Pure Innocence

He ran his finger over her tiny breast, along her stomach until he reached her pubic hair, His searching finger were moist from their lovemaking earlier as he inserted into her. She felt the thrill of his finger paddling into her moistness. “I bet being pregnant will make you develop a bigger bosom.” Jack said teasingly, as he started to unbutton her blouse. Marisa smiled in spite of herself after the tease she got from her husband. However, she was still depressed about her husband leaving to US for a least three month.

“Can’t you stay longer here?” she begged. Jack ignored her as he was still paddling in her. She felt no more excitement when her worries started to fill in her. Jack had no other alternative, since that was a direct order from his office. “Jack I’ll be alone here…” she cried for a moment. Jack was prepared for this as he had informed her brother Mike to be with her during the college holidays which started a day back. Later he comforted her about Mike coming. That made her relieved. “Will it be a baby girl?” she asked as her hands were on her stomach roaming.

“Yeah, it’ll be a girl,” he said with assurance as he took off his finger from her moistness. She was not convinced, as she knew Jack was frustrated with her inquiries. Jack got off the bed and got ready for the departure. She was anxious of her first pregnancy and her husband will not be around to comfort her. Her body was in stress. Her mind was never relaxed and tensioned.

Later in the evening after Jack had left, Marisa was roaming in the house lonely waiting for her brother’s arrival. The only person she could now depend is her brother whether she likes it or not. She heard the doorbell rang as she rushed to open the door. With the happiness lighting her face, she saw Mike. At 18 Mike was muscular not like her husband, 5’7 height with broad chest and a body of an athletic. He took her in his arm carefully and held her. “Am I so glad to see you” she whispered with tears in her eye and brought him in. She showed him his room. Mike knew all about Marisa. Marisa was not like other women; at 25 she still thinks a lot and often stressed up fast. Marisa had never changed over the years. About 8.00PM, they had dinner together. They had long conversation and updating of each other’s life. Marisa was feeling much better with his presence. Weeks had passed by and she was three months old pregnant. Her bosom developed much bigger and nipples swollen just like her husband’s prediction. Her buttocks had it’s new pear-shaped looked. She was no longer wearing blouse but nightgown. She had stopped wearing panty and bra due to the pregnancy effect and discomfort. She knew that Mike had noticed her like this. She was getting weaker as Mike was doing all the household things. She was very grateful with Mike, not even her husband would do this when he’s around. Their relationship was getting closer as she invites Mike sleep in the same bed with her. Occasionally she would ask Mike to company her to the bathroom door. Their relationship was purely brother and sister until…

The Beginning: Due to pregnancy effect, Marisa felt body aches and stress. On that night she moaning with discomfort, with growing pain she told Mike to give her a massage. With no shame, she began to take off her nightgown and lay naked exposing. This was something Mike never expected. She had a whole new presentation of beauty and art. Two well built rich mountain accompanied with a bigger one lower. Her stomach had an art by it is own. Mike had seen girls and women naked but not pregnant ones. Her thighs were plump as it closely together presenting her swollen vagina carpeted by thick layer of pubic hair. She knew he was looking at her as she blushed. “I’m sorry Mike for this.”

Mike did not response to her as his hand moved to her shoulder. She had the same thrill as he touched her naked body just like her husband. Her breast was getting taut with nipples standing. The moistness below her was creating a small pleasure in her opposing the pain. Slowly Mike kneaded her shoulder and the to her neck where she closed her eyes. Tracing his finger down to her breast made her pant. Mike was no longer giving her a massage but exploring her. Marisa was not aware of this as his finger was circling her thick dark small nipple. Mike had triggered her sexual need. He gently squeezed her breast, which made her tremble with anticipation. It was obvious for both of them now that it was no longer a massage and no protests were made. His palm explored her swollen belly and circled her belly button just like her nipples. He could barely smell her natural body scent. Moving further down to her vagina, he played with her curls and felt the wetness. Marisa was no longer in stress or pain but heavenly pleasured. The scent from the erection of his penis clearly indicated to Marisa that he is excited. The wet spot of his shorts was clearly visible. She felt as if she was no more pregnant. She never knew her brother could pour pleasure on her. Mike moved his finger closer to her wetness. It was not only moist but also slippery as he felt the crack of her vagina at the tip of his finger. Slowly he dipped his finger into her vagina.

She stopped him all of a sudden. “No Mike… not to this extent. We shouldn’t”. He took off his finger with her juice on it. She immediately wrapped her palm to his finger and absorbing off her juice.

