t be shy baby,” she whispered, “Play with them; show me how bad you want them.”

With part of my mind wondering when I was going to wake up I placed both my hands over her tits and began fondling them. They were smooth and firm and I could feel her nipples pressing into my palms. As I’d written about so many times, I removed my hands and began rolling her nipples between my fingertips. Her nipples were as hard cock felt and I could feel my fingers trembling as I played with them.

“Oh, that feels nice.” She purred, “But here let’s make it better.”

Taking my wrist she pulled my hand up to her face where opening her mouth she wrapped her soft lips around my fingers and started swirling her tongue around my fingers.

“Oh damn.” I said softly.

“Thinking about where that tongue will be later?” she asked as she placed my hand back on her nipple and brought the other one to her lips.

“I’ve been thinking about that for a long time.” I answered while watching her pink tongue play across my finger tips.

Lowering my hand she smiled, “So have I. You’re damn fine Todd, that’s why I put you in the front row.” She paused to moan softly as my now moist fingers stroked her nipples. “I’ve gotten off to you Todd, shoved a vibrator deep into my pussy and imagined it being this nice young cock.”

I gasped as she grabbed me again and tried to concentrate on fondling her as she started stroking me through the jeans. Miss Ross closed her eyes and sighed as began rubbing her nipples faster. Her lips were parted and she was breathing heavily causing her beautiful tits to heave beneath my touch.

“Is that all your going to do is touch them?” She asked, opening her eyes, “Where’s that how did you put it, eager tongue of yours?

Opening her eyes, she reached out and grabbing the back of my head pulled me down to her chest. Eager would actually be an understatement to describe the feeling that went through me as I opened my mouth and sucked her pink flesh into my mouth. I took as much of her tit into my mouth as I could along with her nipple and began swirling my tongue around it.

“That’s it, suck that tit,” Miss Ross moaned as her fingers ran through my hair, “That tit you’ve jerked off to!”

I switched to the other nipple and this time made a show of teasing my tongue around it and was rewarded with a soft moan and her whispering, “Oh, that looks so fucking hot!”

Spurred on, I started sucking on her nipple as I continued to fondle the other. I moaned around her swollen nub as her hand started moving on my cock again. I began rocking my hips, my aching dick straining for release. Miss Ross wrapped her fingers in my hair and pulled gently. Getting the hint, I reluctantly sat up.

“Don’t worry Todd, you’re going to get plenty of my tits, but you’re awfully excited and I think maybe I’ll help you relax before you take good care of me.

My eyes widened and I nodded dumbly as my mind started to spin at the thought that the object of every fantasy I’d had for the last two years was going to make those fantasies come true. Reaching out, she placed her hands on the sides of my face and leaning forward whispered, “I only have one problem with your stories Todd.”

“What…what’s that?” I moaned as her hand left my cock and pulled my shirt from my pants.

“We don’t kiss.” She said and pushed her lips into a pout. “We just get all dirty right away! Don’t you want to feel my nice soft lips on yours?”

“Y…yes ma’am.” I whispered.

“Oh I like that,” she said as her lips quickly brushed across mine. “But let’s go with Miss Ross, I want to hear you moan that for me today.” She smiled, “And tonight and maybe even tomorrow morning,” she frowned “Oh, wait you have work don’t you.”

“Fuck work!” I exclaimed, causing her to laugh.

“That’s right, fuck work; and fuck me instead, as many times as I can get you hard.”

I started to say something, but my reply was cut off by Miss Ross grabbing the bottom of my shirt and yanking it up. I obediently raised my arms and let her pull it off. Tossing it to the side, she licked her lips and rubbing her hands along my chest said, “Oh, look at this nice hard young body!”

Leaning forward she kissed me hard and I gasped as her tongue immediately forced itself between my lips. I opened my mouth and groaned as her tongue entered it while lips devoured mine. Her hands slid up my chest and her arms went around my shoulders while her tongue danced across mine and her lips started sliding softly back and forth as she slowed the kiss down. I wrapped my arms around her slender waist and pulled her tightly to me. I moaned at the feeling of her hard nipples pressing into my chest and how good the smooth warm skin of her back felt beneath my hands.

