Mommy Takes Me to the Doctor

Chapter 01

 Waiting Room

As I walked into the doctor’s office, following my mother, my head hung down. It hung down because I knew what I would see if I looked up: my mother’s unbelievable body, encased in a tight business suit. If my eyes drifted upwards, I’d see her tiny, 4-inch-heel-encased feet, her curvy, tight legs, her full, slightly swaying ass. And, framing her petite torso, her gigantic, round breasts. Yes, from the back. Her breasts were so massive that the poked out from either side of her body. At 5’3″ – in those heels – she was completely out of proportion.

I shuffled along, my aching, erect penis pushing out visably from my pants. We stopped at the reception desk.

“Ms. Pepper, here with her son Brian.”

The receptionist, a busty young woman wearing a tight sweater, looked at me. I raised my gaze, but only got as far as her chest. I suddenly realized what I was doing and snapped up to look her in the eye. She smiled.

“Hi Brian. We know all about you here. You can stare at my breasts if you want to.”

“What!” My mother inhaled sharply, making her cartoonishly swollen chest bulge outward. “What are you talking about?!”

“Ms. Pepper, it’s fine. From the questionnaire you filled out online, we already know about Brian’s condition. We’re going to help him. Please” — she gestured at two of many empty chairs in the waiting room – “have a seat.”

My mother shook her head at me and took me by the hand. “Come on, then, Brian,” she said, and then looked down. I followed her gaze and found my huge, erect penis tenting outward, a wet spot forming on my pants.


My “condition” – well, let’s put it this way. Every kid goes through puberty. When mine came, it came with a vengeance. I had a hard-on more than not. I masturbated every chance I got – probably 5 or 6 times a day. And I came in huge spurts, even after a marathon session. There may have been a medical explanation. But in my mind, there was another reason: Mommy. I was obsessed with her body. I thought about it constantly, and there were constant reminders of how insanely buxom and shapely she was: guys at school wouldn’t shut up about it, the occasional comment from a construction workers, and the one girlfriend I had, briefly, at that young age, had once guessed she was a DD cup. I think she was way off. Now, at the age of 18, things hadn’t really changed. I was still obsessed with my mother’s amazing body.


We sat and waited. My eyes, as usual, wandered over to stare at my mother’s bust. Once again, she caught me.

“Brian! For goodness sakes.” She looked angry, but also confused and sad. I didn’t know what to do. “I mean, I know boys your age have needs. And I also understand that my body” – she looked down, and slowly, to my astonishment, plumped her huge breasts with her hands – “is somewhat unusual. But you definitely shouldn’t be looking at your Mommy that way.”

“Uhhh,” I groaned, my cock pulsing. When she referred to herself in the third person like that – I don’t know, it just killed me.

“It’s ok, sweetie. We’re here to get you some help. Doreen said Dr. Morgan is a specialist in… this area.”

“Thanks Mommy.”

She smiled and I blushed and looked down at my erection again. A nurse came out from the hallway with a clipboard. She walked over to us.

“You must be Brian and Ms. Pepper.”

I looked up and couldn’t believe who I was looking at. It was Bethany, a girl who had graduated from my high school a few years before – probably 22 to my 18 years. She must have been interning as a nurse’s assistant during the summer. She was just the kind of older girl that I secretly pined for – and who fueled many of my fantasies. She had long, dark hair, like my mother, but unlike my mother, she was tall and lean. And, of course, she was busty. Nothing like my mother, but really big for girl her age. She squatted in front of me, her breasts bouncing as she did.

“Hi Brian. I remember you. You were a senior this year, yeah?”

I was dumbstruck. Once again, I couldn’t stop staring at a large pair of breasts in front of me.

“Brian,” my mother said, “the nurse is asking you a question.”

“Um, sorry, yeah. You graduated a few years ago, right?”

“Yup. You’ve really grown up a lot, haven’t you?” She winked. “Anyway, we’re going to take care of you here. The first thing I need you to do is take off your pants.” I looked at my mother, who looked shocked.

“Here, in the waiting room?” she said.

“Yup. Don’t worry, Ms. Pepper, we’ll have a full exam with the doctor in a moment. This is just a preliminary procedure. I happened to notice that Brian’s penis is fully erect. It is, right Brian,” she said as she turned to me.

“Yeah. It’s been hard for a while.”

“Ok then. Let’s get you out of those pants.”

I looked at my mother and unbuttoned my pants. Bethany grabbed the top and slid them off, then, immediately, pulled off my already underwear, already stained with pre-cum.

My penis was large – that was obvious from Bethany and mom’s reaction. I don’t think it was huge, but they were impressed.

“Well, you’ve gotten quite big, Brian,” Bethany smiled. She reached over to the table next to me and grabbed a bottle. “This is just lotion. It’s going to help me help you ejaculate. I’m going to put some on your penis now.” I gasped as she began to grease up my penis. “Oh!” Bethany smiled. “This is going to feel good Brian. Just relax. Ms. Pepper,” she said, turning to my mother, as she continued to stroke my cock, “I know this may be a tad alarming, but I assure you the doctor knows what she’s doing. We’ve handled plenty of cases like Brian’s.”

She continued to jack me off and whisper things like “that’s a good boy” and “look at my big breasts, Brian! Don’t they make you want to ejaculate?”

And soon enough, I was on the verge. Bethany could sense it, and did two things: first, she pulled out a contraption from her pocket, a large vial of sorts, which she attached to the top of my throbbing penis; it was obviously meant to capture my ejaculate. She also whispered something new to me: “it’s ok, sweetie, you can look at your Mommy’s breasts now.” So I did. And as mother gasped, I screamed “I’m sorry Mommy!” and came, filling the vial. In fact, it began to overflow, so Bethany removed it and clamped her mouth down over my spurting penis. I couldn’t believe what was happening: one of the hottest young women in town was suckling the cum from my penis while I stared at my mother’s massive chest.

In a moment it was over and Bethany said, after swallowing my excess cum, “Very well done, young man.” She smiled.

“Ms. Pepper, Brian, the doctor is ready to see you now,” said the receptionist. Mother sighed. “Well, let’s go, Brian.” I got up and pulled up my pants. My penis was flaccid, but I had a feeling it wouldn’t be for long as I watched my mom and her gigantic tits jiggle toward the office.


Part II: The Office

Bethany led us into Dr. Morgan’s office, where we sat down as the doctor – a lovely woman, slightly older than my mother, wearing a doctor’s coat and glasses – finished on the phone.

“Mrs. Rockwell, please calm down. Just because you’ve masturbated your son three times, doesn’t mean he won’t get another erection. Try sucking it for a while – and for godsakes, let him play with your breasts. My directions were very clear – follow them and Billy’s penis will eventually soften.” She gave us an apologetic look. “Ok then, call me if there are any problems.” She put the phone down. “I’m so sorry about that. Bethany, who do we have here.”

Bethany put her hand on my head. “This is Brian Pepper and his mother.”

“Of course. Very nice to meet you, Mrs. Pepper.”

“Um…” My mother was flustered from hearing the doctor’s phone call. “Nice to meet you as well. It’s actually Ms. Pepper – I’m not married.”

“I see,” said the doctor. “And Brian, you went to school with my daughter, didn’t you?”

“Your daughter?”

“Yes. Bethany, my daughter. She’s come to work in my office now that she’s graduated.”

Oh wow. I stared up at Bethany, past the shelf of her large breasts and at her radiant 18-year-old face. “I, um, didn’t you she was your daughter.”

“Well, I am! Mom, Brian has had his penis ejaculated once already today.”

“Thank you sweetheart. You can go now.”

“Sure thing, mom. Great seeing you again Brian!” She smiled and shook her huge rack at me. “And good luck with everything.”

As Bethany left, Dr. Morgan opened a folder and said, “Ok, let’s begin.”


My mother explained to the doctor the situation. Mommy had caught me masturbating dozens of times. Each time, I apologized, but I kept doing it. I just couldn’t stop. Being around her, seeing her adorable, giant-breasted body every day, feeling her chest press against mine every time we hugged. My penis was constantly erect, and when I came, I came all over the place. Every time. It took a half-dozen sessions to see a decrease in the volume of my semen.

“I see,” said Dr. Morgan. “Ms. Pepper, now that I’ve heard about Brian, let me ask you a few questions. First, your age.”

“I’m 36, Doctor.”

“Goodness! You must have been quite young when you were pregnant with Brian.”

“Yes, I was 18.”

“And when did you start to develop?”

“I’m sorry?”

“Develop, Ms. Pepper. When did your breasts begin to grow?”

“My breasts?” My mother gestured at her massive chest.

“Well, obviously, a part of Brian’s problem is your figure. And frankly, I have a theory about Brian that I’d like to explore. When did your breasts begin to develop?”

“Well, quite suddenly, actually. I was almost flat as a young teenager. But when I became pregnant with Brian, they grew quickly. After my pregnancy, I was a –” she looked at me for a moment “-a DDD cup.


“And you kept growing, didn’t you?”

“Yes. By 17 I was a EE, and then by 18… well, I got to my present size.”

“Which is?”

Mommy looked uncomfortable and paused. I noticed she kept shifting in her seat. “Doctor, really -“

“Ms. Pepper, please. I’m asking questions that need to be asked. What size bra do you wear now?”

“I wear… I wear a GG cup.”

Oh my god. My penis was throbbing as never before, and I had just cum moments before. My mother – Mommy to me all my life – was a giant-busted woman. I knew that. But GG. I had never heard anything as erotic in my life. I didn’t even know such a thing existed.

“I see,” said Dr. Morgan, very calmly. “Do you know your other measurements?”

“I’m afraid I don’t, exactly.”

“That’s fine. I’ll soon need to examine both you and Brian?”

“Examine?” my mother asked nervously.

“Yes, examine your bodies. You see, Ms. Pepper, I believe that you and Brian both suffer – no, suffer is the wrong word. You have a condition, a genetic one.”

“Both of us?”

“Yes, both of you. Look.” She got up – and for the first time, I noticed that under that lab coat was an extremely curvy body. Bethany got her figure from her mother. “You and Brian both have extremely exaggerated sexual characteristics. From what Bethany told me, Brian’s penis is very large, yes?”

My mother looked at my crotch and gulped. “Yes, yes it is. Very large. Especially for his age.” The doctor unzipped my fly and pulled out my huge, throbbing penis.

“And your breasts are gigantic, aren’t they, Ms. Pepper? Completely out of proportion with your body. You are a petite woman – I’d guess a 30 waist and a 34 or 35 in the hips. And your breasts are, what? A 36GG?”


“38GG. And Brian spends an enormous time masturbating, correct?” The Doctor had come around the other side of my mother.


