Sara’s Car Trip

Chapter 01

This was the first summer both my sister and I were going to be home from college. I was just over my sophomore year and sis was one year younger finishing her freshman year. The annual tradition was a summer vacation and because we were both home dad was going to resume the tradition.

“What’s in the bag?”

“Nothin.” She was hiding something.

“For the trip?”

“Maybe.” Sara turned, holding the bag behind her back swinging herself back and forth.

“Dad told you where we’re going didn’t he?”

She smiled, “He might of.”

“Tell me. Just tell me.” And I turned from my books.

“Do the dishes.”

“No.” I threw myself back in my seat. “I can just wait for dad.” She knew I did NOT want to wait.

“Ok then,” shrugging her shoulders, holding her lower lip out, and she started to walk away.

“No. Wait!”

And she turned.


“Do the dishes, and I’ll do something else for you.” She was being sweet and pouty, a great skill she had developed.

I just looked at her.

She continued in a sing song voice, “If I do it, you’ll know where we are going.”

“Ok. Ok. Dishes,” I said.

And she ran out of the room.

I yelled after her. “You didn’t tell me!”

All I heard was “WAIT!”

After about fifteen minutes, I had started reading my book again, She came back out.

“It’s . . .” I stared at her, ” . . . a bathing suit!” And she put her hands to her hips, turned to the side, head tilted so her hair hung over one shoulder, smiling at me.

“Ta Da!”

My twenty year old sister was modeling her new swim suit for me. It was very Red, and very very Small. There were just strings at the sides, little ties at each hip bone. The bottoms were the smallest little triangle, and when she turned, no more than an inch covering her backside. I could see the whole curve of her ass. I took in her narrow waist, the muscles of her shoulders, the curve of her hips, the flat of her tummy centered with a little tear drop navel, narrowing to a little space between her long legs. I loved the look of red against her soft white skin, her long dark hair tusseled and falling about her face, red lips, white teeth smiling at me. In that moment, that image of her was permanently etched in my brain.

When did she start looking so hot!

I sat up in my chair, staring. Oogling more like. I could not stop looking at her.

She smiled and faced me, then turning, looking over her shoulder trying to see her ass.

“Well??” Hands on her hips now.

“I like it.”

“Does it look like it fits?”

“I like it,” was all I could say.

She jumped a little. Excitedly. I could see her breasts tugging at the small fabric with each bounce, the soft swells of flesh at the edges. Her legs were apart, Shit I could see the mound of her pussy. I could see whispy hairs peeking from under her bottoms.

She looked down her front following my eyes and I saw her blush and pull her legs together quickly, and turn her hip to me.

“Sorry, I needed to shave.” Turning from me now, but giving me a perfect view of her ass as she did. She looked back again, embarassment in her eyes, I could tell. But enjoying my reaction.

And then as suddenly as she arrived, ran out of the room yelling, “Dishes!”

“We’re going to Florida,” I yelled after her. “Where?”

“Daytona! And we’re driving.”


I didn’t hear that right.


How it ever happened is beyond me, a curiosity and compulsion that rocked my world. I do know where it started. That simple car trip, three weeks one summer my sister and I together with our parents on our first summer where we were both home after college. We’d never driven for a vacation before, and in the interest of saving money dad decided that we would ‘hoof it.’ We didn’t object.

The plan was that at each hotel, we would reserve two rooms one with a double bed for mom and dad, and another with two double beds for sis and myself. I remember this seeming just a little weird but really it was no big deal, that wasn’t it. Though, the first night had its moments since we watched TV on the one bed, Sara in her long T shirt and myself in a pair of boxers.

I asked, “Where’s that bathing suit?”

She responded with her mouth full of food, “In my bag.” She looked sideways at me and smiled, crinkling her nose at me.

“Have you tried it on, since . . .”

She finished my sentence, “. . .I showed you. No.”

“Mmmm.” I kept watching the TV. It felt just a little warm in there.

The evening of the second day driving we were somewhere in Missouri, an unbelievable hot muggy day, and we had to stop earlier than planned due to the car ‘acting up’ a little. The hotel had only one room, with two double beds. So this night it would be mom and dad in one bed, and sis and I in the other. The room was small, and there were four of us sweaty, red and hot.