Miss Ross moaned as well as I began sliding my hands up and down her back. I worked one hand into her dress and sliding it down grabbed her ass. She gasped, but continued our deep kiss as I ran my other hand up through her long black hair. She brought her hands around to my chest and gave me a shove. I fell back into the corner of the couch and she went with me, lying on top of me. I could feel my cock pressing into her stomach and groaned as her lips left mine and started kissing my neck.

I opened my eyes and looked down at her long legs stretched out behind her. As she began to trail her lips down my neck and across the front of my shoulder, I grabbed her dress and shoved it down past her hips. Laughing, she sat back and standing, shimmied out of the dress.

“Holy shit.” I said as I took in her amazing body standing before me in just the lacy red thong.

Putting her arms over her head, Miss Ross made a show of turning around for me. Her ass was as perfect as the rest of her. The red thong barely covered the crack of her ass, leaving her firm round cheeks exposed. She bent over and gave her ass a playful shake before turning back around. I started to sit up, but she pushed me back into the corner and leaning over kissed me hard again.

I placed my hands on her hips and groaned when she started rocking back and forth, sliding her erect nipples across my chest. Her lips left mine and began trailing soft kisses down my chest. I gasped when she began licking my nipple, then felt my breath catch when she began trailing her tongue down my stomach. She was sliding backwards as she did and was now on her knees between my legs. I forced myself to breathe again as her tongue teased along my stomach just above my jeans while caressing my nipples with her long nails.

Miss Ross began sucking on my stomach and reaching down unsnapped my jeans. I stared wide eyed as she pulled my zipper down and opening my jeans, pulled my underwear down to just above my cock and began licking again. I reached down and began running my hands over her smooth shoulders and back. My cock was throbbing painfully as I took in the incredible sight of my teacher kneeling between my legs.

She grabbed the sides of my jeans and tugged. Even as I lifted my hips for her a feeling that this really couldn’t be happening came over me. There was no way I was really going to get a blow job from Miss Ross. I let out a startled yelp as she yanked hard on my jeans, pulling them as well as my underwear, down to my knees. My hard cock sprang free and her brown eyes widened and she made purring sound in her throat before saying,

“Look at that cock! I take it back Todd, you weren’t exaggerating!” Reaching out she wrapped her red tipped fingers around my shaft and squeezed.

I moaned at the feeling of her soft hand around my hard shaft and again when she squeezed harder and a stream of sticky pre cum squirted out.

“Oh, that looks so good.” She whispered as she continued to squeeze.

I released a sound that could only be described as a whimper when her hand wrapped tighter around my dripping prick, causing more pre cum to ooze out. I jerked my hips and gasped when her hand slid up and she rubbed her palm across the sensitive head of my cock. I felt my legs start to tremble and my hands tightened on her shoulders as she swirled her hand around several times.

“Let’s get this cock nice and sticky,” she said softly as she once again began stroking me.

Her now slick hand felt amazing and I let myself relax back into the couch as she slowly pumped me. Reaching down with her free hand, Miss Ross grabbed the heel of my shoe and pulled it off.

“That’s a big mistake in your stories Todd,” she said as she grabbed my sock along with the cuff of my jeans. “Your clothes vanish; you never say where they go. Details, Todd, details.”

Not trusting myself not to whimper again, I simply nodded and placing my heel on the floor pushed my other shoe off. Still working my cock with her hand, Miss Ross pulled my pants off and slid up closer between my legs. Her face was now level with my cock and the entire time she had undressed me her eyes had never left it. I began breathing through my mouth as my heart beat faster in anticipation of her mouth. She licked her lips and bending her head kissed the tip of my cock.

“Damn that’s hot.” I whispered as she pulled her lips back, taking a line of my pre cum with it.

Giving me a wink, Miss Ross slurped the cum into her mouth and then made a show of sucking her way along the sticky trail until her lips were pressed against my cock.

“You like that Todd?” she asked.

“Y…yes.” I stammered as her tongue flicked out and traced the head of my cock.

“Good. I wouldn’t want to disappoint you; after all I am supposed to be a nasty cougar aren’t I?”

“You can be anything you want to be.” I groaned out while she made a show of trailing her tongue down the front of my shaft.

