Conquering Supergirl

“I see your five dollars and raise you another three,” Lexi said.

“I’m out,” Jill said. “This is too rich for my blood.”

Stacy’s stomach felt like an empty pit. She had never been this close to winning before, but Lexi had just priced her right out of the hand. It was so unfair. “I don’t have that many chips.”

Lexi grinned. “Stacy, you remember what you said earlier about hypnosis being a bunch of garbage?”

“Yes,” Stacy Admitted.

“Tell you what.” Lexi pushed all her remaining chips into the middle. “You win, you get the whole kitty. I win, you let me hypnotize you.”

“Deal,” Stacy said quickly, pushing her chips into the center of the table, and then laying out her cards with a flourish. “Full house. Read ’em and weep.” She had always wanted the say that, and she beamed with excitement. Her arms were already reaching out to capture her well deserved loot.

“Not so fast.” Lexi laid down her hand. “Full house, aces over tens.”

Stacy sagged in her seat in defeat. It was so unfair. She never won.

“Now, I believe someone is about to get very sleepy,” Lexi grinned.


There was something involved with a crystal hanging from a string and then her arm being heavy, but it was all a bunch of crap. Hypnotized hah! Stacy took delight in telling Lexi that she wasn’t hypnotized at all, served her right for winning the poker match.

The funny thing was Lexi still had that smug look on her face. Must have been gloating about all the money she won. Anyway, Stacy had things to do. Important things she couldn’t tell Lexi or Ellen about. Things much more serious than the poker game. Things like fighting crime and keeping the world safe from evil. “Good night Lexi. Good night Ellen,” she said, practically flying up the stairs to her bedroom.

Her costume was lying on the bed, right out in the open. How strange. She distinctly remembered hiding it behind a false panel in her closet. ‘Maybe I put it out before I went downstairs,’ she thought. She quickly stripped and put her costume on. Again, there was the feeling that something wasn’t quite right. For one thing it was too tight. Her nipples poked through the tightly stretched fabric across her chest and the bottom of the leotard was digging uncomfortably into her crotch. It was almost as if it were made for someone smaller – someone like her roommate Ellen.

There was a cry for help downstairs that startled Stacy out of her ruminations. What could be happening *here*, in her own house? Bad things were never supposed to happen here. She hesitated momentarily, wondering whether to change back to her civilian garb, but another cry sent her running downstairs to find Ellen tied to a chair in the middle of the living room. Great stars, who was the strange masked woman standing behind Ellen and where was Lexi?

“Welcome home Superbitch!” the black garbed villain said, absently pulling on a lock of Ellen’s long hair. Ellen looked at Stacy as if to say, what are you going to do to rescue me?

Supergirl didn’t recognize the woman speaking to her with such foul language. For sure, the villainess was due for a lesson in manners and a trip to jail. See how smug she would be wearing prison orange, instead of the positively scandalous costume she was wearing. It wasn’t so much a superhero costume as something off the rack from Victoria’s Secret. Not much to fight in that was for sure.

“Unhand her you dastardly villainess,” Stacy said with authority.

“My name is ah . . . Black ah – Scorpion, yeah that’s it, Black Scorpion, and I have a surprise for you Stupid Girl,” the woman thrust her hips forward, causing Ellen to cringe and shrink away.

‘My God,’ Supergirl thought, her eyes growing wide in shock. ‘This woman has a cock strapped to her pelvis. Black Scorpion must surely be crazy – demented even.’

“That’s right Superslut,” Black Scorpion cackled. “I have a kryptonite cock!”

“No . . .” Supergirl gasped. She turned to fly away, but it was too late, her powers had fled. Black Scorpion grabbed her from behind and pulled her down and Supergirl felt her strength rapidly dwindling to nothing.

The Black Scorpion gloated over the defeat of her nemesis. She taunted the helpless girl with the kryptonite cock, rubbing it over her face, her breasts, her ass, and the lips of her sex which bulged from around the red fabric pulled tightly between them. “What’s the matter Superslut? You don’t like cock?”

“No,” Supergirl breathed. Black Scorpion would never understand. She was Supergirl and she had to serve as a pillar of morality to the many children that looked up to her. She might have sex one day, but it would only be after she was married. Oh God, what was going on? She felt her bottoms being pulled down by this evil villainess.

The Black Scorpion hadn’t planned to go this far, but having the beautiful blonde on all fours, and totally helpless, made her hot. Made her uncontrollably hot. And when she looked beneath Supergirl’s tiny pleated red skirt, seeing those hungry lips gobbling on the red fabric of her bottoms; it had made up her mind. That they would come off was a forgone conclusion. And that she would spread that pink blossom by the short hairs of her blonde curly pubes . . . well it was natural, that’s all.