The cars cooling system was not working properly so dad, in an effort to save the engine, not only had to turn off the air conditioning, but he had to blast the heat into the car. It was 100 degrees with the heater going. While we sat in the back seat sweating buckets, my sister and I were so uncomfortable we could barely stand it. Our legs were sticking to the seat. Whenever we stopped the air would still in the car, heat blasting us, it was suffocating. And I could smell Sara, her body’s scent was sweet, better than I had ever remembered for whatever reason. I could feel myself getting slightly aroused even just from the smell of her. Like cinnamon dust, fleshy and earthy, wet, the occasional smell of sex.

I would look over at her shining neck and know that my finger could slide along its lubricated surface, down past her collar bone, drops of moisture running down into her top, between her breasts. She had a half top on, and I could see her shining stomach, wet with sweat, lines of sweat running into her tight faded jean shorts, buttons at the fly. No bra. Her face was flushed, lips swollen, red from the heat. She sat with one leg up, her knee sticking to the back of the seat. I would glance over looking at the crotch of her shorts. . .at her thighs, her shining legs . . . her bare feet, painted toes.

I’d close my eyes, slide myself away to the half open window, press my head to the glass. Let the air tossel my hair, feeling the beat of my heart.

The ‘thing’ happened that day.


Because of the car, we did not reach our destination, had to stop, still 400 miles short that day, and arrived at a hotel for which we had no reservation. This was great, just great. We had passed two other hotels because they were full. When dad came out, he was smiling.

“Good News! They have a room, but just one. It has two double beds. Looks like you two need to share.”

“No big deal.” I shrugged. She glanced at me.

She just said, “Is it air conditioned?”

That night Sara wore the same long T shirt, I the same pair of grey boxers. We were all showered now, exhausted but clean, scented, air conditioned and laying on ‘our’ bed. The covers were still in place, and I was stealing glances, first at my parents, and then my sister. We were tired, bone tired, but I could feel my heart race slightly as we pulled back the sheets and from each side of the bed slid in. As the blanket pulled up over Sara’s hips I could see her T ride up slightly, giving me a brief glimpse of her thighs and the soft curve of her ass. The warmth of the bed increased, I could feel the heat emanating from her side, the smell of her washed hair, and I placed my nose beneath the sheets – her scent again. I was happy, this was wonderful. It would never happen again.

We turned the lights out and I lay awake for the longest time, my eyes felt like they were glowing. Each time she shifted I could feel the bounce of the mattress. When she lay on her side away from me I could feel the sheets move away from me, and would lightly pull them back my way, feeling her shift lightly as I tugged. After awhile, stillness, I could tell she was asleep. The sound of her soft breath. Gradually, slowly I drifted off.

I felt her arm against me and woke immediately, and without moving turned my head to look at the clock, it was 3 AM. Her shoulder was pressed against me and she was laying now on her back. There was a light outside the window shining into the room and I could look over at her in the blue light and see the features of her face. Her hair was thrown up around the pillow, her lips pressed lightly together. Her small nose flaring lightly with each breath. Her head was inclined toward me, and I was no more than a few inches from her mouth, could feel her hair touching my face. Our shoulders were pressed together and I kept my hands on my stomach. The mattress was old and curved in at the middle and probably accounted for our positioning, for I was also not at my edge of the bed. I could have easily slid back over to my side, yet I remained.

The more I thought about where I was, where we were, my heart began racing again. I could feel her exhale against my cheek, the warmth of her. And that smell! I turned myself so that my shoulder was now slightly lower than hers and I was just facing her, not on my side but tilted. And I lay my right hand upon her stomach right over her T shirt, let it rest at the center of her tummy right between her navel and her ribs, just feeling the rise and fall of her breathing. She shifted only slightly at my touch, and I could feel her hairs brushing my ear as she nuzzled lightly against me.

What was I even thinking? Why did I do that? Even just to lay my hand upon her. I was listening to her breath and feeling it at the same time, smelling her soft hair, sensing her warmth, the weight of her shoulder on me. It was so soft and sensual. Simple and silent in the bluish dark room. I had never imagined my sister in an erotic or sensual or sexual way, and now touching her lightly, letting my fingers press down into her abdomen, it was all I could feel. I was suffused with a feeling of pure pleasure.