“And you spend a lot of time masturbating, isn’t that right, Ms. Pepper?”

“What?! I…”

“Please, Ms. Pepper, there’s no point in hiding it.”

Mommy looked at me, then looked away. “Yes, I do. Many times a day.”

The doctor reached down and took my mother’s hand and slowly moved it toward me. Soon it was hovering over my bulging penis.

“Before we began the exam, I think Brian needs to be relieved again. And my guess is, so do you, Ms. Pepper.” She lowered Mommy’s hand onto my penis. “I’d like you to relieve Brian. Brian, would you like your Mommy to masturbate you?”

“Oh god, yes!”

“Is there anything else you’d like?”


“You’d like to see your mother’s huge, swollen breasts, wouldn’t you?”


The doctor pulled my mother’s hand from my cock. As my mother sat and watched, aghast, the doctor opened her jacket and took it off. Mommy just sat there, letting the doctor undress her, like a doll. A massive-busted sex doll. The jacket came off, and then the blouse underneath. The doctor had some trouble getting it over the mass of her chest, but eventually did, revealing the ridiculously large GG bra. The doctor reached around back.

“Brian, are you watching? I’m going to release your mother’s breasts now.”

“Oh god!” Mommy was blushing fiercely and twisting in her chair now – her body twitching in anticipation. Meanwhile, I thrust my penis into the air. Mommy instinctively grabbed hold of it and began to stroke me.

“You’re going to see Mommy’s breasts, now sweetie!” she said.

The doctor unhooked the bra and slowly peeled it off, revealing the largest breasts I had ever seen in my life. Her tiny torso looked like a girl’s compared to the massive tits. The nipples were small and crinkled, and every time my mother moved – which she was doing constantly now – the breasts would jiggle and sway.

“OH!” My penis began erupting, spurting high into the air, and coating my mother’s hand.

“Good job, Brian!” The doctor beamed at me. “Now, let’s get you cleaned up and into the exam room.”


Part III: The Examination Room

Doctor Morgan called in Bethany. While Bethany cleaned my crotch and Mommy’s hand and arm, both soaked with my enormous deluge of spunk, the doctor strapped my mother’s insanely large breasts back into her GG bra. As Bethany leaned over, exposing her own impressive cleavage, she smiled and said, “Looks like you were a really good boy, Brian.” I noticed that she was putting all of my semen into another vial. “I’m collecting your sperm, if you hadn’t noticed. We’ll want to see what your total production is for the day later. Wow! Looks like your Mommy might need a new bra!”

I looked over. The doctor had managed to contain Mommy’s gigantic breasts and I noticed for the first time that they bulged obscenely out of the bra, overflowing. Her nipples, which looked painfully rigid, pushed out of the thin material, which was now splattered with my cum. Her hips were still twitching and she was mumbling “oh goodness, oh my. Um, doctor, now that Brian has…um…ejaculated, might there be an opportunity…”

“Yes, Ms. Pepper, we’ll get to you in a moment. Let’s just get you both into the exam room.”

Bethany leaned over and whispered into my ear, “Do you want to see Mommy cum, Brian?” Needless to say, my penis was again rock hard.


The mother and daughter medical team guided us slowly into the exam room, which was adjacent to the office. My thick, elongated penis caused me to shuffle as I walked, and my mother, naked from the waist up, except for her sheer bra, jiggled and swayed on her heels. I felt my cock lurch and worried that I might explode again, right there. But I was able to contain myself.

The nurse sat me down on a chair and went over to a drawer. As she pulled out lotion and another cum-receiving vial, I noticed that the doctor was weighing my mother.

“Hm. Looks like you are about 105 pounds. Amazing for a woman as voluptuous as you are. Let’s get those heels off. Ok, your height… 4’11”. Truly amazing. Ms. Pepper, you are built like a tiny sex doll, aren’t you?” Mommy looked over at me and blushed. Nurse Bethany had sat down next to me and had begun stroking my massive penis again. “Doctor, please,” said Mommy. “Do you have to talk like that in front of my son?”

“Oh, come now. It’s something he’s obviously noticed on his own. Now let’s get your true measurements.” She pulled a measuring tape out of her pocket. “Stand up straight please.” Mommy arched her back, causing her insanely huge, round bust to thrust forward. “Ok, looks like I was about right. 29 waist. 35 hips. Please remove your bra and we’ll take your bust size.” Mommy sheepishly looked down, reached back and undid her bra. It popped off and her monstrous chest was again exposed. The doctor first took a measurement of her tiny torso, and then around her rock-hard nipples.

“Ms. Pepper, I’m afraid you were way off. You’re bra is simply the wrong size.”

Gulp. I felt the cum again welling up in my balls as nurse Bethany stroked my penis faster and faster.

“According to the measurements I’m getting, you should be wearing a 34HH.”

“Oh goodness!” shrieked Mommy. “I had no idea I was that big!”

And then, for the first time, I noticed a trickle of cum running down my mother’s leg. She was shuddering all over now, about to cum, just from having her body measured and examined by the doctor. And again, I came. This time, the young nurse Bethany was not ready and it spurted up into her face and onto her uniform. “Oh my! Brian, try to warn me the next time you are going to ejaculate!”

“I’m sorry, nurse Bethany. It’s just that seeing my…my mother like like…”

“I know. Don’t worry. It’s fine.” She began scooping up all my cum and filling the vial. “Let’s just make sure we get all of this.”

Meanwhile, the doctor was leading my twitching mother to an exam table.

“Ms. Pepper, I’d like you to take off your skirt and panties, lie down here and put your feet into these stirrups.” Mommy gulped, but began removing her skirt. Meanwhile, the doctor went over to a drawer and pulled out a large object – I suppose it was a dildo, but looked somehow different – like it could contain liquid.

Mommy did as the doctor asked. She was now stark naked, exposing her giant breasts, which stood up proudly, even though she was lying down, and now her tiny vagina, which was visually twitching. In fact, when she got a look at that device that was presumably about to enter her, her hips began thrust upwards obscenely. “Oh goodness,” she whispered.”


Part IV: The Examinations

So there was my slim and massively stacked mother, her petite, muscular body writhing on the exam table, causing her simply enormous chest to shimmy and jiggle in constant motion. Nurse Bethany continued to jack on my painfully erect penis.

“God, your Mommy’s body really is unbelievable, isn’t it?” she asked, now stroking my hair with her other hand. “I mean, I’ve always been curvy – boys are always staring at my huge breasts, like you used to do in high school” — she winked – “but I’ve never seen anyone like your mother. I mean, my Mommy, I mean, um, Doctor Morgan, is a DDD. I’m a EE. Pretty impressive, right? But your Mommy is a HH!! And on such a tiny, little body! Look at her pussy – I mean, vagina. It’s so small. I’m not even sure this big thing” – she shook my penis slightly – “would fit inside her.” She giggled and kissed me on the cheek. “God, you’re so cute! I wish I had known you better in high school. I bet we would have had a really good time.”

I didn’t know where to look. A gorgeous young woman I had lusted after for years was talking dirty and jacking me off, but my equally gorgeous and much more wildly buxom mother was lying naked mere feet away from me. She was whimpering now, as the doctor approached with the dildo-like object.

“Do-doctor? Would it be ok if I…um, if I masturbated?” she pleaded. Instinctively, she had begun squeezing one of her huge, HH-cup breasts with one hand, as the other was pressing down on the flesh near her pussy, which was visibly engorged.

“One moment, Ms. Pepper. Brian, I want you to watch this. Bethany, you watch as well – you might learn something. I’m very confident that my theory about Brian and his mother is correct. I won’t bore you with medical jargon, but the gist is this. Brian and Ms. Pepper are what I call hypersexual beings. First, they have developed grotesquely over-proportioned sexual characteristics.” She put her hand on my mother’s free breast and tweaked one of her small, rock-hard nipples, causing Mommy to moan and buck her hips higher into the air. “These sexual areas – in Brian’s case, his large penis (which we’ll measure later, though I’m pretty sure a length of 8-9 inches is about right), and in his Mommy’s case, her massive chest and compact vagina – are extremely sensitive. They must orgasm many times a day. And as we’ve seen, when Brian orgasms, he cums in huge quantities. Bethany, have you seen any decrease in the quantity of sperm Brian produces when he cums?”

“No, doctor. He’s always cum a huge amount.”

“Well then. And my guess is that his Mommy” – she moved Mommy’s hand down to her vagina and began to help her masturbate herself, causing Mommy to scream in pleasure – “is the same. I don’t think we’ll have to wait long for this. Ms. Pepper, I want you to masturbate yourself and stare directly at your son’s huge penis.” Mommy’s gasped through her whimpers, but did as the doctor said.

“Oh sweetie,” she said to me – or rather, to my penis, “I love you so much. Mommy’s going to cum for you, baby. MOMMY’S GOING TO CUUUMMM!!!” She was thrusting her hips high into the air now, her enormous breasts bobbling and swaying, her pussy contracting. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out, with Bethany still jacking my prick, though now her gaze was fixed where mine was: at my insanely sexy Mommy’s body, which was clearly about to orgasm. Sensing this, the doctor inserted the dildo-like object into Mommy’s vagina. Then I saw something amazing – even more amazing than the pornographic sight already in front of me. As my Mommy came, I saw streams of female ejaculate spew onto the table in front of her. I couldn’t believe it. “UHHHHH!!” Mommy’s orgasm continued. “I’M CUMMING IN FRONT OF MY BEAUTIFUL BABY BOY!! OHHH GOOOOOODDDD!!!”

I couldn’t hold on another second. “I’m going to cum too, Bethany!”

“Ok sweetie,” she said, attaching the vial to my pulsing, bright red, engorged penis, “you show your Mommy how much you want to cum for her! Pretend your penis is inside her and you are filling her with your hot seed!”

And I came – even though it was my – god, I was losing count – fourth? orgasm in under an hour, I came with a fury. Spurts filled the vial, until it was almost overflowing.

“Uhhhh…” Mommy’s body twitched lightly as she came down from her orgasm. I looked up at Bethany, tears streaming down my face from the intensity of what had just transpired.

“Oh, sweetie,” Bethany said, wiping away my tears, “you did so well! You came even more than last time. I know your Mommy is very proud of you.” The doctor withdrew the dildo from Mommy’s vagina and looked at it. “Amazing,” she said, and emptied its contents into a jar.

“Uhhh… yes, sweetie,” my almost-passed-out mother said, turning her head to me while she squeezed both of her gigantic breasts, “so proud. So proud of my little boy.” And with that, she passed out.