“Have you ever been fucked, Supergirl?” Black Scorpion asked, placing the head of her kryptonite cock at the mouth of Supergirl’s moist sex.

“No. . .”

“You’re about to be,” Black Scorpion said. “I’m going to fuck you with my kryptonite cock. I’m going to fuck all your super powers away. I’m going to fuck you till you see stars. I’m going to fuck you till you’re raw . . .fuck you till you’re . . . ordinary.”

“No . . . oh God please no.” The world needed her. She couldn’t let her superpowers be taken away.

Black scorpion ran a long nail over Supergirl’s ass, teasing her asshole briefly and drawing out a moan. She slowly trailed it up over Stacy’s blonde curly locks and the delved down into the moist pink lips of her sex. “You’re wet Supergirl. I think you want it.” She looked up at Ellen and grinned wickedly. “Or maybe you like girls. Is that it?

Supergirl certainly had no intention of being with a woman, even though she supported the rights of all minorities including homosexuals. She shook her head no.

“Too bad,” said Black Scorpion. “If you liked girls, perhaps I wouldn’t fuck you with my kryptonite cock.”

Oh god . . . oh god. She had no choice. “I like girls,” she lied.

“Prove it,” Black Scorpion grinned, and twinkled evilly as she looked up at Ellen. “With her.”

Ellen grunted from behind her gag and struggled like mad. It was no use. The ropes were tight. This had gone too far a long time ago. Now it was . . . a crime.

“I’m sorry Ellen,” Supergirl said. “But I have to do this. Don’t you see, it’s for the good of mankind?” The pretty blonde began to kiss the olive skin of her roommate’s bare thighs. She placed a hand on each of her knees and tried to open them, but couldn’t due to her kryptonite induced weakness. “Please Ellen.” She kissed again, running her long tongue over the valley of her tightly drawn legs. “This isn’t just about you and me. This is about the fate of humanity.” Tears welled in her eyes, as she thought of a world no longer under her protection.

“Yes Ellen,” Black Scorpion said expansively, but laughingly. “The fate of the world hangs in the balance.”

“Please,” Supergirl begged. She caressed Ellen’s breasts through her long nightshirt. “For me.”

Ellen’s eyes pleaded one last time, and then her body sagged against her bonds. This time when Supergirl pushed against Ellen’s knees, her thighs parted willingly if reluctantly. The costumed heroine put her mouth against Ellen’s pantied mound and kissed, making loud moaning sounds, doing her best to appease Black Scorpion – to make her think she was gay.

But Black Scorpion wasn’t fooled for one moment. “Do it right, goddamnit.” She pushed the dildo against Supergirl’s pussy in warning.

Poor Supergirl. The heroine was forced to arch her back and display herself in a most indecent manner to escape the deadly touch of the kryptonite phallus. There was no hope for it. She pulled the gusset of Ellen’s white panties to the side, exposing her soaking wet sex. ‘For the good of mankind,’ she thought, and stuck out her tongue and licked the silken pink petals of a girl’s sex for the first time.

“Let me see you,” Black Scorpion said. “Pull your hair to the side.”

Stacy reluctantly pulled her long blonde hair to the side. She dared not look at Black Scorpion or her roommate Ellen. She was far too humiliated. Things like this just didn’t happen to super heroes.

“I can’t hear you anymore,” Black Scorpion warned.

Supegirl resumed her moaning, groaning, licking, and slurping. It was all fake of course. Staged for the benefit of the Black Scorpion.

“That’s it, lick that pussy,” Black Scorpion taunted. “Who would have thought Supergirl was a queer? Come on queer, close those sexy thighs around my cock.”

Black Scorpion began to pump her dildo in the triangle created between Supergirl’s thighs and sex. Every thrust pushed it between the gorgeous hero’s pussy lips. This sensation combined with the slapping of Black Scorpions pelvis against her ass had turned Supergirl’s staged moans into real groans of pleasure.

“Do it Superbitch,” Black Scorpion demanded. “Lick that pussy. Suck her clit. Suck it hard.”

Ellen’s breath hissed in and out of her nose. Her sweat soaked chest heaved. The pretty blonde head between her thighs was driving her insane with pleasure. This was evil. If not evil, it was certainly wrong. Oh, but it felt so good.

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The same thoughts ran through Supergirl’s head. She was being forced. Forced to engage in deviant sex by a dastardly villainess. She should be thinking of a way out of this horrible situation, not bucking back against the pelvis that thrust against her ass.