“I like that Todd.” She said, “And no worries because I love to be dirty.”

That sentence was punctuated by her lowering her head and sucking my balls into her mouth. I made another pathetic sound as she released my balls from her mouth and began tonguing them. Her eyes were fixed on mine and I noticed her hips rocking back and forth as she swirled her tongue from one side of my balls to the other. She was still holding my cock and running her finger nails up and down. Her teasing touch was driving me crazy and my own hips started moving, thrusting into her hand.

“Oh, someone needs to cum don’t they?” she asked.

“Yes…oh please.” I moaned as she wrapped her hand tighter around my cock.

“That’s the problem with you young boys; it doesn’t take much does it?”

“Please don’t tease me!” I was whining at this point.

Miss Ross laughed and despite her playing with my cock I began to blush again.

“No worries honey, if I were a tease I wouldn’t be licking your cock. Now just relax and enjoy, I’m going to give you the show you’ve been dying for and I’m going to suck this beautiful cock until you cum in my mouth,” she smiled up at me, “Would you like that?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“I do like that!” she gave my cock another kiss and pointed at me. “But you can’t be one way, why don’t you play with my tits while I play with you?”

I quickly slid my hand down her arms and cupping her heavy tits began playing with her nipples. She closed her eyes and released another one of those sexy sighs. Opening her eyes she bent her head over my cock and looking me in the eye opened her mouth and wrapped her red lips around the tip of my cock.

“Oh fuck!” I cried out as she sucked hard on it and I felt my pre cum squirting into her mouth.

Miss Ross released my cock and keeping her mouth open let the pre cum drip out and oozed down my shaft. She closed her mouth, then opening it again let a trail of spit drool out and cover my cock. I moaned loudly as she quickly lowered her head and taking me deep into her mouth began make sloppy wet sounds as she slurped her spit from my cock. I switched from playing with her nipples to just fondling her tits in fear I would get too excited and pinch her as she removed my cock and spit on it again.

Once more she made a show of slurping it from my cock, but this time instead of releasing me from her mouth she began bobbing her head slowly. I sighed softly and again forced myself to relax and enjoy the incredible sight of my cock sliding in between those soft red lips. She was taking me deeper each time her lips descended on me and I groaned when I felt her lips wrap tightly around the base of my shaft. She held me there and began shaking her head back and forth.

“Oh damn, that…oh!”

Her tongue was sliding around my cock as her head worked back and forth and I couldn’t believe how good it felt. My cock was buried in her warm wet mouth and her nipples felt as hard against my palms as my cock felt in her mouth. Almost as good was the sight of her ass grinding in small circles and she was beginning to moan around my cock. Blowing me was turning her on, damn she was fucking hot!

And she getting hotter by the second, as with a wink, she slid her tongue out and began licking my balls with my cock buried in her throat. My legs were shaking again and even though she wasn’t sucking my over excited body was yearning to cum. Miss Ross slowly worked her way back up the length of my cock and I took in the red smudges of lipstick as her lips and tongue pressed hard against my shaft. She released my cock with a loud sucking sound and moaned, “Oh that young cock tastes so fucking good!” she winked and added, “I can’t wait to taste my pussy from it!”

Again my only answer was a sound of pleasure when she started pumping my cock in her fist.

“How about something you didn’t put in your story?” she asked.

Without waiting for my reply, she sat up higher on her knees and placing her hands under mine, lifted her tits and wrapped them tightly around my cock. I moaned when she began bouncing up and down, causing my cock to slide between her soft breasts.

“You like that Todd?” she asked, “You like tit fucking your teacher? You going to use this in your next story?”

“Damn that looks good,” I moaned watching my swollen cock pushing up through her tits. “How about we make it look better?”

Lowering her head, Miss Ross stuck her tongue out and each time my cock appeared through her tits gave it a quick lick. I stated thrusting my hips and with a smile she stopped moving.

“Go ahead, fuck my tits, slide that hard young cock into my mouth!”

I started thrusting harder, lifting my hips and sending the head of my cock into her waiting mouth. I was breathing hard and sweating, and each time the tip of my cock slipped between her mouths released a small gasp of pleasure. The feeling of her firm tits around my shaft and her wet tongue, never mind the visual of fucking her tits, had my legs shaking and I began to whimper as I felt myself getting ready to cum.