Part V: Back Home

As nurse Bethany again cleaned my penis, Dr. Morgan revived my mother by tweaking her distended nipples. Mommy slowly woke up and she groggily let the doctor help her into her massive GG-cup bra, then the rest of her clothes.

“Oh, Bethany,” Dr. Morgan said, “please take a measurement of Brian’s penis. We need it flaccid and fully erect.” Despite the fact that my eyes were still glued to my mother’s cartoonishly erotic body, I had come so many times in such a short period that, for once, I was indeed flaccid. Bethany went to a drawer and pulled out a ruler. She grabbed the head of my penis and pulled it up. “Four inches,” she said. “Hm. Mommy — I mean, doctor – Brian’s penis is…well, it’s not hard.”

“Oh come now Bethany,” the doctor said, trying to get the buttons of my mother’s too-tight shirt closed. “Be creative.”

Bethany thought for a moment, then smiled at me. “I have an idea. Brian, would you like to look at my big breasts? I know they’re not gigantic like your Mommy’s, but they are really big. EE-cups. Did I tell you that already? Boys are always coming on to me, and I know you really like them big.” I nodded vigorously as she began to unbutton her uniform. She pulled it down over her huge chest and reached back to remove her bra. “Here they come, Brian!” She pulled off the bra and revealed her huge, young breasts. I had dreamt for years about seeing them, and they were bigger and more beautiful than I had imagined. But my penis was still soft.

“Hm. I guess these don’t look so big compared to your mother’s.”

“No!” I said. “It’s not that. They’re – they’re amazing. And so big. I think you have – well, had – the biggest breasts in our high school. And you’re… um, so beautiful.”

She smiled and stroked my face. “Oh, thank you, sweetie.”

“It’s just that I’ve…um, ejaculated so many times. I’m just really tired.”

“Of course, I understand. But we have to get that measurement.” She took both of hands, and to my shock (and my mother’s, judging from the gasp I heard), placed them on her large young breasts. “I want you to play with my big ones while I make your penis really hard again, ok Brian?”

My hands were overflowing with the biggest 22-year-old breasts I had ever seen. Her hands went straight to my crotch and began gently massaging my penis. I groaned and, to my surprise and delight, so did she. “Oh Brian, that feels so good! I love the way you’re feeling up my breasts. Mommy, Brian’s hands feel really good on my tits.”

“That’s very nice Bethany, but make sure you get that measurement.”

“Oh poo.” With my hands still groping her chest, she released my penis with one hand and put the ruler next to my now-rock hard penis. It ached, but I barely noticed.

“Nine…nine and a half inches,” Bethany said, proudly. “What a big penis for a young boy like you!”

“Very good,” said Doctor Morgan. “Now put Brian’s penis away and put your top back on.”

“But doctor, don’t you think Brian needs another cum?” Bethany said, almost begging. I could put his penis in my mouth and let him cum there if he wants.”

“Very well, but be quick. We have another appointment in a few minutes.”

Bethany again gave me a radiant smile and squeezed her own breasts through my hands. “Ok Brian, I’m going to suck on your penis now. You can keep feeling my breasts if you want. Or I suppose you could feel them while you look at your mother’s body again. That always seems to make you cum.”

I looked over and, as Bethany’s head descended toward my crotch, Mommy, now somewhat more alert, began rubbing herself through her tight skirt, her massive chest heaving, as she stared at the perverted scene in front of her. I knew it wouldn’t be long til I came.


Before we left the appointment, the doctor had given Mommy two things: a huge tube of cream that she said would treat both of our conditions. We were to apply it to my penis at least three times a day, and to my mother’s breasts and vagina at least as many times. Though he was saying “you,” somehow I knew she meant the word in its plural form. That is, we would be applying it to each other. I was shaking from horniness as I listened to her. The other thing she handed to my mother was a piece of paper that Mommy looked at, blushed as she glanced at me, folded up and put it in her pocket.

We drove home silently. We got home and I raced up to my room to masturbate to what had happened over the last hour or so. I heard some rustling in my mother’s room, down the hall. Soon, there was a knock at my door. In walked my mother, but as I’d never seen her before. Instead of her normal business suit or jeans and baggy t-shirt, she was wearing a short summer dress that was way too small for her already tiny body. Every curve was hugged. Partly because of the 4-inch heels she wore, her luscious ass pushed the skirt out obscenely in the back, exposing her lovely, muscular legs. And her breasts. Oh my lord. I could see one of her GG-cup bras – a black one this time – peaking out from the dress, and overflowing the bra, her massive tits, swelling out over the cups.

“Hi sweetie,” she said as if nothing was different. “We should probably talk a bit. I hope you don’t mind what I’m wearing. I just thought it would be a nice change. The doctor – well, the doctor told me I need to be a little of a sex toy for you. Not to touch – yet,” she giggled. “But to look at while we masturbate you. And even though we found out that I’m actually a HH-cup in the chest area,” she said, plumping her gigantic breasts with her hands, “I think you like seeing them in this too-small GG-cup bra. You do, right?”

“I really do, Mommy. It’s making my penis hard.”

“That’s good, sweetie, because we need to apply this cream to your penis now. Why don’t you take your pants off and Mommy will kneel in front of you and massage this cream into your huge penis? You can look at Mommy’s big, swollen breasts while I do that. And when you cum, the doctor said it’s okay for you to cum on Mommy’s face and chest.”

Well, that’s exactly what happened. Over and over again for the next week. At the breakfast table. Before I left for school. When I got home from school. And each time, Mommy would be dressed in some different, insanely erotic outfit. Sometimes she would great me at the door with a chaste kiss on the lips, push her enormous breasts into my chest and immediately begin massaging my penis through my pants. Soon, my penis would be out and she would be jerking me off with the cream. Often within minutes, I’d be cumming all over her face and body. I never figured out where the outfits came from – or how she seemed to clean them so quickly.


One day, Mommy entered my room wearing just one of her GG-cup bras and a tiny pair of panties. Her breasts looked bigger than ever on her tiny body.

“Hi baby. I have something very important to tell you. Mommy has been rubbing that cream on her breasts and vagina, just like she’s been rubbing it into your penis. I think that’s why my breasts have gotten a little bigger. I’m not even sure I’m a HH-cup anymore.” Gulp. “Anyway, I had an idea. Since I’ve been slathering the stuff on your cock, my vagina and my gigantic breasts, there might be a way to save some cream – and some time. What would you think if I masturbated you with the cream, but then you applied the excess to my breasts and vagina with your penis?”

I didn’t know what to say. Here was my insanely voluptuous, almost naked mother, her body twitching with horniness, basically begging me to put my penis on her breasts – and on her vagina. In her vagina? Was she asked me to fuck her?

“Ok, Mommy. I can do that.”

She jumped up and down a little, causing her chest to wobble and shake. “Goodie! Now, first I play with you penis – I mean, apply the cream.” She took down my pants and began slathering it with cream. “Mmmmm…it’s so big, sweetie. I’m so proud of you. Are you staring at Mommy’s breasts?”

“Yes, Mommy, I’m staring at your giant breasts.”

“Good boy.” She momentarily took her hands off my engorged, elongated penis, got up and removed her giant bra and little panties. There she was, totally naked. “Now you get to apply some of that cream to my breasts. My huge, swollen breasts.” She kneeled in front of me again, took my penis in hand, and began to move it gently across her breasts, over her nipples, around the sides, until they were fully coated. She then got up, her massive, shiny breasts wobbling as she did, and sat down next to me. “Now, get in front of me and put your huge penis at the entrance to my vagina.”

Shaking, I did as she told me to. There was still plenty of cream on my cock, but Mommy reached over and squeezed some more out of the tube and re-applied it to my penis. “Now push it inside of me, sweetie. Put your penis inside of Mommy.”

I did and we both groaned in utter satisfaction. It was the day I had been dreaming of.

“Now pull it out and push it back in – we want to make sure you get all that cream all over the inside of Mommy.”

I started to do it and felt the cum welling in my balls. “Mommy, are we fucking now? Am I fucking you?”

Mommy paused, breathing heavily, and looked me in the eye. She then grabbed both of her massive tits and screamed, “yes! Yes, you are fucking me, sweetie! You are fucking your giant-titted Mommy!!! Please don’t stop! Please keep fucking me til you cum inside me!”

For what seemed like hours, we fucked. I came inside her at least 5 or 6 times – I lost count after a while – and Mommy had who-knows how many orgasms. Afterwards, she passed out on my bed, my cum dripping out of her. I stumbled to the bathroom, but something in my mother’s bedroom caught my eye as I walked past. It was the paper the doctor had given her at the end of our appointment. I picked it up. All it said, in large letters, was: “Make your son fuck you as many times as possible.”


“Oh my goodness!” the receptionist found herself gasp out loud. She openly gaped at the massive bosom in front of her. Those breasts – amazingly round, enormous and taut, belonged to Mrs. Pepper. She was no longer wearing a business suit. Instead, she was wearing a body-hugging lyrca workout suit. Her breasts were giant spheres, her nipples hard and visible, her body incredibly tiny but tight with muscle.

It was a new receptionist – she had seen a few busty women in her first few weeks at the unusual clinic, but nothing like this. She had never seen such a top-heavy woman.

The young mother had entered the room wearing baggy sweats, her son Brian trailing behind her. She then peeled the sweatpants off, revealing her skin-tight suit. “Sweetie,” she said, turning to her son, who was openly staring at her body, “would you help Mommy out of her sweatshirt? You know I always have trouble getting stuff over these.” She gestured at her enormous chest, puffing it out even farther.

The boy nodded his head vigorously and grabbed the bottom of the shirt. He slowly peeled it up, as his mother put her arms up into the air. Soon, he was struggling slightly getting the shirt over her cartoonishly massive bosom, but he was ultimately successful and revealed the most voluptuous yet petite body the receptionist had ever seen. Breast-meat bulged out of the incredibly tight top.

“Thank you sweetie,” the mother said, arching her back, making her mind-blowingly large chest swell forward even further.

“You… you can take a seat,” the receptionist sputtered.

Mrs. Pepper wiggled and jiggled her completely on-display body and sat down in a chair. She patted the seat next to her and motioned for her boy to come over, her gigantic tits shaking as she did. The boy, of course, did as he was told, his large penis firming up quickly as he approached.

The mother began by rubbing her son’s crotch with one hand and lightly tweaking one of her magnificent nipples with the other. After biting her lower lip as she stared into her son’s eyes and then smiling, she pulled her son’s head toward her’s and they began to kiss – slowly at first, then more aggressively, like two young teenagers. They were now all over each other, the mother’s hand inside her son’s pants, rubbing his increasingly large penis, while Brian fondled her giant-titted little body to his heart’s content. It was, to him, like something out of a fantasy. The mother instinctively began to obscenely thrust her hips lightly into the air, as if fucking a penis. Her son’s penis, of course.