Black Scorpion was high on the sexual thrill. High on the pretty caped blonde’s submission. She pulled her cock out from between Supergirl’s athletic thighs and teased the girl’s clit and the mouth of her sex with the bulbous head. She grinned as she noticed that Supergirl didn’t flinch from the touch.

“Beg me bitch,” Black Scorpion hissed. “Beg me to fuck your powers away.”

“No,” Supergirl gasped from between Ellen’s thighs.

Black Scorpion spanked the blonde superhero, pinched her nipples, spanked her asshole and pussy with the strapon cock. Finally she put the head of the cock in her pussy and teased her relentlessly. “Beg for it.”

“No. . .”

Black Scorpion repeated the procedure. This time pulling Supergirl’s legs widely apart, her ass arched high into the air. “That’s the perfect position for a Superslut,” she said. “Now, beg for it.”

Ellen was now on her second orgasm. Supergirl’s face was wet with her juices. It wasn’t fair. Stacy was horny, and she needed to cum as well. But the fate of the world and all her super powers hung in the balance. “No . . .”

She didn’t make it through the final round of teasing. Her strong will crumbled. “Please. . .” she begged.

“Please what?” Black Scorpion said, placing the head of the strapon at the entrance to Supergirl’s sex and beginning a gentle in and out motion.

“Please . . . fuck me.” Supergirl cried in shame. She had been defeated. Defeated by her weakness and sexual needs.

“Tell me what I want to hear,” said Black Scorpion.

“Fuck me. . .” Supergirl cried. “Ugh – fuck my – ah – oh god- fuck -my – superpowers away.” She didn’t deserve them. Not after this. What kind of role model was she? Scorpion was right. She was just a super slut.

The point was driven home by the kryptonite cock spearing into her sex. The first few thrusts hurt, but after that, it was pure heaven. As a matter of fact, she found herself responding, her body moving in time with Black Scorpion’s.

“That’s it Superslut,” Black Scorpion said, leaning back so that the other end of the cock pushed against ‘the perfect spot’ there within her own sex. “Fuck it. Fuck that cock.”

Stacy wriggled her hips from side to side in search of stimulation, but Black Scorpion held still. Her only hope for reaching orgasm was to take an active role in the sex. She looked up at Ellen. God, she was staring at her. There was no way to hide it. What did it matter? Her powers were gone. She was just a regular girl now.

She pushed back, impaling herself. Back and forth she moved. She was doing it. She was fucking herself. She bucked faster. Black Scorpion pulled her body close. Kissed her hard, raping her mouth as Supergirl raped her own sex. Oh God, she was gonna cum.

“You love it don’t you,” Black Scorpion said. “You love my evil ass.”

“Ugh. . .” Supergirl growled. “No . . .no . . . oh no – ugh ugh God gonna cum. . .” Warmth flooded Supergirl’s loins and boiled over. Her body spasmed and writhed as she orgasmed, her super powers leaving her forever.

“Sleep Stacy – Sleep,” Black Scorpion said, and Supergirl slumped to the floor.

Lexi smiled and wiped the sweat from her forehead. She got up and stroked Ellen’s face, and then snatched the duck tape from her mouth.

“Ouch!” Ellen cried. “Jesus Lexi, untie me right now. You had no right.”

Lexi took a finger and stuck it in Ellen’s mouth. Ellen almost gagged. The finger tasted of Stacy. “You enjoyed it,” Lexi said. “I watched you come.”

“But my God,” Ellen stammered. “That was – that was . . .” She didn’t want to put the word to it. She had willingly helped set it all up. She just didn’t know everything that was planned.

“She wanted to do it. She begged for it. And you let her.”

It was hard to think. Yes, it happened as Lexi said, but it had been Lexi that Stacy.

“I bet I know a way to fix it,” said Lexi, as she dangled a crystal in front of Ellen.

Oh no! It was the crystal she used to hypnotize Stacy. “No, please Lexi,” Ellen pleaded, tears welling in her eyes. “I’ll be quiet about it. Honest, I won’t tell anyone.”

“About anything?” Lexi wasn’t sure she could hypnotize Ellen anyway. She probably could if Ellen believed it was possible, but if Ellen believed it was possible, it wouldn’t be necessary. Not now anyway. Later, who knew, Lexi had lots of ideas.

“About anything,” Ellen assured her roommate. “Just don’t screw with my head, okay?”

“Okay,” Lexi said. “But if you fuck with me, I can do a lot worse than Supergirl. I can make you think you are a dog. Or a stripper, how bout a hooker?”

“Please Lexi,” Ellen whined. “I’m begging you. I won’t tell anybody about anything. Ever.”