Miss Ross pulled back and I groaned in disappointment. That feeling vanished immediately however as placing her hand son my thighs, she took my cock all the way down to my balls. After a brief pause to allow me to enjoy the sight of my cock buried in her mouth, she began to bob her head rapidly. I moaned loudly as I watched her repeatedly deep throat my cock.. Growing bolder, I reached out and wrapping my hands in her thick hair, started pulling and pushing her head, guiding it as she blew me.

Miss Ross moaned as I did and she started sucking even harder. I was moaning each time her hot mouth plunged down on my cock and just as I felt the cum begin to race through my cock, she slid her hand between my legs and squeezed my balls.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled as my cock exploded in her mouth.

I cried out again as my cock erupted again. I’d never cum this hard and my hips began thrusting wildly as my spurting dick erupted in my hot teacher’s mouth. Making it even better was that as I flooded her mouth with my cum, Miss Ross moaned and her eyes rolled back in her head. She was still working her mouth up and down and fondling my balls, causing my cock to continue to twitch and squirt. I moaned softly and stopped moving my hips as my spent cock gave up the last of its load.

I groaned and my hips jerked as she continued to slowly suck my cock. I watched as she took me deep again as she slid her mouth up the length of my cock allowed some cum to spill from her mouth. She quickly slurped it back up, then removing my cock from her mouth, sat back on her knees. She gave me a wicked smile and holding her tits up opened her mouth and allowed the cum to drool out of it. She moved her head back and forth so that it landed on both tits where it dripped down over her nipples.

“Oh my God,” I whispered while watching the cum dribble down her chin.

Miss Ross smiled through her cum covered lips and said, “Look as good as you wrote about? I normally like to swallow, but figured I’d let you have your fantasy.”

“It looks…wow.” Was all I could come out with.

“It feels….” She winked, “Wow,” with a sigh she added, “I love being dirty.”

Reaching down she grabbed my shirt and started wiping the cum from her tits, as she did she laughed, “Another little detail Todd, all your huge loads seem to disappear with no one cleaning them. Now tell me would you want to suck my nipple with your cum all over it?”

“No ma’am.” I panted, still trying to catch my breath.

Standing, Miss Ross turned her back to me and bending over, slid the thong over her hips. With a playful shimmy she worked it down to her feet and I licked my lips at the sight of her pink-and as I’d imagined-smooth pussy peeking out at me from between her thighs. Walking over to the love seat she sat in the corner across from me and after lifting her right leg and placing it along the top of the couch, placed her other foot on the floor, leaving her legs wide open. I stared at her pussy and with a smile Miss Ross beckoned me with her finger.

“Now bring that eager tongue over here Todd, let me see if you’re as good as you are in your stories.”

I quickly leaned over to lie between her legs, but putting her hand on my shoulder Miss Ross shook her head and with a wink pointed at the floor.

“If I can get on my knees you’re damn well going to get on yours.”

“Yes Miss Ross,” I whispered, “Whatever you want.”

“Call me…” she paused, “You know, that sounded pretty good! Maybe we’ll stick with Miss Ross this time around!”

“Yes Miss Ross.” I smiled at her as I gladly sank to my knees between her creamy thighs. “I’ll be happy to show you I’m a good student.”

Placing my hands on her smooth firm thighs, I leaned in, eager to get a taste of the pussy that had tantalized me for the last two years. I stopped as she lifted her leg and placed her soft foot on my chest.

“Not so fast.” She said, “According to ‘After School Special’ you would suck my toes just to get to my pussy, so get sucking.”

She raised her foot and pressed her toes against my lips. Taking her foot in my hand I flicked my tongue out and began teasing it across the tips of her red tipped toes.

“Oh, that looks good.” She whispered.

Encouraged, I started licking harder, pushing my tongue between her toes. After I’d licked each one I went back and placing her big toe into my mouth started sucking on it.

“Oh yes,” she cooed, “Look at that. A hot young stud on his knees licking my toes.” She moaned as I moved onto her other toe and whispered, “Lick my foot.”