I was drifting off to sleep again.

I woke about two hours later, and realized my right hand was still on her tummy, the same spot. But then realizing that it was no longer on top of her T shirt, but laying upon her bare skin. I had no idea how the T had ridden up. She had her right arm up over her head and was still on her back, still leaning against me to my left. The room was totally silent, and I simply lay there taking in where I was with every sense I possessed.

As I lay motionless however, I began to move my fingers lightly along her downy soft skin, up and down then the smallest of circles, feeling the light hairs across her middle, and I reached to her left side, letting my fingers curl around her ribs, almost holding her to me, pressing my palm into her. At that moment, she took a deep breath and as she exhaled, took my hand in hers and lifted me off, lay my hand back down beside her. I froze, looking at her. What did she think? I held my breath. It was an accident, I feigned sleep, but after another moment she didn’t move, she was still sleeping. Her breathing hadn’t even changed. The other thing I noticed was that the blanket had been kicked off and we were only covered by a thin white sheet. I could feel that her top was pulled up all the way to just under her breasts, by the bunched up fabric that pressed against me at my side.

And she was still holding my hand, lightly, our fingers intertwined, and I really liked the way it felt. We never had held hands before. I had one other realization. My cock was hard, its tip pressed out the top of my boxers and I could feel myself dripping onto my abdomen. My sisters hand holding mine was right at the side of my hip and because I was turned lightly toward her, the tip of my cock was precariously close to her hand. I lay back a little flatter still holding her hand. I was picturing her beneath the fabric, her soft exposed skin, picturing her hips, her panties, her body right next to mine. The intimacy of our evening, utterly unrepeatable. This would never happen again and I wanted to see her.

So, ever so carefully, I tipped my head under the sheet scootching myself down the bed. The light shined readily through the thin fabric and under the blue light, further shaded by the cotton sheet I could see the soft swell of her tummy, her concave abdomen, her hip bone and the thin fabric – her panties! White, glowing in the low light. I turned slightly for a better view, scrunching just a little lower. Her breathing even, rising and falling. I could see the start of the rise of her breasts, the fabric of the T shirt risen just slightly showing the edges of her breasts, bare skin. I could see where we were holding hands and the tip of my cock poking out the top of my boxers not three inches from her bare thighs. She was so beautiful. It was so warm and the scent of her body enveloped me, the sound of her breathing the rise and fall of her stomach seemed magnified.

I let go her hand and lay my hand once more on her tummy, a little lower this time, covering her abdomen just below her navel. Her breathing was still smooth, slow, rising and falling, still warm, the soft hairs. I could feel the soft downy hairs, coursening lightly to the edge of her panties. My figner tips rubbing the soft white cotton edge.

I felt her hand again take mine, and again lift me off of her and set it back down at her side. I froze, unmoving, holding my breath under the sheet. She squeezed my hand lightly, wrapped her fingers around mine. Her breathing changed slightly. I could not move, hidden under the sheet, such a fool . . . she had to know.

Next moment . . . she let go my hand and . . .

The sheet lifted and I started, her eyes were on me, she looked directly at me and I could barely catch my breath now and my heart raced. What was I doing? What could I say? She noticed how I had jumped when the sheet rose, my eyes were wide, glowing no doubt in the blue light darkness.

She whispered lazily as she stared at me, “What are you doing?” holding the sheet as a tent over me.

And then in this little hermetically sealed world I had created, of scents and warmth, beneath the sheets of our bed and her exposed body she looked around, saw herself – and realized.

She looked at me, a sort of confused and indecipherable smile. And she said it again with a knowing growl, “What are you doing?”

I just stared pathetically up at her. I was so ashamed. She widened her eyes at me, mimicking my own look, “Get up here.” And I lifted myself from beneath the sheet, she letting it fall around us again.

She pulled her T shirt back down around herself, lifted her hips slightly, tugging and moving the T back down around her thighs, and without shifting herself away from me turned her face to me, and simply breathed a very light, “You behave. Go back to sleep.”

