Cum-Stuffed Mom

Hello, my name is Josh, and my parents have been divorced for almost 4 years now. My father, Richard, remarried to a 25 year old blonde bombshell shortly after he left my mom, who at the time had two kids. Me, 18, and my 12 year old sister, Becky. Mom mourned the divorce for a year and a half before she met, fell in love, and married a black man named Jake. He was a nice enough guy and treated my mother pretty well, but other members in my family still had a hard time dealing with my mom marrying some one outside the race. It didn’t much matter to me, because she did seem happy with him. Needless to say, he and my father didn’t get along from the get go. They had several run-ins over the years. I guess my father felt that mom still belonged to him and that she would go through life heartbroken that he left her.

Often he would try to fuck my mother and she would politely decline, leaving my dad mad as hell until his next attempt. Passive by nature, I was surprised she had not given in to his advances earlier. At 5’4, 165 lbs. Mom was a shadow of her former self. But she was pretty, had huge breasts, and a pleasantly plump ass. From what I understand back in her heyday she was quite a sight, but two kids had robbed her of her past figure. After she married Jake, she had two more boys, 2 years and 13 months old, this added a few more pounds to her frame. She still enjoyed a good sex life, I’ve heard Jake fucking her on a near nightly basis since they married.

Since their last child, over a year ago, she told Jake he could no longer come inside of her because she didn’t want any more kids. The pill made her violently ill, and said she didn’t trust him with pulling out in time because she knew damn well he wouldn’t. She also said she had no faith in the calendar method, and other methods were also quickly shot down. The end result was them using condoms, which Jake was definitely not happy about. Wisely, my mom told him that if he wanted to come inside of something other than a rubber, he could come inside of her mouth or in her ass. Jake couldn’t complain about that as they came to a happy solution to a potentially problematic situation.

Everything was going well until one weekend I wanted to go the mall for music CD’s. Jake had taken my sister and brothers to the park for the afternoon. Mom said she was going to use the time to clean a little while the house was empty. As I was leaving she asked me if I wanted a ride in her min-van to the mall. I told her I was going to walk over to my girlfriend’s, Teri, house and she was going to drive us in her father’s car. She said OK, handed me 20 extra bucks, and told me not be out too late and to call if I was. I kissed her and started my journey to Teri’s.

Unfortunately, when I got there, we ended up getting into a fight because of the big mouth of her best friend…Claire. About a week ago I let Claire give me a blow job in the school parking lot. She had been flirting with me for months and even though I knew she was the talkative type, I gave in. Before I came all over her pretty face, she promised me she wouldn’t say a word, as she jerked my 7″ cock. Good enough for me, I thought, as I face fucked Claire into her throat. She held her head still with her mouth stretched open as I gouged her until my pubes brushed her lips. I made several lunges into her mouth as she grunted softly as I banged at her tonsils. Building rather swiftly to orgasm, I jerked back my hips as cum squirted out of the tip. She reached up, grabbed my cock, and stroked the cum from my balls as it coated her arms, wrists, and face. It was awesome! Being the big mouth she was, she apparently told a friend about it. Of course, word about it got back to Teri and she dumped with me on the spot.

On the way back home, I was pissed off and disappointed. My day was shot. As I rounded the corner to my block I saw my dad’s car parked next to my mom’s mini-van. I knew that my dad usually work in the mornings on Saturday and was surprised to see him here. I hoped he could at least make me feel better after my break up with Teri.

I let myself in and was greeted by urgent voices as I entered. My mom’s pleading words were drowned by my father’s agitated gruffs. They didn’t hear me enter, so I snuck over to the den in order to find out what was going on.

My mom was just uselessly explaining to my upset father Richard, “NO, we can’t do this. I’ve told you many times, friends is all we can be now. You were the one who left me to be with that 25 year old bimbo.” At this, mom began to sob, as the tears streaked down, she raised her hands to her face and wept. Dad chose that time to move toward her and grabbed her in his arms.

“Kelly , I’m sorry about that and it’s too late to change that now. What we can’t do is deny what we feel for each other. I know you still love me. Just this once can’t we forget about not being married to one another and just let this happen?” Dad pleaded.

He pulled her hands down from her flushed face just when her lips was forming a stern “no”. He gently silenced the no with a deep kiss full on her lips. Stunned, my mother tried to pull back away from him as his left hand dropped to grasp her juicy ass.

“Richard, please, no…”she vainly replied as the last of her resilience quickly faded. Deepening his kiss, my dad used both of his palms to get a firmer grip on her butt cheeks. Massaging them alternately, the hem of her thigh length dress rode up to the bottom of her ass. The sight of her floral panties got me hard almost instantly. Bringing a hand up, he held her face still as he began to kiss on her sensitive neck. He’s known for years that was a hot button on her. She moaned loudly as he brought his right hand up and clutched her cunt through the panty material.

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“Just go with it, baby,” he whispered hoarsely while slipping his fingers underneath the bands of her drawers into her soaked cunt lips. My mother said nothing as dad slowly lowered her onto the carpet in the den. Tossing her panties across the room, my dad drove his face into her cunt lapping noisily. “Ooh,” mom breathed when his tongue dipped into her oozing pit. Reaching under her legs, he raised them high in the air and plunged his tongue deeper into hole while wiggling it. Mom’s face was red with passion. Dad stopped long enough to free his 6″ cock out from his slacks. He began thumping the shaft against her exposed clit, causing her pussy to arch up to him invitingly. A splatting sound could be heard as he beat on her wet cunt . There was so much juice in her glistening pussy it started to well up just between the folds, threatening to pour out at her slightest movement.