“Good girl,” Lexi said, untying her roommate. “Now help me get Stacy to bed.”

Ellen helped Lexi put Stacy to bed before leaving the two alone together. Lexi considered making Stacy forget about everything that had happened. It would have been safest. It certainly wasn’t the most fun. Instead she added some naughty suggestions while the girl was under.

“Stacy, you are in a very deep sleep and you are going to obey my every command,” Lexi said after putting the girl under. “First, all your superpowers are gone. You are okay with that and will not try to do anything stupid, like try to fly or something stupid like that. You are still Supergirl, but you will never ever tell anyone about it. There are a lot of evil villains out there that could do some pretty nasty things if they found out your secret identity. Do you understand Stacy?”

“Yes,” Stacy said dully.

Then Lexi thought of an even more interesting twist. God, it was so diabolical, it was making her wet again. “And Stacy. Imagine that my hand is on a dial that controls how sexy and horny you feel. What is it usually set on right now?”

“It’s set on four.”

Interesting, Lexi had guessed a two. “Stacy, I’m turning it all the way to ten right now. All the way up. Can you feel it?”

It was obvious Stacy felt it. Her hips lifted from the bed and her legs spread wide. “Ahhh!” she cried. “Ugh- oh God – oh God!”

“I’m turning it down now, Stacy,” Lexi said. “Down to nine. Down to eight – seven – six.”

Stacy’s hips slowly drifted back to the bed. She was still hot though, her thighs slid sexily against one another. Soft mewls escaped her lips.

“Good girl,” Lexi said. “Now Stacy, I want you to imagine trying to turn it back to ten with your own hand, but it’s so hard to turn you can’t do it.” Lexi’s fingers caressed her roommate’s wet sex.

Stacy was reacting. Her body seeking Lexi’s touch. However, the sounds coming from her lips sounded agitated . . . frustrated.

“That’s right Stacy,” Lexi said. “It takes someone with superpowers to turn your knob. Only me or Black Scorpion can turn your knob. We’re the only two people that can give you an orgasm. Say it.”

“Only you or Black Scorpion can give me an orgasm.”

“Good girl,” Lexi said. “And where is the dial stuck at until me or Black Scorpion changes it?”


“That’s my good girl,” Lexi said. “Now at the count of ten you won’t be hypnotized anymore, you’ll just go to sleep and wake up tomorrow morning bright and early. Ten – nine – eight -seven – six -five -four – three – two – one.”

Stacy shifted to her side and small snores sounded steadily.

Lexi bent and kissed the disheveled blonde on the forehead. “Good night supergirl.”

“Mmm-ughh. . .” Stacy moaned lightly due to a particularly interesting dream.


That week was both good and bad for Stacy. The good news was that Ellen promised to never mention her secret identity and forget about that whole business with Black Scorpion. The bad news was that Stacy couldn’t get it out of her mind. She was constantly fantasizing about it and she was . . . well perpetually hot. She had tried several times to take care of business, but it was a no go. The last time that she had an orgasm was when being fucked by Black Scorpion’s kryptonite cock.

Stacy shifted in her seat and pressed her thighs tightly together and squeezed. To make matters worse, Lexi wasn’t helping things. While Stacy was trying to watch CNN in an effort to forget about her horniness, Lexi came into the room in her underwear and started doing her yoga stretches. God, you could see practically everything. Did the girl have no shame? Didn’t she know that Ellen was due back home and that her boyfriend might come in with her? And didn’t she know how sexy her ass looked in that position? ‘What am I thinking?’ Stacy wondered.

“You staring at me Stacy?” Lexi asked.

“No,” Stacy replied defensively.

“It’s okay if you want to look,” Lexi said. “I don’t care.” To prove it, she turned so that she was facing Stacy and put her legs behind her shoulders and rolled back. Every part of her, from her mons to her labia was displayed through the tightly drawn fabric of her panties.

Stacy couldn’t stop from touching herself. God, she was going to embarrass herself at this rate. “I’ll be upstairs,” she said, and quickly got up and left. Lexi waited for a few minutes before quietly going to Stacy’s bedroom and sticking her ear to the door. She smiled upon hearing the girl’s frustrated moans. Her hand traveled down to her panties and she began to caress herself. Fuck, it was so hot knowing that she could come right here while Stacy couldn’t. She was well on her way until the front door opened. Shit! Ellen was home. Lexi padded downstairs and looked around the corner. Good, it was only Ellen. Her boyfriend must have dropped her off.

“Hey, Ell,” Lexi said, walking out from around the corner. “You have a good time?”

“Damn Lexi,” Ellen said seeing her underdressed roommate. “What if I had invited Rob in?”