I mouthed to her, “I’m sorry. I . . .”

She closed her eyes, lazily sighing, “Hmm, I bet you are,” as she turned herself away from me tugging the sheet as she turned.

But, then reaching back with her hand, gently took my hand in hers. I wanted to be sure she wasn’t mad at me, so I gave her hand a little squeeze, and she gave me the same.

I don’t know what came over me just then, I was so happy that she wasn’t mad, I began to play with her fingers and sort of rub her palm, feeling the skin between her fingers, and she responded in kind rolling on her back again after a moment. We silently lay there holding hands, fondling one another’s fingers until we dozed off to sleep once more.

The next day was going to be one of sitting around and waiting, and Sara woke before me, showered and got dressed, and was sitting on a sofa looking at magazines when I walked over in my boxers and sat down.

She looked at by boxers and then me, “Good morning.”

“Morning” I said back, uncertain.

No acknowledgment of last night, no accusing stares. I was happy.

A normal day.

That afternoon we were bored and just wanted to get away from our folks, and they agreed to let us explore a little. We found this little park area with benches and an outdoor food court. We sat down at an outdoor table, cars going by in the distance, and ate our burgers and sodas in the heat and dust.

“This is pretty long,” Sara yawned and stretched.

“Pretty boring,” I replied.

“Oh, I don’t mind it when we’re driving, I like watching the scenery,” she had this tendency of contradicting me.

“Do you know when we get there?”

“Dad said just two more days once we start again.”

I looked at her, “He tells you everything!”

“What??” She said in mock surprise.

“He told you WHERE we were going before me.”

She smiled and touched her nose, “I asked,” and then reached over patting my hand, “Try it sometime, it works wonders.”

“Here.” I handed her my drink.

She tilted her head back and threw her long hair over her shoulders and settled back in.

“First thing I do when we get there is find the beach, I want SAND between my toes!”

“Ahhh,” I said like a sage


“Bathing Suit,” was all I said, picturing her.

“So? I want sun and water and sand for one whole week. We’ve already lost a day.”

I stared at her.


“Nothing. Nothing.”

“Come on. It makes me crazy when you do that.” She was leaning toward me, sipping from my soda.

“It’s only just. When you said that. It’s . . . I picture you in that bathing suit.”

She paused, remembering her show, then smiled.

I continued, “Laying out in the sand. I can picture it, that’s all.”

“Yeah well. . .” And she leaned low and forward looking up at me, “You can probably picture a lot after last night.”

I went beet red.

Then whispering, “You like looking don’t ya!”

“Shhhh,” I looked around. “I didn’t . . .”

She was smiling, playing with the straw, looking daggers at me.

“It wasn’t like that. I didn’t SEE anything.”

“I Bet! Head under the covers,” and she held an imaginary sheet over her head and looking down over her body. “Nope. Nothing!” And she put her hands back down.

I looked around. No one noticing.

There was silence.

She tipped her head down lower, let the edges of her dark hair touch the table top all around.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Blocking the light. Trying to see if I can get it to where it was and see what you saw. There!”

“Stop it!” I looked around again.

And talking down into the table, “Hmm. I think you saw quite a bit,” before she tipped her head back up, with an air. “And Hey! She swatted toward me, “How did my nightshirt get up so high?”

“Shh. Shhh,” and I was ready to get up now. People could hear. I was bright red. So embarrassed. I did not think this would ever come up today.

“I didn’t have. I had nothing to do with THAT. I swear.”

She seemed to sense going to far just then, and in as disarming a voice as possible, “I was just kidding. It was, no big . . .”

I was just staring down at the table now. Ashamed. She knew it.

She softened her voice further. “Jason. It’s no big . . .Jason. Jason! Look at me.”

I looked up.

“Listen. Truth. I sorta liked . . .you know, holding your hand. Having you there. It was nice. I haven’t held anybody’s hand in a long time.”

“Yeah, well, I’m your brother.”

She shrugged. “It’s just hands, And . . .” for a moment her eyes twinkled as she was lifting her hands to look under the imaginary sheet, glancing down and then back at me.

I moved to get up.