“I’m going to fuck you better than any black cock ever will.” My pops promised, aiming his swollen head directly at the weeping hole. My hand was working overtime on my dick after I yanked it free. I had never seen two people fuck in my life and I was not going to miss this as I stood transfixed at the action on the den floor. The fact that this was my parents only heightened my arousal. As my father’s cock initiated it’s decent into her open cunt lips mom came to her senses. Her green eyes snapped wide open.

“Rich, no , let’s wear a condom if we’re going to go this far.” mom said worriedly in a trembling voice.

My dad promptly ignored her as he prepared to spear his ex-wife’s splayed cunt lips. From my vantage point I saw mom struggle to sit up from under my dad. But he had her pinned firmly to the floor and her squirming caused her super soaked cunt to gape wider at the wrong moment. Quick as a blink, he jabbed his dick halfway into her on the first stroke, rapidly pumping the remaining 3 inches into her until all she could do was grunt in time with the pokes.

Her cream finally dripped down her ass crack as his dick repeatedly sunk and withdrew from her. With pussy juice on his goatee and a grimace on his face, dad laid into her like an overanxious teen-ager.

“I waited too long to get into this pussy again, and you’re going to catch this cum in your cunt until it comes out of your nose. If I’m lucky you’ll get knocked up and that black bastard will leave once he sees the baby is white!” he said forcefully as he viciously slammed into her twat. Despite herself, mom was extremely turned on by his words even though she begged him to pull out and cum on her face. I also saw that her wide ass rose to meet him thrust for thrust.

“Take it out damn you!,” she wailed with tears streaming down her cheeks again. My father gave a hearty roar as he spasmed into her hole. “Noooo,” she yelled as she came deliciously. She felt as if a monsoon was raging in her cunt it was so full of his cum. Huffing as his orgasm subsided, he sprayed what was left in his nuts into her upturned womb. Stabbing in a short, deep motion, he finally slipped out of her crevice as his cum chased the cock head out the entrance.

Mom was bawling now as my dad got up and stuffed his cock back into his pants. We both glanced at the mess of hair and matted come between her legs. A pool was congealing at the base of her big ass. Looking guilty, my father turn to leave and muttered a low “I’m sorry,” before he walked from the room. I quickly ducked behind a sofa as he headed for the door. When it closed I peeked back in on my mother. She was crying as her hands covered her face. Hot cum was still leaking onto the carpet from her spread legs as I walked into the room. I listened to her whimper as I looked at her lifted dress and spread knees. A blood rush filled my loins and my dick turned to granite in my hands.

My legs felt like lead as I crept closer, cock in hand, before her unnoticed. I struggled with myself in silence for several minutes as I gazed at my mom lustfully.

My decision was made! I dropped my shorts to my ankles and started to crawl onto her. She must have heard the noise as her looked dead into my eyes. Confused at first, a glimpse at what I was holding in my hand let her know my intentions fully.

Before she could move, I followed my father’s misdeed and smashed my hips into her goo filled cunt brutally. “Josh don’t,” she exclaimed nearly pushing me off of her in her desperation. That only made my dick retract far enough for me to slam back into her. My father’s cum sloshed out onto my balls as I continuously sawed into her. She definitely fought me a lot harder than my dad and almost successfully unseated me from her steaming depths more than once. Gradually, her skirmish with me turned to her fucking back at me like a $5 whore. She looked as if she was going to tell me not to come inside of her when she just closed her eyes tightly as she came for the second time in 15 minutes.

Thirteen prods sent fiery sperm into her diluted womb. My cum intertwined with my father’s as her body absorbed jet after jet of my thick, incestuous seed. Her cunt was as soggy as a marsh when I pulled out with a wet suctioning noise. Her pussy and inner thighs were saturated with slimy jism. She turn her head to the side as the guilt my dad experienced over came me. I couldn’t say a word, so I got up and offered to help mom off the floor. She wouldn’t even look my way as I backed out into the narrow hall. One last gaze showed my mother soundlessly lying on the carpet with two men’s cum oozing from her crotch. I went up into my room and stay for the remainder of the night. I didn’t get up for dinner and laid on my bed until sleep crept on up on me. Around midnight my hunger awoke me from my slumber, and I left my room to grab a quick snack from the fridge.

I hear fucking sounds from Jake and my mom’s bedroom. Putting my ear to the door I heard bed springs bouncing and grunts. My mother was begging Jake to spill his dark load into her thirsty cunt. She told him he wouldn’t get the chance to flood her pussy with his baby sauce again anytime soon, so make sure it was a big load. I listened to him make guttural sounds as he shot into her with all he had. I twisted the door knob quietly and stuck my head into the near darkness. The lamp posts outside barely illuminated two forms in the middle of a bed. Jake was taking his spent 10″ cock from her cunt as he slapped her upraised ass, making the cheeks jiggle. Enough light filtered into the room for me to see mom on her knees still and her pussy gleaming wetly in the low light.

Jake laid next to her and hugged her around the waist as my mother gradually lowered her ample butt. Maybe she thought having three loads shot into her would buy her time if she got pregnant. Jake would think, until she had the baby, that it was his. Maybe she figured his potent black sperm would reach her egg before me or my father’s. Whatever the case, she ended up conceiving that night. And over the next 9 months, she worriedly wandered around the house and took good care of her younger kids. I left for school 6 months before she had the baby and was relieved to hear the baby girl came out dark. Neither she, my dad or me, talked about what happened that summer, and Jake knew nothing about it as well. In the end things worked out, but that would always be a close call we all would remember.