Mrs. Pepper suddenly got up, leaving her son moaning in his chair, and walked over to the receptionist, her body jiggling and twitching all the way.

“Um, excuse me. I know you have some unusual rules here… I’m wondering if it would be ok if my son and I made love here in the waiting room. I really, really want him to make love to me,” she said, fondling a giant breast with one hand and rubbing her crotch with the other. “And I think he wants to make love to me too.” She giggled and pointed at her red-faced son, whose erection looked absolutely massive in his pants. “It’s kind of part of our therapy, too. And, um, if that’s not ok, could I suck on his big penis? Please?”

The receptionist was flustered by little working at the clinic, but the stunning young mother’s request took her aback. “Um, I’ll have to check with the doctor, Mrs. Pepper -“

She was interrupted by another voice. “It’s fine, Penny. Mrs. Pepper can fuck her little boy.”

Brian and his mom both looked over. Both recognized the young woman standing in front of them, though it had been quite a while since they had seen her, and she did, in fact, look somewhat different. It was Bethany, the gorgeous daughter of Dr. Morgan. It looked to Brian like she was wearing the same nurse’s uniform as the last time they saw her, but a couple of things were different: for some reason, she was wearing her hair in pigtails, making her look far younger than her 19 years, but belying that was her chest, quite a big bigger than before. If she was a EE during their last visit, Bethany was clearly now at least a FF or G.

“Hi Brian,” she said, swaying toward the mother-son couple in her three-inch heels. “I told your Mommy on the phone that we couldn’t wait to see the two of you! You both look like you’ve really benefited from treatment.” Her eyes darted between the huge bulge in the boy’s pants and his mother’s insanely, illogically voluptuous body. “I mean, you both look really nice,” she said, staring at Brian. “I kinda missed you since your last visit.” Now the hot young woman and the gorgeous mother were both beaming at the boy, who blushed.

“I guess I missed you too. Um… the therapy is going well.”

Mrs. Pepper chimed in. “Oh, it’s going wonderfully. We make love… um, fuck… all the time. I love having his big penis inside me. And he spends so much time feeling and suckling my tits – especially since they got so much bigger. Your breasts are much bigger too, huh Bethany?”

Now it was Bethany’s turn to blush. “They are. I grew A LOT this past year. I kind hoped they’d stay just… big. But not, like, super-big. No offense intended, of course.”

Mrs. Pepper said she understood. Brian sputtered, “I think your … breasts looks amazing, Bethany. They look … well, just really beautiful. All of you looks beautiful.”

The two women cooed over the sweet boy for a moment. Mrs. Pepper said, “I’ll go use the restroom,” and left.

As the sexy mother walked away, Bethany slowly began, “you’re so sweet, Brian. I don’t know if I’ve ever liked a boy like you. I know I’m older than you, but … I don’t know, I just you’re funny and cute… no, beautiful.” She was now openly staring at his swollen crotch. “Really beautiful.”

“Bethany… Would you like to go out with me?”

She smiled. “Like, a date?”


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“I’d love to, Brian. I’m totally sick of boys hitting on me – I can tell they are just looking at my chest and assuming – well, whatever. But you’re so sweet. I never thought I’d be going out on a date with a boy this much younger than me, but yeah – I really, really want to.

“But Brian,” she continued, leaning into him, pressing her big young tits into his chest, “I think I’d like to start our date early. Do you know why?”

The boy shook his head no.

“Brian, you are so adorable. I just have a feeling that I’m going to want you to fuck me, sweetie. I’m pretty sure you won’t be able to keep your hands off my huge breasts. And I’m going to have to touch and taste your penis. And eventually, your penis would just be inside me. Is that ok? Is it too much pressure for a first date? Can you imagine what a date would be like if we couldn’t touch each other? I don’t know if I could stand it.”

The boy was trembling with lust. “It’s totally fine Bethany. Seriously, totally fine.”

“Good,” the girl said, kissing the boy softly on the mouth, as Brian’s mother returned.

“I see you too got reaquainted,” the young mother said, smiling.

“Um, mom, can you talk to you for a sec?”

Bethany kissed Brian on the mouth one more time and spun around. Brian noticed, of course, that he could now see her swollen chest from behind, around the contours of her lithe torso. “I’ll get you guys set up,” she said over her shoulder and winked.

Brian pulled his mother aside. She responded by stroking his face with one hand and his penis with the other. She pressed her giant, spongy tits into his chest and put her mouth just inches away from his.

“What do you want to talk to me about, baby?”

“Mom… You know I love you more than anything in the world, right? You know I’d do anything for you.”

“Of course, sweetheart. I love you too. I’ll always love you. And I’ll always want you to make love to me. I never want our therapy to end.”

“Well, I was kinda hoping… maybe, it’d be ok if I … um …”

“Do you want to go out with Bethany, honey?”

“Yes, ma’am. I don’t even want to stop our therapy either, but I really like her a lot, and I can’t believe she likes me too. She’s so pretty and …”

“Has such huge young breasts?” the mother said, giggling. “Sweetie, of course you can go out with Bethany. And of course she likes you. You’re cute, sweet… you have an unusually big penis for your age and she’s seen it plenty. Gosh, if I were her, I’d want to be with you all the time. Not that I don’t now.”

“But it’s really important to me that we keep… that we keep up our therapy.”

“Oh gosh, darling,” she said, caressing his face and then letting her hand drift down to his chest. “Of course. I never want to stop our therapy. Even if the doctor says we don’t need it, I think I have to have your penis inside me a lot. And I want to see you in the shower, with your big penis all soapy and hard.” She then leaned in and pressed her breasts against him. “And I want you to watch me walking around the house in the tiny outfits you like so much.”

They both smiled and kissed lightly on the mouth.

“I love you, Mommy.”

“I love you too, sweetie.”


Mommy Takes Me to See the Doctor, Epilogue, Part II

Brian and his mother made out on the living room couch, each feeling up the other’s body. Brian still couldn’t believe how gigantic his mother’s breasts were. For a boy who loved tits, she was a walking dream. Spongy, HH-cup breasts, contained, at the moment, only in a small sundress that did little to hide them, or the rest of her tiny but curvy, teenage-like body. Brian ran his hands all over her, and they kissed passionately. She rubbed his crotch with the same vigor, thinking about how much she wanted her handsome, hung son to fuck her silly.

“Sweetie,” she said, drawing her mouth back away from his, “are you sure you don’t want to fuck Mommy? I can feel how hard your penis is. Gosh, I can feel it throbbing,” she said in a little girl voice, squeezing his rock-hard cock. “Mommy wants to fuck so much. I need your penis, baby.”

Brian almost came in his pants. But sex with his fuck-toy mother was out of the question. “Mommy, I really, really want to,” he said, staring at and squeezing her massive tits. “But I have my date with Bethany tonight. I just… I don’t know, I just want to store up my cum for her.”

Mrs. Pepper looked sad, but said, “I understand, sweetie-pie. I know how excited you’ve been for this.” She got up and adjusted her dress, smoothing out the material bunched up around her massive chest. “I’ll leave you alone… for now,” she said, smiling at her handsome son. “Bethany is a very attractive and very lucky young lady.”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang.

Brian gulped, as his scantily-clad and insanely voluptuous mother jiggled to the door. It was Bethany; she took a step into the house and, looking a little nervous, said hi. She was wearing a soft red sweater, but with suspenders on either side of her huge chest, making her breasts seem even larger and rounder.

“Hi Bethany,” Brian said, getting up from the couch, realizing that he still has an erection from his mother’s motions and the sight of two gorgeous women, one a former cheerleader; the other his very own mother. Bethany’s eyes immediately darted down to Brian’s crotch and she smiled at him.

“Oh!” Brian’s mother exclaimed, seeing the teen’s large erection through his jeans. “Um, Bethany, Brian and I were just doing one of his … treatments.” She paused, then added, “Oh, but he didn’t, um, finish. Oh gosh, I should just stop talking,” she giggled.

Bethany turned to Mrs. Pepper and laughed. “Oh, it’s fine. I’m sure you two spend a lot of time on treatments.” She walked over to Mrs. Pepper and looked down at her lovely face – Bethany was a good five inches taller than the tiny mother. “It’s good to see you again, Mrs. Pepper.”

“It’s good to see you too, Bethany. You look lovely. Brian’s very excited for your date.” She giggled, twisting her upper body in a little-girl kind of way that made her breasts sway. “Obviously.”


“Oh c’mon, it’s true. And you should be. Look how pretty Bethany is,” she said, brushed Bethany’s long blonde hair. “Um, Bethany, would you mind if I said hello in a more… intimate way?”

“Do you want to kiss me, Mrs. Pepper?”

She giggled again and looked down at her feet (or, more accurately, her giant rack). “I guess I do. And you can call me Mommy if you want.”

“Ok, Mommy,” said the huge-breasted girl. “I think you’re really pretty too. Brian, do you mind if your Mommy and I kiss a little?”

Brian could only grunt out a response that kind of sounded like “yes” and he did everything he could not to grab his throbbing cock.

Bethany paused and then leaned down and kissed the beautiful mother on the lips. The mother was momentarily taken aback, but soon engaged in the kiss, drawing her curvy, little body toward the young lady. Soon they were making out, kissing tenderly, then more passionately. Brian’s Mommy — who looked more like a sex toy than ever, with her tight sundress and high heels — began to grind her body into Bethany, their giant breasts mashing together. Needless to say, this did nothing to help Brian control his erection.

As the two woman disengaged from their kiss, Mrs. Pepper sheepishly said, “Sorry about that, Bethany. You just look really pretty, and I’m pretty much always, um…”

“Horny?” asked the beautiful young woman, smiling.

“Yes. It’s part of my… condition. Our condition,” she said looking at me. “And Brian,” she said, turning to her son, who was nearly shaking with lust, “I apologize to you. Bethany is your date, not Mommy’s girlfriend. You should come welcome her to our house.”

The boy walked over and touched Bethany’s hand. “It’s great to see you Bethany. My mother is right, you really do look beautiful.”

“You look beautiful too, sweetie. Gosh, how did you raise such a sweet boy, Mrs. Pepper?” The mother smiled at her son. “He’s as sweet as he is handsome.” She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. She then pulled back, took his hand, which was shaking slightly, and leaned back in, kissing him on the lips. Mrs. Pepper beamed at the young couple.

Bethany pulled her head back from Brian’s, but left her huge breasts pressed up against his body. His penis was firmly lodged against her stomach. She giggled and gave it a squeeze. Brian almost came in his pants.