“Oh, I won’t go there. Sit.” She shifted in her seat and leaned to me again, “Come on Ok? It was ok. It’s just holding hands. I haven’t . . . I haven’t done a lot of things in quite awhile. . .”

“What? What do you mean?”

” . . . Probably why I liked it.”

I looked up at her.

“You know — THINGS!”


“Oh God. Boys!” Her eyes got big, “That I held hands with boys. Boys. THINGS! With boys. . . Forget it.”

Then I pressed further, “When have you last . . . held hands with a boy?”

She laughed, “Last night — you!”

“I’m your brother.”

She shrugged, “You asked.”

“When’s. . . the last time you been kissed.”

A twinkle in her eye, turning her head at the other tables and back again, she licked her lips and smiled. Put her chin up, “I kissed Sue Niels last week.”

“What?!” The surprise in my voice took her back. “You’re kidding . . .”

She glared at me. “I should NOT have said that. You have to swear. Never. . .”

I nodded, “Wow!”


“I swear,” I liked where this was going just then. “What did you . . .?” I was still nodding my head

“We were just practicing. It was stupid.”

“With tongues?” I whispered. By her look I got my answer. Now it was Sara who was blushing crimson.

There was a pause. She pressed and pulled the straw out of the lid of the cup. She continued, “You meant, kissed a boy.” Began thinking, “A boy. . . That would be. That would be Jack.”


“He took me to a movie, he kissed me . . .”

“That’s it?”

“Pretty much. He was lame.” She stretched, and shifted, “I didn’t like him much, anyway.” And she looked around, leaning in close to me.

I tried to press further, “Have you? Uh . . .”

“What?” Her head tilted to the side.

I tried to continue, “Have you, ummm,” her eyes were playful. “You know. . .”

“Say it!”

“Been, with a guy.”


“Yeah, uh, you know. The last time.”

“When did you become the Church Lady. God, Jason. I do not believe we are having this conversation.” But she continued to sit there, leaning close to me with her hands laying flat on the table.


“Sex.” She said the word almost as if to herself. “It’s been two years.” She said lifting her brows giving her a surprised look, listening to her own voice and then nodding her head up and down once. “Two fucking years. Not since Prom.”


She let slip.

I breathed out, “Brad?! Not Brad!! I can’t believe . . .”

She looked around. I had said that a little loud. She pointed her finger at me, “Swear that one too!”

I was chuckling. “You hated him. You treated him like shit.”

“It was Prom.”

“That’s your excuse.”

“I had a little that night,” she lowered her voice, “Ok? He got to be not so bad, uh looking that is.” She started to laugh. “God. Actually he WAS that bad.” She held her hand over her face. “God, I am so fucking pathetic.” She was going on. “Brad, Jack, holding hands — with you!”

Silence again.

“AND What about you?”

I knew I had to over-share now too. “Well, not since I broke up with Laura.”

“Well, that was at about the same time, when I graduated.”

“Yeah. Last time was at the end of your party. We snuck upstairs.”

“Are you shitting me.”

The Third Silence, as we thought back to our respective relationships.

She took a deep breath and then, “So, you thought my bathing suit looked nice huh?”

“Yeah.” I smiled.

She looked down at her body again. I know she was thinking about what I saw.

Repeating my answer, “Yeah.” She looked right in my eyes, said matter of fact, “The bottoms look a lot like the panties I have on right now.”

I was blushing again. I could feel heat rising up my whole body.

“Not the same as last night though. The ones you saw. THESE are a lot smaller,” and she smiled wickedly at me.

I remained calm and croaked out. “You looked nice.”

“Last night, OR when I modeled for you?”

I paused, “Both times.”

She smiled. I saw her blush a little, “You’re a good brother.”


The next night we were in the exact same place, the exact same situation. The car had to wait for parts, so we could not even travel at all that day. We had lost a day.

This time as I slid under the covers, she readily took my hand. We looked over at our folks who were already dozing off.

I gave her a squeeze, she smiled at me, “Goodnight.”

It was our secret.