I released her toe and ran my tongue along the top of her foot. I was holding her calf and felt her leg trembling as I trailed my tongue along her instep and back towards her toes.

“The bottom” she told me, “Heel to toe.”

I lifted her foot and did as she asked, placing my tongue at the base of her toes, I licked up to her heel and back again. She moaned loudly and it occurred to me she had a foot fetish. That was fine with me, just sucking on her feet had caused my cock to already start to grow again and the noises she was making caused me to take her toes back into my mouth.

“That’s right,” she said softly, “Worship my feet, show me how you’ll do anything for me.” She moaned and added, “You’re not the only one with fantasies Todd, and you’re going to be a busy boy this summer.”

The summer? Was she going to let me keep fucking her? The idea of not just a day, but an affair with Miss Ross sent a surge through my cock and in seconds I was already hard again.

“Okay, Todd, I’ll make you suck my toes again later, right now bring that tongue up here and suck on your teacher’s clit.”

She moved her foot and draping her leg over my shoulder, placed her foot on my back and pulled me towards her pussy. I didn’t need any encouragement and placing my face between her legs, paused to take a deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of her pussy. Miss Ross reached down and spreading her pussy open, tapped her swollen clit with her red nail.

“Right here, baby.” She said softly.

I leaned in and gave her clit a soft kiss that caused her hips to twitch. Rather than lick her clit however, I lowered my face and plunged my tongue hard into her pussy. She let out a delighted squeal that told me she didn’t mind my not listening to her and as she had done, I sucked hard. I was rewarded with another squeal and a mouthful of her sticky juices. I swallowed and sighed in pleasure at the taste. I swirled my tongue around inside her, lapping enjoying the way she moaned and squirmed and imagining what my cock was going to feel like in there.

At the thought that it was going to happen, that I was really going to fuck Miss Ross, I slid my tongue from inside her and started lapping up through her soft wet lips, intent on getting to her clit and making her cum so I could drown my cock into her hot little box. I felt a shiver go through her as my tongue flicked across her pink button and overcoming my impatience, worked my tongue back down the length of her pussy, enjoying the sensation of her wet flesh beneath my tongue.

“Oh, now who’s teasing?” she sighed, as I slipped my tongue back inside her. “Take your time later Todd, right now your hot teacher wants to come for her favorite student.”

Figuring it wouldn’t be right to not listen to her; I slipped my tongue back up and started swirling it around her clit. Miss Ross moaned softly and removed her hand from between her legs. I looked up to see she was playing with her nipples, rolling them between her fingers while I sucked her clit gently into her mouth. Her eyes found mine and she moaned, “Oh, you look so fucking good between my thighs!”

I gave her a wink and started sucking harder on her button, caressing it with my tongue as I held it between my lips.

“Put your fingers inside me!” She groaned, “Come on baby; show me how bad you want me to cum for you!”

I plunged two fingers deep into her sopping wet pussy and groaned at how hot and tight it was. I started pumping them in and out of her as I went back to tracing fast circles around her clit with my tongue. Miss Ross was breathing heavier and her hips were rocking into my thrusting fingers. I pressed my tongue harder against her swollen clit and she moaned loudly. I was moving my tongue as quickly as I could and was driving my fingers hard into her. My left hand was on her inner thigh and I could feel her trembling.

The thought that I was going to make her cum had my cock throbbing between my own legs and hoping I wasn’t pushing my luck, I added a third finger inside her.

“Oh, you are good.” She purred as I felt her pussy stretching around my fingers.

I started pumping easier than before, but her hips had begun to move faster. She was moaning continuously and looking up I saw her eyes were closed and her red lips parted as she emitted those soft sounds of pleasure. Her fingers were busy on her nipples and her heaving tits were glistening with sweat. I was sweating as well and my face was covered with it as well as her sticky juices. My fingers were making sloppy wet sounds as they drove into her dripping pussy and I was painfully aware of my cock aching as if I hadn’t just cum minutes ago.

Miss Ross’s moans were becoming higher pitched and her legs were trembling violently. I was licking as fast as I could and started thrusting my fingers even harder. She moaned louder and the gasped, “Shove a finger in my ass!”