“I’ll go get you kids some drinks,” Brian’s mom said, and jiggled out of the room and into the kitchen.

“Brian,” Bethany said softly, “I have a confession to make. I really want to spend time getting to know you better, but right now, I’m feeling like I don’t want to go out.”

“Really?” Brian squeaked, guessing what was coming next.

“Well, after seeing and –” she looked down at their swollen bodies pressing against each other “– feeling you… I kind of was thinking we could stay in.”

“Sure, Bethany.. um, that’s fine with me.”

“We can get to know each other in a different way first. Brian, I’m really smitten with you. I can’t believe I’m so into a boy four years younger than me, but you’re just so great.” She took his hand. “Brian, will you do something for me?” Before Brian could answer, she placed his hand on one of her massive, young breasts. “Would you feel me up while you kiss me some more?”

Brian was happy to comply. The two kids began kissing again, as Brian squeezed – kneaded, really – his date’s big breasts through her sweater. Brian’s mother walked back into the room, carrying two glasses of iced tea, to see the two sexually charged youngsters in an obscene embrace. She smiled. “I better leave you two alone,” she said, putting down the iced tea.

“Actually, Mrs. Pepper… I mean, Mommy,” Bethany said. “It’s totally ok with me if you stay. I mean, if it’s with Brian. We were just going to get to know each other a little better. Is that ok, Brian, if your Mommy stays?”

“Um, yeah, I guess that’s fine. If it’s cool with you, Mommy.”

“Sure! I’d love to watch you too.” She sat down on the couch, as if she was about to watch a live show. Bethany took Brian’s hand and led him to the couch. They sat down right next to his mother. He couldn’t see her, but the couch was small enough so that her massive chest brushed his back. He felt like his whole body was throbbing with horniness. And this was his first date ever.

“Brian, have you been looking forward to our date,” Bethany asked.

“Of course,” Brian replied. “I mean, my life has changed so much since I first, um, saw your mother and you. I was… I didn’t feel good about myself, you know? But now… Mommy and I have gotten so much closer.” He turned for a moment to face his mother, who had such a loving look on her face, and looked like she might cry. She mouthed the words, “I love you, sweetie.” Brian smiled and turned back to his date.

“My treatments have been so amazing,” Brian continued. “But I have to admit, I thought about you a lot.”

“I thought about you too,” Bethany said. “I thought about when you and your Mommy came to see my mother, and how cute you were. You were so nervous.” Bethany giggled and Brian blushed. “No! It was cute. Really. And seeing you ejaculate so many times. Your penis is really beautiful Brian.” She put her hand on his thigh and slowly slid it up to his rock-hard crotch. “I think about your penis a lot too.”

Brian heard his mother gasp slightly under her breath.

“I think about what it would be like to suck on it,” Bethany said, now blushing herself. She paused. “And feel it inside me.”

Brian noticed that, like his mother often did, Bethany was subtly moving her hips back and forth, her horniness causing her to involuntarily fuck an imaginary cock.

“Brian, you probably noticed that I went through a little… growth spurt,” she said, gesturing to her huge breasts. “When I first met you, I was a EE-cup. Remember? You saw them!” She giggled. “Well, they are bigger now. Not as big as your little Mommy’s gigantic breasts -” she looked over at Brian’s mother and smiled. Mrs. Pepper smiled back and squeezed her massive rack. “But super-big for a girl my age. Well, any age, I guess. Do you want to guess how big they are now?”

“Um… F?”

“No silly, that’s basically the same thing as a EE. Brian, I’m a G-cup now. 30G. I have this pretty thin torso-” she shook her chest for emphasis “-and these G-cup breasts. Brian, can you I show you my breasts now?”

All Brian could do was nod.

She pulled down one suspender strap, then the other. She reached down and removed the sweater, struggling slightly as it passed over her huge chest. She was wearing a push-up bra and her breast meat simply overflowed it. Brian gulped and heard his mother gasp behind him.

“So big…,” his mother said, trailing off.

The young woman squeezed her arms together, her breasts bursting out of her bra. “Do you want me to take my bra off, Brian?”

“Yes, Bethany. Can I see your breasts now?”

“Of course,” she cooed to the boy, reaching back to undo her bra – and in the process, arching her big chest forward toward the boy and his mother, who licked her lips in anticipation. Bethany removed her bra and her big young breasts bounced slightly, then settled on her chest.

“I know that you’ve seen them before,” the girl said, “but it feels different now. I know it’s just our first date, but -” She turned away and blushed.

Brian asked, “What is it Bethany?”

“It’s going to sound silly. I just really, really like you. And I was kind of hoping you’d want to go out. Like, um… be my boyfriend.”

Brian heard his mother behind him squeal. She leaned over and whispered in his ear, “I knew it! Oh sweetie, I’m so proud of you. You’re such a lucky boy.”

“I would love that,” Brian said.

Bethany leaped in her seat a little, her huge breasts bouncing as she did. “Yay! Brian, would you kiss me now?”

Brian leaned in and began to kiss his busty new girlfriend. She took one of his hands and placed it beneath one of her large tits and encouraged him to squeeze it.

As Brian began to feel up Bethany while they made out, his mother quietly got down on her knees in front of them. She reached up and began to unbuckle her son’s belt, then his pants. Realizing what she was doing, Brian shuddered. Bethany felt it and smiled.

“Looks like your Mommy is taking off your pants, sweetie. I guess that means I get to see your penis on our first date.”

As she pulled his underwear off, Brian’s mother piped up in a little-girl voice, “Mommy isn’t just taking off your pants, she’s going to suck on your penis while you kiss Bethany. Oh, I should ask. Bethany, is it ok if I suckle on baby’s penis while you two make out? I’m just so horny, it’s all I can think about.”

“Of course, Mommy,” Bethany said, grasping Brian’s cock with one hand, while stroking the back of his head with the other. She wiggled the rock-hard penis toward the mother’s face, encouraging her to put it in her mouth. And that’s what Brian’s mother did. She began to lick the tip, then, with her eyes looking up longingly at her son’s amazed face, she began to bob up and down on the member, licking and sucking as she went.

Bethany took the opportunity to take off her skirt. She wasn’t wearing underwear and Brian, of course, noticed. “Oh,” Bethany said, giggling. “I don’t really wear underwear much. I hope that’s ok.” Without waiting for an answer, she began to run her hands across Brian’s chest and kiss the side of his face, all while his own mother continued to suck on his rock-hard dick. Then the two began to make out again. Brian used all his willpower not to blow a wad into his the mouth of his hugely busty mother, who was wiggling her horny little body beneath him.

After a moment or two of this, his mother still sucking, Bethany withdrew her face from his and suddenly looked just a little shy.

“What is it Bethany,” Brian asked, noting to himself how bizarre it was to have a conversation with his naked, wildly voluptuous girlfriend – well, sort of: it was still just officially a first date — while his clothed, but even more busty mother sucked his penis.

“Um, Brian, I know this has been kind of an odd first date. I don’t know exactly what got us here, but, um… I really, really want you to fuck me.” She looked down at Brian’s mother, who stopped sucking and stared up at the lovely girl and smiled. “I just can’t stand it anymore. I want you inside me. Please?”

The mother positioned his penis to point straight upwards, as if to beckon Bethany. Without further comment, or even an answer from Brian, the girl swung her naked body over the boy’s, her huge breasts wobbling right in front of his face as she did, and slowly lowered herself down onto his massive erection.

“Uhhhhhhh!” the girl moaned. “That’s so good, Brian. I’ve wanted this for so long.” She started to slowly bounce up and down on his erection. “Please fuck me, sweetheart. Please fuck your new girlfriend!!” She cupped her breasts right in front of his face and squeezed.

Brian, already going out of his mind, couldn’t believe it when his mother got up, quickly stripped off her dress, then her massive HH-cup bra and sat next to her son.

“Sweetie, would you like to suckle on Mommy’s gigantic breasts while you fuck your new girlfriend?” She also cupped her breasts and offered them to her son. He began to suck on a nipple and the mother moaned in pleasure. Between the gorgeous 22-year-old bouncing up and down on his erection and his insanely top-heavy mother feeding him her giant breast, he couldn’t hold out any longer.

“I’m going to cum!” he yelled between sucks, and soon he was, filling Bethany’s pussy with hot fluid.

Over the next couple of hours, the two youngsters fucked in a variety of positions – on the couch, with Brian’s huge penis plowing into Bethany’s vagina from the front; Bethany bent over an armchair and Brian fucking her from the back; and finally, when they got to the bedroom, in missionary position, with the two kissing and whispering things like “This is amazing” and “You feel so good” to each other. All the while, Brian’s Mommy urged them on, positioning her son’s penis, rubbing the girl’s huge breasts, or posing for her son in lewd positions that emphasized her massive tits when she knew he was on the verge of cumming. Finally, Bethany and Brian were done, spent, lying on their backs on his bed. Brian’s mother sat in a chair, still masturbating herself and tweaking one of her swollen nipples.

Bethany, her face flushed, asked, “Brian, that was incredible. How many times did you cum?”

“Four times, I think? I can cum a lot ever since Mommy and I started our regiment. How about you?”

Bethany giggled. “Oh, I lost count. At least a half-dozen, maybe more.”

After they collected their strength, Bethany got dressed and Brian and his mother, who has put back on her huge bra and little panties, walked her to the door.

“Well, that was a really unusual first date,” Bethany laughed.

“Yeah,” said Brian, “but really fun.”

“Definitely,” she said, leaning in to kiss him. “I like you a lot… obviously. Can we have a regular date next time? Maybe dinner and a movie?”

“You bet. I like you a lot too.”

“Thanks.” The girl turned to the tiny-bodied mother, reached out and squeezed her two massive breasts. “And thank you, Mrs. Pepper. That was super-fun. And you raised a really sweet boy. *And* taught him how to make love really well!”

The mother blushed, but pushed out her chest to give the girl easier access. “Thanks. I’m so glad you had a good time.”

“Good night!” And with that, Bethany turned and walked out of the house.

As soon as the door closed, the mother leaped toward Brian and enveloped him in a hug, her giant chest pressing against him. “I’m so proud of you!” she exclaimed. You’ve got a gorgeous new girlfriend, and what a start to a night of fucking!”

“Start?” the boy said. “Mommy, we fucked, like, 4 times.”

“I know,” the mother said, reaching back to unleash her gigantic breasts. “But that doesn’t mean you’re done for the night. Watching the two of you got me really horny. So now you have to fuck your Mommy, ok?”

As his cartoonishly top-heavy mother stepped out of her panties and laid down spread-eagled on the carpeted floor, the boy sighed and took off his pants once more. He laid down on top of his mother, who was again wiggling her horny body, and sank his penis into her vagina, staring directly at his massive, jiggling breasts.

