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Hi, I’m back to tell you about the time when I lost my virginity at age 18 to my ultra-buxom mother. I say ultra-buxom, because there is no doubt that in my mind (and to most men who have actually seen her), she is the most gorgeous creature to have graced the Earth. She is 5ft.6inches of pure female curves. I know for a fact that she wears a 34 EEE bra, since I got used to sneaking into her room after school to ” borrow ” some of her lingerie and wank myself to oblivion. Once, I didn’t manage to angle my oversized shaft out of the way in time and I splattered her bra cups with several wads. Unfortunately, a wad for me means the equivalent of several whole orgasms for a normal guy. You can guess that I made quite a mess and no matter how hard I tried to clean the thick gooey sperm off, there was still some left. I guess she just had to wear a bra with her own son’s cum stains for a couple of days before putting it in the wash.

But I digress. My mother, Angela, is only 35 years-old. This means she got knocked up in high school (probably by a jock stud) TWICE. That’s because I have an older sister, Kate who is two years my senior. She is, of course, the hottest little piece of ass at school, but I’ll come back to her later. My mother must have broken up with my dad pretty soon because I never got to meet him. It never bothered me in the least when I was a kid because my mother was the best mum ever. And ever since I started developing huge muscles at around age 14, I became the man of the house, which of course suits me fine. So our family was as happy as any other family, I could argue even happier than most considering that I never heard any argument at home and we all love each other very much. The fact that both my sister and my mum are super-hot only reinforced the protective feeling I had for them. And they loved me back in return because they could see I was quite the stud and I would be prepared to die for them. I’m sure they both knew I had an enormous cock and it excited me to have them stare at my crotch in awe all the time.

I started exercizing when I was 12, my muscular mass increased dramatically such that I resembled an adult body-builder by age 16 in all but my youthful face and skin. Also, I found out that the extra muscle mass allowed me to sustain much better erections. By fifteen, my cock would be absolutely rock-hard and I would not feel the least bit dizzy from the rush of blood. I could stay hard longer and recover faster. So fast actually, that by sixteen, it would take me at least three orgasms for my cock to deflate. Now at age 18, I can achieve four powerful ejaculations in a row, without losing any of my hardness in between fucks. My orgasms are also much more powerful than a normal guy : I come at least twenty massive wads everytime, even after three orgasms in a row. Despite the many porn movies that I’ve seen so far, I’ve never encountered any man anywhere near as potent as me. I remember reading on a porn movies’ box cover that ” John Holmes will amaze you with his 15-inch cock “. But when I viewed the movie, I realized that they were counting in ” porn inches “! I was bigger than that guy when I was 10! There was another porn movie with a guy named ” Peter North “, who supposedly came like a firehose and had a big cock. Again, I wasn’t surprised to see that I was much bigger soft than he was hard and that his ” massive cumshots ” were a mere trickle compared to my humongous loads.

I had just celebrated my eighteenth birthday a month before when I decided it was time to make a move on my mother, Angela. I had been fantasizing about her for almost two years now and, judging by her behaviour lately, the time was ripe for my mum to bust my cherry. She was dressing up more sexily everyday, thrusting her curvaceous hips sideways as she walked when she knew I was behind her and my eyes were fixed on that perfectly shaped ass of hers.

It was a Thursday night when it happened. I was down in the basement where we had installed a small gym for the whole family’s use. I was using it the most, of course, spending whole evenings pumping iron until my muscles would be bulging out and sweaty from the intense effort. I was nearing finishing my twentieth rep, cranking out curls of over 150 pounds when I noticed my mother entering the room, wearing a near see- thru pink leotard that barely covered her huge mounds of tit-flesh. I could also smell the light perfurme she had put on, a distinctive sign that the day had come.

” Hi Timmy, I just thought I’d come and have a look at how you’ve managed to get all these big muscles “, she said as she winked at me and gave the a sexy smile.” Don’t worry about me. Just go on with your exercices, sweetie. “

I decided to do squat thrusts so I would be back to the machine facing here. My powerful corded thighs rippled under the strain and I could feel my huge cock snaking its way under the fabric of my spandex shorts. Her eyes were devouring my muscled body, lingering for a long time on my massive package that was bulging obscenely, as if I had shoved a salami and two oranges down my pant legs.