I woke again at about 3 AM, and my mind immediately drifted to Sara, whom I could hear softly breathing next to me. Was her shirt lifted up again? I was so curious. She was not leaning against me tonight, I let my hand shift over toward her side of the bed, slid lightly to the middle. Touched her over the surface of the sheet and slid my hand softly over her body. The feel of her skin was unmistakable, bare skin beneath the fabric. I let my fingers drift lower, could feel just a string crossing her hip bone. The panties! The smaller pair she had told me about today. My heart was beating fast, I could not seem to catch my breath. I could feel the desire rising in me, I felt hot, already an erection pressing against my waistband as I tucked my arms beneath the sheet, and turning myself to her traced my hand lightly along her side, bare skin. What was I doing?

Her top was lifted all the way up to her breasts again. I lay my hand at her tummy, then sliding my hand down her abdomen I could feel the smallest of panties scooped low, tufts of hair right at the elastic. I lay my palm down on her abdomen again, and began to draw small soft circles on her skin, felt for her hip bone and traced its edge around her side and back again, just touching along the edge of her panties, feeling the thin string open to a small patch of fabric, felt the curve of her ass. Damn. She was right, and I rose my hand back up to her belly again, just below her navel. When, she took my hand in hers and lifting it off – back to her side.

When I glanced at her face, her eyes were open, she was still half asleep. She smiled at me lightly, whispering, “Our parents are right over there.”

But she still held my hand in hers, and I played with her fingers again. We let our hands slide along one another, rhythmically stroking our hands together. I let my fingers trace the center of her palm and up her wrist. We were holding hands just like last night, my right hand and her left hand. We were inclined toward one another, both with our arms reaching across ourselves to the other. She let me stroke her hands, responding to my caresses, holding her palms up for me when I stroked her there, curling her fingers for me, yielding each finger as I touched, just laying there with her head above the sheets, eyes closed. She was falling asleep again.

“Mmmm,” she was content.

I kept on touching her, stroking her wrists, tracing her arm to the elbow which crossed the center of her chest, between her breasts. Tracing my finger along her arms, across her collarbone and down her arm again, watching her lift her chin as I touched her there. I remembered that she slept with no bra. I could see her nipples through the T shirt beneath the sheet. I was feeling so close to her and for reasons I do not understand, other than it FELT right at the time, I let my hand which was tracing the path of her arm, drop onto her T shirt, onto the swell of her breast and opening my hand, squeezed my palms around her sweet soft breast. Squeezing her softly. I could just feel her nipple tighten beneath the fabric, pressing into my palm. Her eyes got wide, and I know she wanted to make a quick and sudden movement, perhaps get away. Perhaps say something. But wanting to maintain the silence, the stillness of the room, her only response was a widening of her eyes and a light stiffening along her length. But she did not move, she did not say anything.

For the littlest while longer, she did not move away from me, but while laying there and while letting me press and massage her soft round breasts through her T shirt, she was wide-eyed staring at me, and mouthing, “What are you . . .?”

I just mouthed back, “It feels nice.”

“Hmmm, Stop.” she whispered without moving.

And just as she began to move her hand toward mine, to ‘move it away’ I just let my hand settle back down onto her bare tummy as she lay her hand on top of mine. I didn’t move then. Nor did she. I didn’t look at her anymore. Just closed my eyes, feigning sleep. You could see my heart beating on the sheet which was pulled lightly across my chest, my arm reaching toward her, laying still once more on her tummy beneath, rising and falling to her rapid breaths.

And again we fell asleep like that. My hand, palm directly above her navel and her hand on mine. When I next woke, I could feel her hand on the back of mine, which was still laying on the bare skin of her tummy. She was stroking the length of my hand. I did not open my eyes. Tried to keep my breathing the same. It was so nice, felt so wonderful and warm. I desired her with every fiber of my being, I loved laying next to her, her smell, the warmth of her body, the feel of her hair. I loved holding hands in this silent room. It was no words, just touch, our senses together in the darkness, this odd blue light that filled the room.