“If you say so, Mommy.”

Chapter 02

Brian Pepper once again sat in his doctor’s waiting room, ready for his appointment. This time, though, he was flanked by two huge-titted fuck-sluts. On his left, his girlfriend, Bethany, an achingly beautiful young woman, with a huge E-cup rack that jutted out obscenely from her tall and lean frame. And she happened to be the daughter (and former nurse) of his doctor. Though actually a few years his senior, at the moment she looked more like a teen, her hair up in girly pigtails and her voluptuous body clad only in a tight T-shirt that read “Please Fuck Me” (the words stretched out by her huge jiggling chest), an extremely short cheerleader-style shirt that flared out, showcasing her toned legs, and, less in tune with the rest of her outfit, a pair of high heels. This sort of outfit was not unusual these days.

On his right was his mother, an unparalleled beauty, with a delicate face framed by long, wavy, dark hair, and bright green eyes that routinely took Brian breath away. Though barely 5 feet in height and light enough that her son could hoist her onto his rock-hard penis by simply grabbing her around her amazingly slim waist (something he regularly did), she was easily the most top-heavy woman Brian had ever seen. Huge, firm globes atop a body better suited to a teenage girl — except for the prominent bubble butt that couldn’t help but to jiggle along with those tits as she walked.

Just that weekend they had gone shopping for some new clothes — which were getting sluttier by the week now — and, having watched her try on obscene outfit after outfit, he knew that that tiny waist was offset by breasts so massive that the girl at the lingerie shop almost fainted at the measurement: 34HH. The voluptuous mother tried on teddies, bustiers and other outfits for her son — and was bursting out of all of them. It was all they could do not to fuck right there in the shop. They had ordered a bunch of custom-made bras, gone home and, as soon as they got through the door, fucked like animals on the shag carpeting of their living room, the side of the couch, her legs hoisted into the air as he rammed into her, making the dishes shake on the dining room table.

At the clinic, Ms. Pepper wore one of those custom bras, with a simple white button-down shirt over it, absolutely bursting at the seams, tit-meat bulging out and threatening to blow the whole thing open. Over that, she wore a black jacket, with no hope of it ever closing over her gigantic bust; below, she wore a tight pencil skirt and her usual 4-inch black heels. As usual, she squirmed in her seat, constantly fidgeting from horniness. As their “treatments” — prescribed by Bethany’s mother — had progressed, she found herself hotter and hotter. Her body seemed constantly swollen — though more at certain times than others. In fact, that was why they were visiting the doctor.

She leaned into her son, her chest pressing into his arm and began to massage his groin. “Sweetie? Can I suck on your penis while we wait? I promise to swallow all of your cum,” she whispered in her little-girl voice. “Please fuck Mommy’s mouth, sweetheart.”

Without missing a beat, Bethany, too, pressed her swollen body into him and, stroking his hair gently, said, with the slight whining tone of a teen not getting her way, “No, Brian, fuck *my* mouth. I want to feel your cum shooting down my throat. You can feel up your Mommy’s huge breasts while I suck on you. Please?”

The truth was that nowadays Brian was constantly fucking either his wildly sexy mother or his gorgeous girlfriend. How could he not? After being diagnosed by Bethany’s mother as “hypersexual beings” — people with exaggerated sexual characteristics who were compelled to orgasm many times a day — he and his mother had been engaging in “treatments,” which quickly turned from the simple application of lotions and mutual masturbation to wild, incredibly intense fucking sessions, their engorged bodies rutting in every spot in the house, from the bathroom floor to the kitchen table (and, of course, the bed they now shared). They each were averaging so many orgasms a day, they had become too numerous to count — and that was *before* Bethany entered the picture.

Having met Bethany at her mother’s clinic, Brian had fallen deeply in love with the busty young woman he had lusted after from afar during their high school years. And she, to her surprise, had fallen in love — and lust — with him. Their first “date” wasn’t much of one, seeing as it had culminated with them fucking like bunnies in front of his mother, who had helped to guide his large penis inside of his new girlfriend for the first time. But after a few more “regular” dates, they had gotten to know each other and realized they were made for each other, in every way — including physically. Bethany may not have received the same diagnosis as Brian and his mother, but she had an extremely high sex drive, a wildly erotic body and — perhaps most importantly to Brian’s mother — didn’t mind sharing him with the middle-aged sexpot, who “needed” to be fucked by her son multiple times a day. Soon, Bethany quit her job at her mother’s practice and moved in (to home and bed) with the mother and son.

Back in the clinic’s waiting room, Brian once again couldn’t believe his good fortune. Not one but two stunningly beautiful and cartoonishly busty women — his girlfriend and, more amazingly, his very own mother — were begging to suck him off. He glanced over at the receptionist, the only other person in the room. After a handful of visits, she knew the deal. She looked up, smiled sweetly at Brian, and looked back down at her notes. Brian turned to her mother.

“Mommy, please kneel down in front of me and begin to masturbate yourself,” he said. His mother squealed with delight and immediately began squeezing her giant breasts, as she often did when excited. Bethany groaned in disappointment. He turned to his girlfriend. “Don’t worry, Bethany, you can split the task,” he said, smiling. She looked up and him and, after biting her lip in that little-girl way that made his heart skip a beat, she said, “Ok, Brian. I’m going to take out your big penis for your Mommy to suck on, ok?” He nodded, and she began to undo his pants. His mother did as she was instructed: kneeling between his legs, giving him an amazing view of her bulging cleavage, hiking up her tight skirt and putting one hand between her legs.

To think: just weeks before, he was a shy 18-year old virgin and now was brimming with confidence, having spent that time fucking and playing with the two sexiest bodies he had ever seen. And now they were going to take turns sucking on his cock in his doctor’s waiting room.

Bethany pulled his now rock-hard cock out of his pants and angled it toward his mother’s mouth, which was wide open, awaiting its prize. Ms. Pepper began to coo at the large cock, rubbing it on her face and kissing it lovingly, as she pulled aside her panties and started to rub her throbbing clit. “Such a pretty penis,” she whispered. She looked up at her son with those bright green eyes. “I love you so much, sweetie. Will you fuck my mouth now?”

Brian simply nodded. Bethany caressed the petite, busty mother’s luscious dark hair and then pushed her head down onto the pulsing member. “Time to suck your baby’s penis, Mommy,” she said. The mother moaned as she engulfed her son’s cock with her mouth — and only seconds later, as she masturbated her dripping cunt, shuddered in orgasm. As she began to bob her head up and down on her son’s prick, Brian turned to his girlfriend, stared directly at the “Please Fuck Me” message on her distended t-shirt and said, “I want to play with your breasts now, Bethany.” She proudly stuck out her huge rack, plumped her breasts slightly, presenting them for her young boyfriend, and said, “Of course, sweetheart.”

Unlike his mother, Brian’s girlfriend was not wearing a bra — despite their size, her tits were so firm that she didn’t really need one — and he began to tweak her rock-hard nipples, which poked out of the obscene and very tight t-shirt. She moaned with pleasure and pulled his head toward hers. They began to make out, their tongues dancing in each others mouths, just as Brian’s mother’s danced around his throbbing cock.

Groping Bethany’s giant tits while they made out while his even bustier mother mouth-fucked his cock was too much for Brian: he was soon going to blow his wad. “Mommy, stop,” he said firmly. It was tempting to spurt his ropes of cum into his mother’s mouth, but he had another plan.

“Oh, sweetie, I was enjoying that so much,” his panting mother said, as she continued to stroke his penis with one hand, still masturbating herself with the other.

“I know Mommy, but it’s time to switch. Bethany, please kneel, remove your t-shirt and began to suck. Mommy, sit up here and remove your top — bra included.” Like the mother just moments earlier, Bethany squealed in delight, while Ms. Pepper sighed, but following instructions, removed her jacket and began to unbutton her shirt. As she lifted herself onto the seat next to her son, her massive tits bulged out of her strained bra. She reach behind — arching her back and forcing her chest out to jut out even further — and undid the hooks. Her gigantic tits sprung free and though he had seen them naked daily for weeks, Brian gawked at them as if for the first time. Bethany, meanwhile, struggled to get her t-shirt over her own huge tits and, kneeling as if worshiping at his crotch, pulled it off. She took his penis in her hand, plunged her mouth over it and began to suck.

The tiny-bodied Ms. Pepper cupped her HH-cup tits for her son, saying “Here are my huge breasts, sweetie. Are they to your liking?” He responded only by grabbing one, raising it to his mouth and began to suckle the nipple. She moaned, but lifted his head up. She kissed him hard on the mouth, then brought her giant teat up to her mouth and began to suckle her own nipple. The teen son groaned with horniness and began to thrust his penis deeper into his willing girlfriend’s mouth.

As the mother continued to suckle herself, her son grabbed hold of his girlfriend’s pigtails and, using them as handles, began to plow even harder into her willing mouth. Her blowjobs had gotten more and more aggressive as the days had gone by and Brian, initially hesitant to hurt his girlfriend, now knew that she could take it. He slammed into her mouth, making her giant tits shake wildly.

Popping her nipple out of her mouth, Ms. Pepper alighted at the sight. “Goodness, sweetie! You’re fucking her mouth so hard!” Addressing the young woman, she added, “Do you like that, Bethany? Do you like how my son fucks your mouth?” Bethany could only moan what the mother assumed was a yes as she began to orgasm simply from the mouth-fucking. Soon her whole body was quivering in pleasure. Brian once again knew he was on the verge of cumming and issued his next command.

Yanking her head back by her pigtails, he pulled Bethany off his throbbing prick; it exited her mouth with a loud popping sound, making both mother and girlfriend giggle. He turned to his now-topless giant-titted mother.

“Kneel down next to Bethany, Mommy. I’m going to cum all over both of you now.”

The two women shrieked in delight. Brian’s semen output had grown and grown with his treatments and they knew what to expect. The gorgeous mother got onto her knees, her massive breasts swaying erotically as she did. She hoisted them up, presenting them for her son’s pleasure; his girlfriend followed suit.

In front of Brian were two stunning women, each plumping and squeezing their huge breasts — the two largest sets of tits he had ever seen — in order to stimulate him to orgasm. He knew that wouldn’t take long. As he began to masturbate his penis, plenty wet from the two blowjobs he had just received, the women began to tempt him in their high-pitched, little-girl voices.

“Please cum on my face, sweetheart,” his mother begged. “I need your cum all over me.”

“Don’t forget to paint my tits with semen, love,” Bethany added. “You know how much I love it when you cum on my big ones.”