I hesitated until I heard her release a whimper that was as pathetic as the one’s I’d been making, “Oh, Todd, please make me cum!”

I removed my hand from her thigh and placing my finger at her asshole, shoved it in. Miss Ross let out a sound that could only be described as a scream and went off like a rocket. She cried out, “Oh fuck yeah!” and started bucking her hips wildly.

I fought to keep my mouth on her clit, but received help, when Miss Ross dropped her leg down from the couch and wrapping it around my head, shoved my face into her pussy. I wasn’t complaining, as the scent of her pussy and her screams were driving me crazy. My fingers were still bust in both her holes and the feeling of her ass and pussy contracting around them was amazing. Somewhere in the back of my head, I made a note to add this to my next story. Miss Ross howled again and her hips started grinding into my face even harder.

I was having a hard time breathing, but didn’t care, if there was a way to go this would be it! I gasped at the feeling of her hands in my hair and her nails digging into my scalp.

“Oh Todd, oh goddamn!” she cried out.

I started sucking her clit even harder and her entire body tensed up and seemed to pause. Miss Ross let out a loud gasp and I felt a wave of sticky fluid gush around my fingers as her pussy convulsed. She whimpered softly and dropping her legs from my shoulders pulled hard on my hair.

“Get up here and fuck me!” she demanded as I awkwardly sprang to my feet to avoid my hair being pulled out.

Any discomfort was quickly forgotten as she pulled me down into hard kiss. Letting go of my hair, Miss Ross wrapped her arms around my shoulders, her legs around my waist and guided me down to her pussy. We both moaned as the head of my cock slid through her wet lips and reaching between us, I grabbed my cock and held it still. Lifting her hips, she pressed her pussy to my cock and tightening her legs around my waist, drove me into her.

We both cried out as my hard cock slammed into her pussy. I moaned into her mouth at how hot and tight she felt. I held my cock buried inside her for a moment as her tongue drove into my mouth, then started moving my hips, slowly pumping my cock in and out of her sopping pussy.

Breaking the kiss, she cried out, “I’m not your girlfriend, don’t make love to me, fuck me!”

She emphasized those words by driving her hips into me, sending my cock plunging deep inside her. She continued to move her hips, fucking me more than I was fucking her and placing her lips to my ear, told me.

“I said fuck me! Use that hard young cock to fuck the shit out of me! Two years you wanted me? Then fucking show me!”

Her words sent a thrill through me and pushing myself up over her I began slamming her as hard as I could.

“Oh fuck yeah!” she screamed as I fucked the shit out of her.

I was pulling my cock all the way out before thrusting deep inside her again and she released a loud yelp each time I did. Grabbing her legs, I pulled them from around my waist and lifting them up, placed her feet on my chest and started fucking her even harder. She threw her head back and cried out as I drilled my cock repeatedly into her pussy. Spurred on by that reaction I grabbed her ankles and lifted her ass off the loveseat.

With her ass off the couch, I leaned forward, bending her legs so far back her feet were almost even with her head. At that angle I was plunging even deeper into her and she screamed,

“Oh my fucking God, you’re fucking the shit out of me!”

That caused me to go even harder, I was slamming her so hard I could feel her juices squirting out around my cock and dripping down my thighs. Her pussy was making wet sucking sounds every time I pulled out of her and again when I drove back in. Miss Ross looked as good as she felt. Her tits were bouncing wildly as I fucked her and her sweat slicked black hair was plastered to her cheeks. Deciding to try to give her more of a thrill I brought her legs together and wrapping my arms around her thighs lifted her higher and started fucking her even faster.

As she howled her approval, I turned my head and started sucking her toes into my mouth.

“Yes!” she cried, “Oh, Todd I am going to take suck good care of you for this! Oh, baby, look at you fucking your teacher’s pussy!”

I gasped and shook the sweat from my eyes as I felt my knees beginning to shake. I didn’t want to cum yet and started to slow down. Sensing what I was doing, Miss Ross moaned, “Oh, look at you, you good boy, making it last for me. Here let’s slow down.”

She pulled her legs down and I let them go. Sitting up, she patted the cushion.

“Sit down, baby, let me give you a treat.”