“I am sorry sis, I guess I had over done it” he apologized.

“Make sure you wash your hands” she said. Both of them felt good that night however a bit guilty. Mike went to sleep as Marisa still naked and started to finger her. Her finger had easy access into her since her juice was pouring. Mike pretended asleep as he started thinking. His intention was now different. Sibling love replaced by sexual love, pure innocence was no more existing.

Next morning Mike woke up earlier than his sister. He was admiring her beauty. She was still naked beside him. He saw her clitoris and her slight visible pussy lips through her pubic hair. He had hard-on demanding to fuck her. Although his intention was now different, the sisterly love was making him stop. He went close to her and greeted her with a massage on her shoulder. Slowly she opened her eyes with a smile on her face.

“I love you Mike” she smiled. She did not stop him after last night’s incident. To Marisa, nudity to her brother was nothing since they grew up together. She never thought of being a sex object to him. She was innocence and Jack was her first boyfriend and now husband. She was loyal to Jack and never had involved in other sexual activity. After a few moment later she told him that she was going for a shower. Lazily she got up from the bed and went to bathroom. Mike followed her and studied her naked body from the back. She knew he was following her. As a sign of welcome, she left the door open and entered the bathroom. She saw felt presence at the door.

“Shall we have shower together?” she asked. Mike excitedly entered and undressed him. She felt warmness rushing in her body as she saw his muscular body naked. His penis was hard like a rock. Shyly she smiled at him as he came closed to her. Holding his hands with hers, she gave a light kiss on his lips. “Just like the old days, a must to have shower together” she smiled. Leaving his hands, she turned on the hot shower. He moved closer to her to get the shower. Lightly the tip of his penis touched her belly button. She let out a sharp gasp.

“Are you becoming naughty to your sister” she teased him turning off the shower as she started to soap herself. Mike placed his hands on hers as he took control of soaping her. He was soaping her chest and then to her breast, cupping them. Still at her breast, his thumb was circling her nipple and she felt his hardness brushing her swollen belly. She felt nice and never felt the guilt of betraying her husband. She put her hands to his face and absently stroked. She came closer to him and planted a kiss to his lip lightly. This time his penis was shampooing her pubic hair with semen. She felt wonderful closer to him and planted another kiss. Her stomach was against his as he kissed her back passionately. They had forgotten what was happening, as the kisses grew wild. He began to plant his tongue into her mouth to search hers. Heavily panting, she threw her hand to the back of his neck and held tightly.

She locked him with her kiss. They stood close with locked lips no more moving but exchanging their fluid. He tasted her as she did. She began to moan and breathe heavily. She was actually masturbating him with movement of her hips. He placed his hand to her back and found her buttock. Squeezing her cheek and touching her anus bypassing her buttock crack made her rubbed his penis more. They were both having orgasm just from kissing. He could feel his penis ready to shoot. In no time, he exploded at her belly as his body jerked and trembled. They immediately broke off. “God! I’m sorry sis…” She looked down at her belly and saw his thick sperm all over her belly dripping down to her vagina. Both being embarrassed, Mike left the bathroom as Marisa closed the door behind her. She was shocked of the incident’s outcome. She honestly agreed that she enjoyed, touching his sperm and rubbing it to her body like soap, she felt funny. Shyly she took a scoop of sperm in her finger and inserted into her mouth. She felt rather sexy to taste her brother’s sperm as she was taking more around her belly.

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Later in the day, Mike bought for her lunch. The incident was never mentioned as they were discussing other topic. She felt different talking with her brother. She felt shy wearing nightgown in front of him with exposing nipple through her fabric. She felt shy not wearing a panty as her vagina moistens. After lunch, they were in the bedroom watching television. Mike badly wanted to have sex with her after that incident. He felt heavenly when she masturbated him without knowing. An hour later she took some sleeping pills to reduce her body stress and pregnancy medication. She felt dizzy as she knocked off. He knew she was on medication and sleeping pills. He waited awhile and proceeded to touch her. No response came from her. Her nightgown was thin, he could see her tiny nipple poking through. He reached out to touch them as he played with them. Then his hand found the hem of her nightgown. Gently he slid it up to her belly exposing her vagina. He laid his palm on her knee as he slid it up feeling her smoothness of her leg.