That did it. With a roar, Brian began to ejaculate. “I love you so much!” he said to both of them. His cum spurted out in ropes, first hitting his mother squarely in the face, where it dribbled down onto her gigantic tits. He turned slightly and more cum splashed onto his girlfriend. He aimed down and coated both of their chests with yet more cum. Slowly, the deluge subsided.

Panting, the two women immediately began to lick the boy’s cum off each other faces, necks and chests. It was all part of a ritual they had enacted many times over — though usually in their own home. Brian slumped down in his chair, spent.

From behind the two ravenously horny women, a voice: “No time for that, you two.” They turned to see Bethany’s mom, the doctor who had initiated all of this, framed in the doorway to her office. Smiling, she tossed the top-heavy duo a towel and said, “Clean up. It’s time for your appointment.”

Chapter 03

After a quick cleaning up and putting back on of clothes, the threesome — Brian, his girlfriend Bethany and his Mommy — entered the office. As they sat down on the plush velvet chairs that outfitted Dr. Morgan’s office, the doctor turned first to Bethany, her daughter.

“Well, it’s nice to see you again, young lady,” she said with a wink. Since graduating from high school, Bethany had worked for her mother as an assistant, but all of that had changed when Brian and his mother became patients. After participating in their epic first “treatment” session — during which Bethany had jerked off Brian while he started at his huge-titted mother’s body writhing in orgasm — she had, to her surprise, fallen for the younger boy. One thing had led to another and she was now basically spending all her time with the mother-son duo. She had become a second fucktoy for her young boyfriend. When she had decided to wear a “Please Fuck Me” t-shirt and short skirt to the appointment, it hadn’t even crossed her mind what people would think as she walked down the street — or what her own mother would think for that matter. She simply wanted to please Brian.

“Moooooom,” the young woman whined, rolling her eyes like a teen just told to clean her room.

“Oh, I’m just kidding around,” the doctor said. “I know you’ve been having fun with these two, as you should. He’s a VERY lucky young man. Sweetheart, you are a sex goddess. I know I shouldn’t take about my own daughter like that — especially in front of two patients — but I have to acknowledge it. You are stunningly beautiful.”

Bethany squirmed in her seat, happy, embarrassed, turned on. She rubbed her thighs together and cuddled herself, pushing up her huge breasts with her folded arms.

“I can’t help but think you are the most creature I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just saying that because I’m your mother. You’re gorgeous. Your body is so curvy. You have absolutely huge breasts. And yet you’re slender and tall. In very non-medical terms, you are extremely fuckable.” She smiled at her daughter.

“Thank you Mommy,” Bethany said, calling her mother that for the first time since she was a little girl. “It’s been super-fun wearing slutty clothes for Brian, making his penis hard. I really love it when it seems like he can’t stop himself from fucking me.”

“Sounds like you don’t need a t-shirt with that specific message for that to happen, but I’m not going to question your fashion choices.” Mother and daughter shared a laugh, and the doctor then turned to face Brian and his mother.

“And then there’s Brian’s Mommy. Ms. Pepper, I told you before you were a hypersexual being. That’s true. But I’ve never had a patient like you. For a young boy like Brian — a horny, veral young boy with a large penis that always seems to be erect — you are simply a dream fucktoy.”

Now it was Mommy’s turn to squirm in her seat. She began to lightly massage her huge, round breasts — something she had come to do regularly at home in a completely absentminded way, whether at the dinner table or while watching a movie. Brian knew the look on her face. That flushed face, slightly contorted with lust. He knew her pussy was soaked.

“In the first form he filled out before coming here,” the doctor continued. “Brian wrote about his ideal woman. The woman he had been masturbating too for many years. I didn’t know it at the time, but he was describing you.” She pulled a file out. “Shall I read it?”

The mother looked at her son. She shyly smiled, still visibly turned on. “I’d love to hear it,” she said, licking her lips. s

The doctor began to read. “Sweet, lovable. Incredibly pretty. Soft, round face. Soft, kissable lips. Sweet eyes — green and wet. Chestnut brown hair that falls in front of her face in a way that drives me crazy.

“A tiny body. Extremely petite. Like a teenage girl. But curvy. Cushy, round ass. And so very top-heavy. In fact, the largest, roundest breasts I’ve ever seen.”

The mother blushed. It was all true, of course. And she knew he knew it. But hearing her son’s words made her weirdly self-conscious.

“You understand?” the doctor said to the mother. “You are the embodiment of your son’s sexual fantasies. You are a living fucktoy for your own son. So beautiful. And for a boy who seems obsessed with large breasts: so very, very busty.

“We’re going to do some tests today, all three of you, but especially you and your son. I’m fascinated by you, Ms. Pepper. I’m very excited that my daughter has fallen for your son. And I feel the need to study this situation. But I have to be honest — I really want to see you get — and this is again not medical terminology — seriously fucked.” The doctor laughed, and then got serious again. “There was something you wanted to tell me. What was it?”

Bethany, who had been simply soaking in the scene, spoke. “We think Brian’s Mommy has another hypersexual symptom.”

The doctor was startled and excited, but remembered her protocol. “Before you tell me what it is, let me ask you a few questions. How often do you and Brian fuck?”

Bethany turned to Brian. “Three? Sometimes four. We usually fuck when we get up and then a couple of times over the course of the day. And at night. We all cuddle and fuck,” she said, smiling at the other two. “It’s wonderful. Sometimes I let Brian and his Mommy have some extra-special time.”

The doctor turned to the young mother. “And how many time to do your son make love?”

“At least four,” said the mother, now slowly caressing her whole body, getting herself hot for what she knew was coming. “Sometimes more. We fuck all the time, pretty much. He can ejaculate a bunch of times, and the orgasms just sort of roll through the whole thing for me,” said the mother. She suddenly got shy and looked down. “He’s amazing. I love fucking him. His penis is so beautiful. I want to be his fucktoy. I want him to fuck me whenever he wants.”

The doctor interrupted. “It’s like you were made to fuck him, huh?”

“Exactly. I was built to fuck my son.” She reached out and began to stroke her son’s groin. “And he was built to fuck me.”

“Ok, so that’s a total of seven or more sexual sessions in one day. Truly amazing. Brian, you are one of a kind. Two insatiable women at the age of 18. I have to say it again: lucky boy.”

Brian nodded. “I love them.” Mother and girlfriend looked at each other and exchanged “aww” looks. “And I love fucking them.”

“You produce copious amounts of ejaculate, don’t you Brian?” asked the doctor.

“He does,” the mother interjected. “Lots of cum. In our pussies, all over our faces and bodies. We spend a lot of time cleaning up,” the mother laughed. “Can I change now, doctor?”

Brian was confused. Why was his mother asking if she should change clothing? She could have worn whatever she wanted. His girlfriend wore a “Please Fuck Me” t-shirt, for crying out loud. But the mother and doctor had something planned.

The doctor signed. “Yes, fine, go ahead.”

The mother slowly removed her clothes. She started with her tight black jacket, revealing her skin-tight button-down shirt, which was gaping with holes. Brian noticed she was wearing something under it, but he couldn’t quite make it out. She removed her skirt — being careful to leave on her shoes, 3-inch high heels — and then her shirt, revealing a sort of body suit. A white, slightly frilly thing, it just barely covered her pussy, then arched up over her massive tits, which now stood out, cantilevered foward and smushed slightly from the tautness of the outfit and the sheer size of the teats.

“I wore it for you, sweetie,” she said to her son, moving over to his chair and draping her tiny body around his. She began rubbing her hot crotch, with only the thin piece of fabric covering it, into his thigh. “I figured it would make your penis extra hard.”

“It does, Mommy. I love it,” said the boy.

The doctor continued. “Ok, Ms. Pepper. I’m nearly done. Tell me what the new development is and we’ll move on to the testing.”

Brian mother looked at him sheepishly and whispered to him. “Should I tell her?”

Brian nodded.

The super-busty mother turned back to the doctor, still rubbing her cartoonishly voluptuous body over her son’s. “I… My breasts… My breasts seems to get swollen at specific times.”

“Well, that’s not surprising, especially given your body type and sexual temperament,” Dr. Morgan said.

“But doctor…” She looked her her son. “When I get turned on, they swell a little.” She blushed. “Like right now.” She turned and sat her her son’s lap, then pushed out her bosom, the white fabric stretching over her massive, round tits. “See? But when Brian’s penis is inside me? Well, they get even more swollen. Like, really swollen. Then when I orgasm? I think they get even bigger. And –” she paused to take her son’s hands and guide them to her massive breasts. He cupped them, then began to caress and squeeze them through the thin material. “And then when he comes inside of me? I’ve never seen them bigger.”

Bethany, who had been holding back, in awe of the shockingly hot mother, piped up: “It’s true, Mommy. They get… well, even bigger than they already are, if you can believe that.”

The doctor paused, taking it all in. “Ok, then. I guess we know what our first test is going to be.



The trio was now in the exam room, the boy and his girlfriend sitting on an exam bed, holding hands, her head draped on his shoulder. They both stared at the sight in front of them: His mother getting strapped into a… contraption.

“This will only be my second use of this gauge. You’re lucky I even have it,” said the doctor, struggling with the device. “Come over here, Brian.” She stretched the contraption — basically a bra-like strap of strong but thin fabric that stretched across her breasts, pressing them slightly against her chest, the rock-hard nipples pointing through. “Help me strap this on your Mommy.”

The mother had her hands raised above her head. She was otherwise naked, except for the high heels; knowing they turned on her son, the doctor had suggested she keep them on. “Help the doctor, sweetheart,” she said. “This is embarrassing enough as it is.” She pretended like it was a hardship, but she loved parading her fucktoy body for her son, his girlfriend and the doctor. She knew she how sexy she was. The last few months had been a flowering for her. Though her son and his girlfriend, she had embraced her hypersexuality. She kissed her son sweetly on the lips as he came over to help the doctor.

The boy strapped in his mother, her breasts now wrapped in the device, which had a tiny wireless mechanism under one arm. The doctor went over to check the computer and then turned to the son and his mother.

“All looks good. You may proceed.” She walked over to the table her daughter sat on. “This is ok with you, right Bethany? We’re going to watch them fuck, and I’m guessing it won’t be quick.”

“Of course, Mommy. I love them so such, and I REALLY love watching them fuck.” She paused. “And I love you, Mommy. Maybe you can masturbate me and we can kiss a little while we watch them fuck?”

The mother smiled sweetly at her gorgeous daughter. “Kiss a lot,” she said. She leaned in and kissed her daughter, her tongue darting in and out of her mouth. “I’ll have to check the stats periodically, but otherwise I’m yours.” She smiled, then turned back to the son and mother.