” Mom, you look really great! “, I said as I pushed the heavy weight up off my overdeveloped shoulders. This comment made her blush sightly as she watched my glistening body, my T-shirt now soaked with perspiration.

” Do you think so? How do I compare with all the girls at your school? “, she asked eagerly.

” Mom, there is no comparison. You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. All my friends are jealous that I have such a gorgeous mother. ” I stopped squatting and parted my legs apart slightly, mainly to give her a better look but also because my giant shaft was painfully pushing against the fabric of my shorts.

” Thanks, that’s such a nice thing to say. I bet all your friends are also jealous of you and your big muscles. I bet they don’t have a cock half as big as yours! “, she exclaimed, surprising me with her boldness. She started rubbing the sides of her top, almost letting me get a glimpse of her puffy nipples, which stood proud and erect against the thin material of the lace. My cock surged with blood at her words. My shaft was now lifting the waistband clear of my well-defined abdomen. I could feel pre-cum dribble out of the outsized tip of my huge rod as I moaned with pleasure with each new surge of blood through the fifteen- inch length of my extended superhuman member. ” Timmy, your dick looks sooo huge! Please let me see it! I can’t stand it any more “, she panted as her left hand pulled aside the seams of her skimpy leotard thong. She started fingering her clit feverishly with one hand and squeezing one nipple with the other. I stood up and moved closer to her, my crotch now level with her face, and removed my tank top to reveal my muscular pecs to her hungry eyes.

” If you want it so bad, why don’t you pull my shorts down, dear mother, and see for yourself why my friends have nicknamed me ” Tim the horse “? “, I dared her, with my arms resting on either side of my hips.

” I’ve been waiting so long for this! “, she said as she slowly yanked my spandex shorts down to my knees. The journey was long and her eyes bulged out when the thick root of my fifteen-inch cock appeared beneath the blond fuzzy hair that lightly covered my pubis. She must have thought she was dreaming as the giant shaft went on and on, until the flared mushroom-head appeared when my shorts were nearly already to my knees. With a final pull, my massive dong popped out, waving in the air just inches from my beautiful mother’s lust-filled eyes. Noticing her look of utter disbelief at seeing such a giant man-meat, my prick hardened even more, slowly rising until the large apple-sized head lay at my chest’s level ; I felt like my oversized shaft had turned into solid granite as steady grape-sized dollops of viscous pre-cum emerged from the engorged slit.

” Oh, my God, Timmy! I have never seen such a beautiful cock! “. She tentatively grabbed my shaft at midpoint, amazed that over two inches separated her stretched index finger and thumb. She wasn’t even close to being able to encircle the wrist-thick girth of my rock-hard giant penis. She gently caressed the sensitive skin of my stone-like pillar of flesh, running her fingers along the many finger-thick protruding veins that were carrying the vast amounts of blood needed to supply such a massive dong.

” I can_t believe how hot and hard your cock feels, Timmy! I’m gonna have to use two hands to jack off such a massive piece of meat! “, she said as she began to feverishly wank me with ten-inch up-and-down strokes.

” Yeah! Jack off my giant dick, mom! ” Your soft hands feel sooo good! “. I looked down to see her slurp up the excess jizz that was pouring out of my cumslit. She then spat on my rod to lubricate her hands as she handled my oversized prong like a real cumslut. Her beautiful blue eyes were twinkling with lust as she looked up to me adoringly. I started pulling her pink leotard top down below the underside of her gigantic pair of breasts. They felt so soft, yet so firm ; there wasn’t the slightest hint of sag to them and I marveled at how she had kept such a youthful-looking body.