Stroking her leg, he began to feel uncomfortable with clothes on. The next moment he was naked beside her, started to stroke her leg again. He could get her primitive scent release from her vagina. He spread her thighs to get more of her scent. He could see the dampness of her swollen vagina. He touched the edge of her vagina lips and felt the wetness. It was so soft and moist. Gently he traced along her swollen lips and then lightly rested his finger at her opening feeling her wetness more. He looked at her as he kissed her lips while his finger was rubbing her vagina lips. He could taste the bitterness of her medicine in her mouth. He could feel her wetness even more below. Slowly he inserted his finger into her. He could feel her warmness and moistness covering his finger. He felt softness of her there as he stroked inside slowly. He found difficulties to paddle in her but only stroking which made his finger soaked in no time. Like a professional after a few strokes, he started stroking her fast as her hole welcomed his second finger. He continued with second finger in her exploring her walls and going into her deepest end. She was moving her body mildly as she moaned.

Taking off both his soaked fingers and licked them. He was not sure of the taste and felt weird. Bringing his lips to her vagina, he kissed all over there. Opening his mouth and taking her vagina in as he chewed and suck her liquid in. Little by little her juice flow into his mouth sometimes accompanied by her loose pubic hair. Her fragrance became very strong and made him suck more. He started licking her labia as he tried to thrust his tongue into her salty flesh trying to avoid the obstacle of her pubic hair. Her body began to move at times never knew to cause. His erection was begging him for its turn as he slowed. Spreading her thighs, he centered his penis touching her swollen lips. Nervously he pushed slowly into her until her end and then withdrawing the full length until the tips of his erection. Slowly he stroked into her as he started to explode deep into her womb in instant time. He was still inside her waiting for his last drop to finish as her vagina wall muscle strengthen. Withdrawing his penis from her, he could see her vagina dripping some of his sperm leaving a sign of intercourse but he ignored. Pulling her nightgown down, he dressed and slept beside her.

Mike was in full satisfaction although he came fast inside her and wanted to do more. A moment later, suddenly he heard her moan in pain. He woke as he went closer to her. She complained she had cramp at her lower abdomen. He was puzzled thinking he might be the cause. He knew women get menstrual cramps during period but in her case was different. She took his hand and placed on her vagina under her gown. “Please rub me”, she cried. He felt sticky initially and then as he rubbed, her juice made it easier. He felt certain region of her thick pubic hair harden, dried with his sperm as he spread her juice over there to regain her softness pubic hair. She was moaning as she placed her hand on his to speed up the movement. With the presence of his finger there, she inserted her finger into her as he joined. She continued with a faster stroke. “I need you inside me” she whispered while panting. Mike erection was not full but he undressed and went over her willingly.

“Sorry Mike, this is for emergency” she panted as she guided his penis to her vagina. Slowly she brought him in as he started to grow inside her. She felt relieve as he filled her. She felt much better as she positioned herself slightly to gain comfort. “Please don’t spill inside me” she whispered. Slowly she started to take off her nightgown over her head as she felt my movement inside her. Both of them were naked. He went closer to her as their lips parted. Mike was not sure if Marisa wanted to have sex with him. She let him kiss her but not other things. Now he was having intercourse with her, was it because of the pain she cannot stand? He was not sure. Marisa tasted his lips as she felt the similarity of the taste. Then they broke off “Are you ok sis” he asked. “I do have this cramp very often during my period but I don’t know why I’m having it now.” She whispered. She felt his warmness and so did he. He rocked a bit inside her to sustain his hardness. Her cramp had eased but she felt nice to have her brother’s penis inside her. She felt like heaven, as his penis moved every inch, she wanted this pleasure to last long as she started to talk to him casually to avoid suspicious matter.

“Mike, will I have a baby girl?”

“I don’t know sis, why you asked?”

“Well I always wanted a girl. Mike, did you have sex before?”

“Yeah… long time back ” as his penis harden more. She knew he was getting interested to that topic as she pushed her vagina to him a little.

“Are you ok inside me?” she asked as she felt his penis pushing her upper walls.

“Yeah… can I rock inside you?”

“Mike I’m not having intercourse with you, you’re inside me to relieve my pain” she grinned.

“Please sis, only for once and we’ll forget this matter.” He begged as his penis was hitting her inside.

“Ummm…Not too much please… I don’t want you to spill inside me”. She warned. Slowly he rocked inside her as she followed his rhythm. He got closer to her as her breast crushed against his chest. She felt the release of liquid from his penis in her as she told me to stop. “Did you come?” she asked worriedly.

“No sis, its just only semen…”

“Did you know semen can also get a girl pregnant.” She grumbled

“Yeah… but you are already pregnant” he pushed a litter further.