“Go ahead, you two.”

The mother turned to her son. “Are you ready to fuck me, my sweet boy? I mean, obviously your penis is very, very hard.” She reached and began to caress his dick, encased only in thin jeans and underwear. “But are you really ready to fuck your big-titted Mommy? Your tiny little fucktoy?” She leaned up — way up, given she was 6 inches shorter than her son, even in her heels. “Your little busty sex doll?” she whispered into her son’s mouth as they converged. They two began to make out. Brian reached forward and grabbed her mother’s tiny, voluptuous body, pulling it into him. As he began to kiss her passionately, her body melted into his. He felt her giant tits push up against his chest, her hips grinding slowly against his crotch.

The boy shed his pants quickly, his large penis springing up against his mother’s taut stomach. She gasped with anticipation and, again pressing her mouth against his, began to slowly and softly play with his rock-hard dick. With her other hand, she again went to place one of his on her massive tit — but then stopped. She turned to the doctor, who was masturbating her daughter (having removed her little panties) with two fingers while they made out.

“Um, doctor? He’s allowed to feel me up with this… thing on, right?”

“Of course,” the doctor said, wiping her daughter’s saliva from her mouth and taking a breath. “Massage, grope, tweak. Just be careful of the gauge at the back.” Plunging her fingers back into her daughter, who let out a delighted squeal, she said, “Please proceed.”

The son looked down at his mother, who was still stroking his huge cock, now with both hands, staring into her loving, bright green eyes. He stroked her long brown hair, which fell casually over her delicate shoulders. He looked down at her breasts and, for the millionth time, marvelled at their immensity.

“Are you ready, Mommy?” he asked.

“Always, baby. Look how horny I am,” she said, taking one hand off his cock to show him her glistening pussy. He looked farther down and realized there were juices dripping down her legs.

“Please fuck me,” she begged in the little-girl voice she knew turned him on so. “Really hard, sweetheart. Mommy needs a super-hard fucking.”

With that, he did what he done numerous times over the last few months: grabbing her by her compact, plush ass, he hoisted her up — without much effort, the doctor noted, as she continued to masturbate her groaning, writhing daughter. As the mother threw her head back, closed her eyes and let out a long moan, Brian lowered her tiny body onto his prick, relishing in the amazing feeling. Her pussy gripped his cock like a warm, wet glove and immediately began to pulse around it. “Oooooh god, that feels SO good,” the young mother groaned. “Fuck me, sweetie. Fuck your busty mommy!”

Quickly moving his hands to her slim waist — so slim he could almost reach all the way around with two hands — he began to move her body up and down on his cock, essentially masturbating with her entire super-petite body. She continued to moan and coo, her body twisting slightly as she ascended and descended, her hair draping down behind her head, her magnificent tits thrusting outward toward her son’s face. “UUUUHHHHH! I’m so fucking horny, baby! Fuck me harder! I need your cock now. Oh god, I think my breasts are swelling a little, doctor.”

Dr. Morgan and Bethany had stopped kissing, mesmerized by the insanely erotic sight before them. The doctor leaned over to look at her computer. “Ah yes,” she said. It does appear your tits are slightly swollen. An additional two centimeters, it appears. Do they feel flushed?”

“UUUUGHGGHH. Yes doctor,” said the mother, still riding her son’s cock with wild abandon.

“Excellent. That’s blood rushing to them, a normal reaction — though the growth, of course, is not. Please continue your fucking session.”

The son began to really plow into his mother’s vagina. The room was filled with two sounds: their slightly sweaty flesh slapping together, and the occasional moans from all four people in the room. Whispering “I love you so much, Mommy” to her, he felt her body begin to vibrate in that way it did when an orgasm was impending.

“Oh my god!” the mother shouted, bouncing violently on her son’s prick. “I’m going to cum! UHHHHHH! Here it comes, sweetie! Mommy is cumming on your penis!! UHHHHH!! FUUUUUUUUUUCK!” Her ultra-tiny body was now visibly shuddering, her head thrown back ecstatically. “CUUUUUMMMMIIIIINNGGGGG!!!”

The doctor, who had been crouched down, licking her daughter’s pussy, paused and leaned over again to glance at her computer. “Amazing! That’s another two centimeters. Definitely another cup size or so.”

As the mother came down from her orgasm, her son, still fucking her, though more gently now, carried her over to an exam table just across from where his girlfriend and doctor. As they made out like teenagers, the son laid his mother down onto the table and hovered over her. He broke contact with her mouth and, as she panted, stared down at her massive, heaving chest.

“You know, Dr. Morgan, there’s only one problem with this… setup.” He began to squeeze one gigantic tit, making his mother again moan loudly and throw her delicate face back in pleasure. “I usually end up suckling at her nipples when we fuck. I’m really missing that right now.”

“Ah!” the doctor exclaimed. “I have a solution to that problem.” She rose from licking her daughter’s pussy — a panting Bethany took the opportunity to begin rub her clit while continuing to stare at her boyfriend and his tiny but insanely top-heavy mother, mouthing the words “I love you” to the boy — and walked over to the duo. She removed Brian’s hand from his mother’s enormous breast and lowered a flap that neither son nor mother had noticed before. Out popped the mother’s extremely engorged nipple. She pulled down a flap on the other breast and the other long, bright-red nipple was revealed.

“This won’t affect the results of the testing,” said the doctor. “And now you can suck to your heart’s delight.”

The son smiled, leaned his head down and began to suck on one of the distended nipples with a fury. His giant-titted mother moaned and pulled her son’s head into her massive bosom. “OH GOD, SWEETHEART. THAT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD. Please fuck me more. FUCK ME FOREVER!”

“Your wish is my command,” the teen said, as he again began to thrust his prick in and out of his mother’s tight pussy. They were now both dripping with sweat.

“OH MY GOD, HERE COMES NUMBER TWO,” the mother squealed. Again, her body began to vibrate and the boy could feel her vagina pulsing around his cock. As she visibly shuddered in orgasm, the doctor, back at the computer, said, “Still at 4 additional centimeters. Amazing! Your breasts are clearly swelling every time you orgasm.”

As the mother came down from her orgasm, the teen said, “Ok, time for some serious rutting, Mommy. I’m going to fuck you like the tiny little sextoy you are.”

“Isn’t that what you’ve been doing?” asked Bethany with a smile. “Mommy,” she said, turning to her own mother and peeling off her own “Please Fuck Me” t-shirt, “why don’t you finally take off that lab coat and show Brian your body?”

“Yes sweetheart,” said the doctor without hesitation; she unbuttoned her coat and let it fall to the floor. Brian’s eyes popped out of his head: under that coat, Dr. Morgan had a lovely, slim figure and wore nothing except a pair of panties and a shiny red push-up bra. Her breasts, while not the monsters his mother sported, or even the huge ones on his girlfriend, were sizable: at least a DD, he guessed. “I know my body isn’t quite as pornographically proportioned as your mother’s or my daughter’s,” Dr. Morgan said to the teen as she leaned down to simultaneously squeeze and suckle on Bethany’s huge tit and rub her clit, “but I hope it’s too your liking.”

“It certainly is, doctor,” the teen said. “Being surrounded by three busty beauties, it isn’t going to be long before I cum inside my Mommy.” He pulled his prick out of his mother with a plopping sound and — as his girlfriend and the doctor gasped in amazement — simply flipped his tiny mother over, so her round ass faced up, her massive tits wheeling around, droplets of sweat spraying off her body. Because she was so utterly petite, her feet didn’t reach the ground; her legs shot outward behind her and quivered with excitement as she anticipated her son’s prick entering her pulsing vagina.

“Here we go, Mommy,” the boy said as he again impaled his mother, this time from behind.

“UUUUGGGHH!” she cried. “PLEASE–” He slammed into her again, making her entire body shake and jiggle. “FUCK–” Again. “ME–” Again. “SUPER.” Again. “HARD. MAKE. ME. CUM. BABY. BOY.”

With the entirety of her extremely petite body off the ground, her toned legs were now shaking and quivering, her massive tits swaying back and forth over the table, contained only by the measurement device that seemed to be stretched to its limit. Feeling her distended nipples lightly scraping the exam table seemed to push her over the edge.

“Oh fuck!” she cried. “I’m going to cum again! HERE IT COMES! UUUUHHHHHHH!!!!! FUUUUUUUCCKKKKK! CUMMING ON MY BABY’S HUGE PENIS!”

Brian felt himself finally unable to avoid his own orgasm. “I’m going to cum, too!” he cried. “Inside you, Mommy! I’m going to fill you with cum!” He continued to slam into her as she screamed in ecstasy. And, as his girlfriend and doctor looked on in utter amazement, he grabbed his mother’s arms, pulling them back as he continued to fuck her, so her giant chest jutted out even more. As the orgasms crashed over them, those huge breasts swelled even more.

The doctor look a final look at the computer: “Goodness! So much swelling! Ms. Pepper, you have reached the equivalent of a JJ-cup.”

With that, the measurement device reached its limit. As the mother and son continued to fuck and orgasm together, it snapped and her gigantic breasts burst out. “OOOHHHH FUUUUUCKKK!” the mother cried. “STILL CUMMMMMIIIINNNGGG!”

The son continued to flood his mother’s pulsing vagina with cum. Minutes seemed to go by. Finally, both orgasms subsided.

Mother and son both panted heavily after an epic fucking session. As Brian lowered his mother down to the floor and twirled her around, her simply gigantic, swollen tits swayed, spraying sweat as they did. The petite young mother arched her hands above her head, stretching out her tight body, and in the process, pushed out her massive chest toward her son. Still panting, she lifted up onto her tiptoes and kissed her son.

“That was amazing, sweetheart. Thank you so much. Look,” she said, plumping her breasts toward her son’s face, “you broke the doctor’s thingie!” She giggled.

Dr. Morgan and Bethany were still in shock from what they had just witnessed. Finally, the doctor, her large breasts heaving with horniness, said, “My goodness. Well done, young man.

Bethany walked over to the mother-son duo and, kissing her boyfriend, said, “That was amazing, sweetie.” Reaching down, she grasped his still-hard cock. “Looks like you’ve got some more fucking in you.”

Reaching up with one hand to cup his mother’s gigantic breast and the other to cup his girlfriend’s huge tit, he flexed his plevis, making his cock shoot up through Bethany’s hand. Both mother and girlfriend gasped at his astounding virility. The doctor walked over and knelt down, cradling his giant penis in her hands. He was now literally surrounded by three large-titted beauties: his doctor, his girlfriend and, best of all, his ultra-busty mother.

“You bet I do,” the lucky boy said, smiling. “Line up, you three. I’m fucking all of you right now.”