My knees were so weak, I fell more than sat down. No sooner had I then Miss Ross leaned over and placing her head in my lap took my cock deep into hr mouth. I moaned as she began slowly bobbing her head and grabbing her hair began guiding her up and down. I slid my other hand down her sweat soaked back and ass and slipped my fingers into her soaking pussy. She moaned around my cock and I looked down watching her head move slowly up and down in my lap.

She released my cock and licking her lips purred, “Hmmm I do taste good on you!’

Standing up, she swung one leg over mine so that her knee was on the couch. Bracing her hands on my shoulders she brought her other knee up onto the couch. Straddling me, she reached back and grabbing my cock guided it to her pussy. Miss Ross let her weight go and we both groaned as she impaled herself on my cock. Pushing me back against the cushion, she took my face in her hands and kissed me again, but softly this time.

I moaned into her mouth as she began sliding her hips back and forth, slowly riding me. I relaxed and placed my hands on her hips. I pulled and pushed gently, guiding her hips as she teased my cock with her hot pussy. I didn’t mind the teasing; I was catching my breath and was enjoying the slow sexy kiss we were sharing. Miss Ross was making soft noises in her throat as her tongue caressed mine and her pussy worked my cock. I slid my hand up her back and through her wet hair while wrapping my other arm around her waist and pulled her closer to me.

I could feel her sweaty tits pressing into my chest and began to envision us showering together. Miss Ross pushed against my shoulders and sitting back on my thighs, raised her arms over her head as she rode me.

“How do I look Todd,” she gasped, “How do I look fucking you?”

“Amazing,” I whispered, then leaning forward took her nipple into my mouth.

She moaned and putting her hands on my shoulders closed her eyes and continued to ride me as I sucked on first one nipple then the other. Her pussy felt incredible and she was moving so slowly that the urge to cum had passed and I thought this was the experience of an older lover. Miss Ross was going to teach me a hell of a lot more than English tonight that was for sure. She stopped moving and sliding her legs down withdrew my cock from inside her and stood up.

“Breaks over Todd, time for you to fuck me in my favorite position.”

Turning she crawled onto her hands and knees and resting her arms across the arm of the loveseat wiggled her ass at me.”

“Come and get it Todd, hard and fast, I want everything that hot young body has to offer!”

I quickly got to my knees behind her and grabbing her slender hips, drove my cock into her so hard her arms slipped off the arm and her body surged forward. Undaunted I began hammering away at hr, pounding my cock into her as hard as I could.

“Oh my fucking God Todd!” she screamed as she put her hands on the arm of the arm of the love seat and bracing herself began to thrust her hips into my plunging cock.

“That’s it baby! Fuck that pussy! Fuck your slutty cougar of a teacher, show her what a man you are!”

I began slamming her so hard my balls were slapping against her pussy and my hips were beginning to hurt from repeatedly driving into her ass. I gasped when I felt something brush my balls and looked down to see Miss Ross’s fingers were rubbing her clit. I slowed down my fucking and watched as my glistening cock plunged in and out of her.

“Oh yeah baby,” she moaned, let me cum on that cock, let me feel my pussy squeeze that young hard cock!”

I started to slow down more, but she cried out, “Did I tell you to slow down?”

“N…no ma’am,” I panted.

“Then don’t!” she called out, “Fuck me until I come, I got you off, you can las, you fuck for hours in your stories!” she laughed, “Come on ‘hotforteacher,’ show me how hot you are!”

Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I resumed pounding the shit out of her, hoping she was so wound up she would cum before I would. As I thrust my cock into her I felt my knees shaking and knew I was going to lose the race. I was fucking her too hard and she looked so good I wsn’t sure how much longer I could last. Looking down I saw her black hair stuck to her sweat slicked back and trying to turn her on more, reached down and grabbed it.

“Yeah!” she called out, “Pull my hair! Fuck me like the slut I am!”

Unfortunately her words turned me on as much as my pulling her hair turned her on and I gasped as I felt myself approaching the point of no return. I looked down again, taking in the sight of her amazing ass and as I felt the cum beginning to race through my cock, desperately plunged my finger into her asshole.

“Oh yes!” Miss Ross screamed.