I began to trace small circles on her tummy once again. I felt her pause with her hand on mine again holding me to herself. I know she was looking at me just then but I didn’t open my eyes. I was Sleeping. As the circling touch of my fingers grew larger she lifted her hand away and let my strokes grow larger on her bare skin. I wanted this to continue, to go all night if it could, last until it could not any more. I stroked her warmth across the softness of her center, beneath her ribs, within her hip bones, pressing and kneading, caressing. She lay still, inclining herself slightly toward me. I traced the line of her panties feeling them dip low between her hips, the top of which was at the very line of her pussy mound, I could even just feel the rise of her mound right at her inner thigh. I could feel the soft hairs below her navel, coursening to pubic hairs splayed above the panty line. And then back up to her navel again, drawing an odd little circle there, and tracing a line along her rib cage. I could feel her breath quicken. I did not look at her, but I knew she was awake, enjoying this as I was. I creased my eyes open, trying to see if her face was turned toward mine. But her eyes were also closed. We were sleeping.

Curiosity rose in me once more, or desire. I let my hand drift higher this time, above the edge of her ribs, along the sternum, and tipping my fingers under her nightshirt, risen up to just below her breasts, and began to trace the edges of her breasts, never rising beyond the soft beginnings of flesh, the foothills to her stiff little nipples. I could feel her heart beating madly, feel the heat which was rising off her body now. If the room were cooler she would be steaming. And then let my hand fall once again, down around her navel, laying my open hand across the plate of her hip, pressing down on her concave abdomen, and tracing, slipping down along the panty line. She was trembling, and I could hear her ragged breathing. Her eyes closed, she had let me, the allowance which had taken me this far. Why? I didn’t know. Sharing this secret between us.

And again, curiosity, her yielding, the feel of her body. I let my trembling hand cross right over her panties, tracing the thin fabric, running my fingers over that thin cotton triangle, touching, pressing the down on that mound between her thighs, held lightly together. I could feel the tangle of trimmed hair beneath, and I pressed my fingers onto the mound a little harder, massaging into the top beginnings of her pussy, feeling her opening to my touch, holding my finger tips likely just above my sisters clitoris, only the thin fabric separating my fingers from her. That center of her erotic soul.

And I heard it, the faintest little “Mmmm,” a lite growl. The little girl unable to control her senses. Felling into me. Letting me. Surrendering, if only a little. And I traced the fabric along her thigh, teasing, testing, the tips of my fingers sliding just beneath the edge of her panties, following the thin seam of fabric, laying my hand flat across her thighs and ever so lightly reaching in, into her panties. Feeling the bare skin of her abdomen, the mound of her pussy, that little patch of trimmed hair, touching bare skin to hair covered skin. Then sliding my fingers between her legs, touching directly over her bare puss, the folds of flesh, that line, just the other side of which would be wet. I knew because when I had briefly pulled my hand out and traced back along the fabric, pressing my hand still further between her legs, could feel the wetness on her panties.

Then laying my hand flat upon her abdomen glided softly lower and once more slipping beneath that fabric triangle, the tangles of hair rising through my fingers. To feel just once, her wetness. Curiosity, desire, and now obsession. Feeling her sex, feeling her open, her legs opening slightly to my touch. Her yielding. How far could I go? I pressed my fingers more firmly, plying and pressing her open until a wet ridge met my fingers tip, her opening was like a bursting of fruit. Instead of rubbing I was sliding into her. The juices within building along a dry line and now lubricated through her center, pulling her pussy open, feeling that hardening clit, sliding my finger along her slit, flesh wrapping around, and my finger touched into her pussy, the smell of sex rising. . .

And then . . . I knew that THIS had to end. She took my hand, lightly without opening her eyes, or warning or anything. Just took my hand. Wrapping her small fingers around my own wet fingers, and letting her hand slide along her own juces, letting our hands now slide together, wet and lubricated. It was electric.

Softly gliding along one another, and then settling me back upon the surface of her tummy. Safety! Back over her navel, centered beneath my palm. Holding it there like a treasure beneath both hands. A deep sigh rose from deep within Sara, she was smiling and turning herself to me leaning in, lay the lightest kiss upon my cheek, never opening her eyes. Her hair nuzzling around my neck and she lay there. My eyes opened wide in surprise, hers never did.

Again, the third time that night we fell asleep.


“Uh Jason. We need to talk.”

I put my head down and looked up at her. Aprehensive.