“Ugghhh!” she let out a sharp pant. He started to rock her again as she met his rhythm. Both were fucking like husband and wife as suddenly she started to have orgasm as she screamed with pleasure. She was panting heavily and his penis was ready to blow anytime. He got slower to control himself but he exploded deep inside her. She was in orgasm where she never realized that he shot his load in her. Taking off his soften penis from her hole, she realized what he had done. She felt ashamed as started crying… “What have you done to me Mike, this is incest”. Mike was puzzled; she let him fuck her but cried over his spill sperms in her. She was pregnant, why would she get upset. He went to her and started apologizing.

Then he started to express his feeling to her. “Marisa, I think I’m in love with you. I promise to take care of you.” He said honestly. Marisa felt touched, as her husband had never been this nice to her. She saw his sadness. Just with him for a few days made her liked him so much but she never showed. The kindness and caring he offered her was beyond her expectation. Even she is pregnant, he was still accepting her with no doubts. She did not even try to think about her husband. Never felt guilty, having sex with Mike. She decided that Mike was her man of honor. Mike sat there waiting for her reply. It is time for her to make decision. She decided to be with Mike. She did not care of what the world will say. Marisa knew that she could be seduced easily but she wants to be with Mike.

Still laying on the bed naked, she said “Mike, I want to be with you… Take me as you just did. Fuck me and fill me with all your love. Slowly spreading her legs for his view, he came closer. Shyly tracing her finger on the length of his penis as it hardened. Gently she started stroking his penis as he started fingering her. They kissed like before. She offered her breast to him. He touched them with wonder bordering on awe.

“What are you thinking Mike?” she asked.

He stared at her, “I love you more than anything else…” as he positioned his head to her breast. Sucking her nipple made her felt relaxed as she panted “Harder please…” He could get her taste of milk from her breast and sucked a little. Her hand lifted his head to hers as their lips parted. She could feel his erection touching her vagina as he got closer.

“No…. Not now. We have much more exploration to do.” She whispered. Pushing he head lower to her body, she offered her womanhood to him to taste. He buried his face in her womanhood as he started sucking her. She could feel his violent movement of his tongue in her hole as she trembled uncontrolled. “Oh, my God” she screamed. She was in orgasm as her belly started to push him back. He fought as he crushed his mouth in her vagina. His face was wet with her juice over his eyes, cheek, nose and mouth. She felt him playfully bite her a little. “Come here” she whispered. His mouth came down over hers very gently and stayed so until she opened her lips and invited to get the taste of her own juice. “I want to taste you…” she said at last. He stood and brought his penis to her. She opened her mouth to receive his rod.

She had a mouth full of him as she chewed and sucked. He could feel her teeth touching his slippery head. Gently massaging his balls and taking him as deep as possible down her throat. Unexpectedly he shot his load down her mouth. She never let go of his jerking penis as she washed his penis in her mouth with her saliva. He thought that he was going to die. She freed him finally as she smiled. “Mike… Fuck me now…”. “I can’t sis” he protested. He was too weak to continue after two ejaculation but she never let him loose. She took hold of his penis and massaged roughly to keep him hard. All this while she was lying down, but now she got up and ordered Mike to lay down. Like a teacher, she said, “You will come inside me” She was going over him as her breast strained forward. Mike hated himself for being weak. He hated fucking her when she was asleep. She pressed her soft white buttock over his thighs and then sat on him. He could feel the pressure. She started to masturbate his sore penis roughly. He never knew Marisa would be this wild.

She had more stamina than he did, her weak body was now no more weak. She squeezed his penis to drain off his sperms. What was she doing to him? She wanted to fuck him as long as she wants. Marisa lifted her body to guide his penis into her. As she got the angle right, she jabbed herself down to his balls. She gave out a loud scream. She never thought of the safety of her baby but just pushed herself back and forth. “Push, dam you, push” she screamed.

“Please stop it sis….. I can’t anymore” he pleaded. She was riding him like a wild horse. His rod was angry, burning from abuse but still large inside her. His armed dropped to his sides. Marisa felt great like never before. She had never done this before. She got wilder as she started pounding up and down on him. His penis was getting ready for another load to shot as she was giving his penis the inner strength that he failed. He started blasting inside her with burning sensation as he felt the heat burning from his face red. Marisa felt his load as she reached climax again and slowed.

“I love you” both said at the time. She lay beside him panting.

“Mike do you think I’ll have a baby girl” she panted.

“Well sis… I am sure it is a boy because you just raped me” he smiled. She went over him again. “Are you going to do this again?” he asked, shocked.