” Why don’t you put your beautiful mouth over the head of my my cock for me, mum? “, I asked eagerly. I so much wanted to get my first real blowjob. I say ” real “, because I could easily suck myself since I was thirteen. But this! The pleasure of her full sensuous lips as she engulfed my cockhead and her cheeks bulged obscenely was something else. She managed to get the whole head in, and tried to swallow more of my shaft, but could only get a couple more inches before my cocktip felt like it was entering her throat and she had to pull her mouth off to breathe. She repeated her attempts several more times, almost choking but with the determination of a mother who wants to show the love she has for her son. In the meantime, I had been playing with her nipples, caressing the soft flesh of her mounds as she neared her first climax. She later told me that the shear pleasure of sucking her studly son had been enough to trigger an orgasm bigger than she had ever felt before. I could see drool forming at the corner of her mouth as she held my cockhead steady and let out a groan of pleasure. When she came down from her orgasm, she pulled her mouth off my rod and admired my mammoth penis in all its fifteen-inch glory.

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” Just how big is your huge cock, Timmy? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cock anywhere near as big as yours. ” Her hands wandered to my scrotum, where she hefted the huge ballsack in the palms of her hands. ” And those balls, they are just massive. They must be the size of lemons, at least! I can’t wait to taste the huge loads of sweet cream that they must hold! “

” My cock is fifteen and a half inches long and nine and a three quarters inches around “, I announced, proudly. ” I measure it every month. Maybe it’s even bigger today because I’ve never felt so hard before. “

” Holy shit! The biggest cock I’ve ever had before was only eight inches. That was your dad, and he was the biggest jock in high school. All the other kids I fucked were, like, not even six inches. ” She continued to jack me off as she spoke, encouraging me to cum and fill her mouth with my spunk. ” That’s it, baby! Cum for mommy, I want to taste your boy-cream. PLEASE, hurry up! I can’t wait any longer! “

I could not hold on any longer and I felt the first surge of cum pulse along the underside of my cock. A second later and a huge streamer of thick cream erupted from my tip and sailed clear over my mother’s head. She must not have been expecting such a forceful blast and so she lowered my penis head in order to catch the next wad. But again, my shot was too powerful, and it just left a huge trail of oozing cum on her forehead and bangers. The next two salvos coated her cheeks and nose with some cum even pooling inside her left ear. Finally, the fifth jet surged into her mouth, splashing against her teeth and down her chin. She open wider for the next cumblast which went straight down her throat. She had to gulp immediately, considering the amount of cream contained in that wad (probably half a cupful) and so missed the next streamer which just exploded out of my rock-hard dick and hit her chin, leaving thick trails down her neck and shoulders. I wanted to see my cum on her huge tits, something I had often dreamt about, so I aimed my giant pecker at her puffy areaolas, four cum jets on my left and four on my right, enough to completely cover the top half of her rack, while I just left the rest of my virile seed drool out into her cleavage where it formed a pool of thick copious semen. This had been the most intense orgasm of my life yet and my eyes were closed in the aftermath of such a powerful climax. Finally, looking down, I saw the glazed body of my beautiful mother, covered in what appeared to be a year’s worth of jizz supply for a normal guy. I could barely make out her facial features under the heavy coating of juice I had just delivered. She started licking her face clean, pushing handfuls of cream into her eager mouth. I decided to help her, lapping up any remmants of spunk that she hadn’t seen. We kissed passionately, exchanging my cum with our entwined tongues. I lifted her up as we kissed, and she held on to my still rock-hard schlong for support, realizing that I had nost lost a bit of my hard-on.

” Oh, Timmy, you are so strong! How can you be hard after cumming such a humongous load all over your dear mommy? “, she asked incredulously.

” There’s more where that came from! “, I laughed and we embraced again. I bend my knees slightly and pushed hy hard log between her sculpted thigh until the head popped out on the other side of her legs and then raised myself up until my shaft touched her red, puffy cuntlips. Looking down from above her shoulders, I could see my huge, angry cockhead and a few inches of rigid shaft extending past her perfectly shaped butts. This sight excited me to the utmost, to the point that a new surge of blood to my engorged mega-cock was enough to lift my mother clear off the ground.