I moaned loudly as she started grinding her hips into my plunging cock as her pussy tightened around it. She lifted her head and released a long loud wail of pleasure that turned into a series of sharp yelps as I lost all control and started jerking my hips hard into hers. Her hot pussy was convulsing around my cock and after a couple of more hard pumps I moaned and started to try to pull out.

“No!” she cried out, freezing me where I was, “Inside! I want to feel it, I’m on the….ohhhh baby!”

I yelled pretty loud myself as my cock went off, sending my cum spurting deep into her pussy. Miss Ross cried out then moaned, “Oh, yes, oh that cum feels sooo fucking good!”

I whimpered as her pussy contracted, squeezing my still squirting cock and causing me to cum even harder. I was so tired I couldn’t keep pumping and when I stopped she started rocking back and forth into me, keeping my cock squirting into her. I gasped and leaned against the top of the couch as I felt the last of my cum, drip from my cock. Miss Ross paused then, contracted her pussy around my cock. I released a soft whimper s I felt a couple of more drops being milked from my exhausted cock.

Miss Ross sighed softly and eased her pussy from my dripping cock. I let myself fall back into the corner of the loveseat where I fought to get my breath. Miss Ross sat up and turning around, sat in her corner as I was and stretching her legs out, put her feet in my lap. She looked at mer and brushing her wet hair from her face gave me a tired smile.

“Damn Todd, you just fucked the living shit out of me!”

“I….was I okay?” I asked

“Okay? Baby, you made me wonder why the hell I didn’t fuck the shit out of you months ago! You think I faked those orgasms?” she sighed contentedly, “Goddamn I came hard!”

“Me too.” I nodded, then returning her smile added, “Miss Ross….”

“Call me Simone now honey, that was fun the first time, but I want you moaning my name next time.”

“Okay, umm anyway Simone, you were….” I laughed, “Better than I could ever write about, you really are the hottest woman I’ve ever seen.”

“And I’ll be the hottest you ever fucked baby.” She winked, “No little coed is ever going to fuck you like that.”

She closed her eyes and stretched her arms over head. I stared at her amazing tits as she pushed them out at me and wanted nothing more than to play with them again. Opening her eyes she nodded.

“Tell you one thing Todd, after I’m done with you, there’s going to be a lot of young girls who’ll owe me one. You’re a hell of a fuck for a young guy, but I’m going to make you even better.”

“You…you mean we will again?” I asked.

“Todd,” she shook her head, “Let your teacher teach you. When women speak, listen, they enjoy men who pay attention. Didn’t you hear me say you and I are going to fuck all summer until I leave?”

“I..I thought maybe you were just trying to get me going.”

“I would think this,” she reached between her legs and touched her glistening pussy. “Was all you needed to get going.”

“True.” I laughed, “Miss…I mean Simone, you really were just…” I put my hands up, “Wow.”

“So were you.” She sighed, “Tell you what Todd; I thought you’d be good, but not that good. I figured first time around I’d make your dreams come true then teach you what I like, but honey I think you made my fantasies come true right out of the gate!”

“Thank you.” I said smiling.

“You can back your stories, that’s for sure.”

“You really read all of them?” I asked.

“I have.” She smiled, “Everyone.” She paused then asked, “So this really turned into After School Special, what story would you like to play next?”

“Well uh…we’re awfully sweaty.” I said grinning, “What about Wet Dreams?”

“Ohhh,” she cooed, “The shower! You bad boy, I….” she stopped and frowned, “Hey don’t you fuck me in the ass in that one?”

“I…” I felt myself begin to blush. “Yes.”

“Todd, have you ever actually fucked a girl in the ass?”

I felt my blush deepen as I answered, “No.”

“Really?” she gave me a wicked smile, “Then I guess I’ll show you how then.”

“Really? You’re going to…”

“I’ll let you take me in the ass Todd, but not this time.”

“No?” I began to feel disappointed then realized I was lying naked and sweaty across from Miss Ross having just fucked the shit out her.

“Nope. I have to give you something to make you look forward to our next lesson.”

“Next lesson.” I repeated with a smile.

“That’s right,” she nodded and caused me to moan as her bare foot started to caress my still oozing cock. “To quote a certain slutty teacher in a story by my favorite author, I’m making you attend summer school.”