” Ooooooh! Timmy, your cock is so powerful, it can support my whole weight! You must be the biggest stud in the world! “. She was rubbing her dripping cuntlips over my shaft, stirring me to new heights of virility. I told her to hold on to my biceps as I flexed my muscles and repeatedly put her down on the floor and lifted her up in the air with nothing but the sheer strength of my pulsating rod. ” This is a good workout exercice! “, I thought to myself as my biceps bulged out under her holding palms. After a couple of minutes, I held my hands around her tiny waist and lifted her entire body up until the tip of my helmet was level with her pussylips. At that stage, she was squirting cuntjuice all over my glistening shaft, lubricating my massive cockhead as I slowly lowered her onto my giant cock. The huge head parted her lips and clit and with one quick three-inch thrust, I managed to sneak it into her canal.

” Uuuggghhh! Oh my God, ooohh mmyy GGOODD “, she shivered as more and more of my monstrous shaft was disappearing up her pussy. Finally, I had about ten or eleven inches in when I must have bumped into her cervix. She cried in pain mixed with intense pleasure. I started ramming home about ten inches of my fifteen and a half inches, literally masturbating myself with her entire body. Her hair was thrown in all directions and her tits jiggled like two huge milk-filled balloons. Strands of viscous jism were dripping onto the cement floor, forming a puddle of my hot cream. I licked her nipples, squeezing them with my teeth while I continued to pile-drive my colossal manmeat into her again and again. I could feel her cuntwalls sucking in my rod, expanding to their limits to taker in my oversized cock.

” Fuck me, FUCK ME with your HUGE COCK! “, she repeated over and over. ” Stick your fucking HORSE-COCK as deep as possible into my tight snatch. I can feel you ssoo DEEP, it’s unbelievable! “.

” hhmmpphh! Take it, mum. You have about a foot of cock in you! How does it feel compared to all the other guys that have fucked you before? “.

” You’re the best fuck EVER! I have never been ssoooo fffuuull! aanuugghh! “. She must have nearly fainted. I could feel the combination of her cuntjuice and my copious pre-cum pouring down my muscular tree-trunk-like thighs. I held her up, fucking her juicy twat like that for about twenty minutes and I counted over a dozen orgasms for her. She was panting with extreme sexual pleasure as I put her down on her knees in front of me. I took hold of my cock at the base and guided the bloated head below her chin. She understood what I meant and pulled me down a little, grabbing my dick with both hands and positioning the shaft between her enormous hooters. She then squeezed her mammaries together and I suddenly felt with sensitive shaft being enveloped by her warm bosom. The sensation was overpowering me and I fought hard to contain my imminent release. I wanted to be frozen in time, with my oversized prick locked in place inside the deep cleavage of my super-buxom mother. I started an up-and down thrust-like motion with my cock, which enabled my mum to lick the underside of my tumescent helmet everytime it passed in front of her lips. After about five minutes of this sumptuous titfuck, I was ready to unload my missile. I roared as the first jet of spunk erupted from my cum-cannon. It splashed on the underside of my mother’s chin. Before she could move, a second, even more powerful, blast coated her upper torso with thick ribbons of pearly cream. Eventually, my mum managed to compose herself after another three foot-long thick streamers. She engulfs my spurting cockhead in her mouth as I unloaded the next five or six mouthfuls directly into her throat. This caused her to gag uncontrollably and I started seeing cum oozing out of her nose. I pulled my dong out to let her breathe and sprayed her face with the final three spurts. At the end, I told her to open her mouth as I milked the last grape-sized dollop past her hungry lips.

” Wow, Timmy. Just that last drop of sperm was more filling than any man’s complete orgasm! I feel like I’ve just been gang-banged by the whole football team! Oh, my God! You are STILL HARD! How many times does it take for this thing to go down? “, she asked incredulously.

” I feel like I could beat my personal record tonight! I’m aiming for four in a row. “

” Four in a row? No man is capable of that, honey, but maybe you are. Show me how you’re going to make your big dick shoot twice more tonight! “, she dared me. After all this intense physical effort, I felt like I needed a bit of a rest. I lay down on my back and my mum straddled my hips, a large grin crossing her semen-coated face. ” Let’s see how long you can last with me riding your immense cock! “. With that, she pushed herself down slowly on my rod, impaling herself like a torturee on a giant pillar of iron. From this angle, I could see how my shaft was literally pushing her whole cunt inside on the downstrokes and sucking it out several inches on the upstrokes. Her tits were swaying in my face and I didn’t miss the opportunity to suck on them. I was slurping away, she was riding me like a bull and ever louder moans were filling the room. Thanks God Kate wasn’t around tonight. She had a sleepover at a friend’s house. I must say that her threat to make me cum fast was very well founded. After barely fifteen minutes, I could feel my huge balls tighten around my scrotum as I filled my mum’s inside with spray after spray of thick jism. Despite it being my third orgasm of the evening, I still managed to ejaculate over a dozen huge wads. I actually filled her to overflowing after only half a dozen shots when I felt my cream spurt out from her snatch onto my twitching pussy-pleaser and abdomen. The final wads were almost painful, as my balls had been sucked dry of their essence. Luckily, I can reload in record time since my balls are not only huge but also produce sperm hundreds of time faster than the average guy.

” I told you I would drain you, my stud son! Now let me milk your cock a few more times. Ooooooh, I can feel your cream squishing inside me. Ther is sssooo mmmuucchh! ” . I tried hard to retain my hardness but I could feel my cock deflating a bit. Still, it must have been over a foot long and rigid enough to continue our humping. I just reckoned it would quickly harden again from the feeling of her cunt streched around my huge girth. But my mom had other ideas. She turned round and stuffed her cunt right on my mouth. I had never licked a woman before but I had the experience of porn viewing to guide me in my task. I licked around her clit in circles while rubbing her trimmed blond muff with my fingers. She was moaning widly, telling me I was doing a good job. I then dived in with my tongue, lapping up the mixture of her cuntjuice and my cum that was pouring out of her vagina. It had a salty taste but I felt delicious considering where it was coming from. In the meantime, my mom had started pulling on my semi-erect prick to bring it to full mast. It only took a couple of minutes before I felt the blood rush towards my cockhead, quickly filling my entire shaft with a quart of red-hot blood. She cooed with delight at the sight of my hardening rod and licked the underside of my glans clean of the encrusted sperm and oozing pre-cum. I decided it would be better to continue this fuck session on a more confortable surface so I stood up, still holding my mum by the arms, her head down sucking on my giant dong. I continue licking her cunt and occasionally glancing in front of me while I climbed the two floors to her master bedroom. There, I gently layed her on the satin sheets.

” Oh, Timmy, do me again, please. I want to feel your huge cock in my pussy! “, she was fingering herself and licking her puffy areolas. I climbed on the bed and parted her legs with my muscular arms, my chiseled broad chest almost touching the tips of her outstanding globes of solft flesh. I pushed my prick gently inside her snatch, drawing gasps of joy from my mother. She was near breathless as over ten inches of rock-hard manmeat pierced deep into her cunt. I stabbed her repeatedly, watching my glistening rod thrust forward from above. There was over four inches of my cock that never made it inside and it excited me a lot to see that I was too long for an adult woman. I’ve always enjoyed feeling freakishly superior sexually to my counterparts and this was another proof yet of my super-virility. As I pounded away, I imagined a bright future ahead, where my sexual needs would be satiated by my mother’s hungry cunt and mouth. My last orgasm of the night was the most powerful. The utter fulfillment of this precious moment between mother and son brought me to new heights of passion. I bellowed angrily as I erupted deep within my mum, sending wave after wave of thick creamy spunk splashing in her womb, filling her to overflowing everytime with a single wad. She exploded into her loudest orgasm of the evening as she felt my hot boycream hosing her inside. I slowly pulled out to make more space for the upcoming jets of seed. Eventually, my cockhead popped out with a loud plop as a foot-long streamer was beginning to arch its way in the air. It splashed my mother’s bush, travelling up to her navel where it completely filled the hole of her bellybutton and ending at the underside of her left boob where it pool on her flat, well-defined stomach. I couldn’t count the following shots of semen because I had entered the orgasmic dimension but my mum later told me I came like a firehose, at least half a dozen huge strands landed on her face and tits.

After a deep, passionnate kiss that sealed our sexual love forever, I fell asleep. I dreamt of my sister Kate, who was only 20 years-old but looked already as gorgeous as a supermodel and of how I was going to get her to join in the family fun….