I knew what it was about, “Uh, Sara, I’m sorry. Sorry about . . .”

“You were pretty out of . . .line last night.” She was meeting my eyes and measuring her words.

“It was just. You. . .said you liked when we were holding hands.”

“Yeah.” A brief pause. “I said I liked that. We talked about that. We can DO that. But you were doing . . . a hell of a lot more than . . .”

I nodded. Looked down, “Ok. Well . . . You were playing with my fingers last night. And . . .”

She interrupted, “That was innocent, it felt nice. I liked that too.”

“And . . . I started to massage your wrist, and arm.”

“Yeah,” she said less committal.

“Well, that was ok?” I made eye contact, watching her soften just a little. I was establishing some culpability on her part. It seemed to be working. I continued, “You liked that. I heard you.”

She put her head down. “Yeah. It was . . . nice.”

“So when? When exactly wasn’t it nice?”

She shot her head back up, recovering herself. And she put her head low looking up at me, was she angry? “Hello! When you put your hand on my” — and she leaned in whispering, her ear tips were red peaking through her long hair, “Boobs!” She leaned still closer and continued, “Or how about when you slid your hands into my panties and started to rub my pussy . . .”

Did she say that! The tone of her voice aroused me immediately. I was hard, trying to adjust myself without her noticing.

She looked around, “Mom and Dad were IN the next bed. They could have seen us Jason.”

I nodded. “I lost it. I’m sorry. I said I was sorry. I won’t . . .” and I added, “Your arm was across your chest and I was rubbing your arm and . . . I couldn’t help it.”

She listened a little, looking around, her cheeks were red. We were both blushing, aroused.

I kept going, “You. YOU let me do it.”

She was silent

“For a little while. You did.”

“I shouldn’t have.”

“I said I’m Sorry.”

Silence. I was looking away, unhappy. I was ready to end the conversation and began to turn away, when her hand was on my wrist.

“Jason, we can hold hands. We can . . .” her voice trailed off. “That’s it!”

I noticed the pause and quietly asked, “What were you going to say?”

“It’s just that . . . I’m trying to decide. . . If rubbing fingers, the massaging is . . . was . . .”

“Too far?”

She nodded.

I was curious now, she was clearly conflicted. “How about. Your tummy? I was touching you there?” She looked up. “You held my hand right to your tummy. After . . . everything. And you even kissed me.”

Her mouth was a straight line. And she said, “I did.”

“Why?” I looked back at her, deep into her eyes. We were in this silent pause of connection.

She sighed, “It’s why we can just hold hands.” She started playing with her food, throwing her French fries at the plate.

“How about my looking? You knew I wasn’t asleep. I was looking at you, you know. You thought it was funny — yesterday.”

She laughed again, put her hair to the table briefly. “When did you become such a little perv. Because I don’t ever,” and she turned toward me at the table, met my eyes again and immediately stopped. We were connected, her and I, just then.

“Yeah, your hand on my tummy was nice. That’s why I kissed you . . . just on the cheek. Nothing more.”

I lifted in my seat and reaching out took her hand.

“It’s one of. . . one of my favorite spots to be touched. Makes me feel secure. Safe, I don’t’ know. It’s . . . we had a hard day. It was,” she paused, “Perfect, alone together in the dark. I’ve been feeling pretty isolated lately and being held that way is so . . .safe.”

“Is that all?” I interrupted.


“Holding hands. Playing with our fingers, laying my hand on your tummy. . .”

“We can’t be doing this. You shouldn’t even know what I like (she whispered).”

“But it’s harmless. You said so yourself. Harmless Sara.”

“Its just that . . .it led to more. Way more, more than we should be doing. You and I.”

“Is that what we were last night? I mean, it seemed like something else.”

She just looked at me. “I don’t know what you meean.”

“I didn’t feel like anybody. In fact I had no thoughts. It was dark, warm. We were holding one another, it was light years away. No sound, only touch and smell and . . .no thoughts. It just was.”

And she said matter of fact, “It’s been two years. We talked about that. For both of us and you know that. I feel things too, you know, when you’re doing that stuff. That harmless stuff. Things we shouldn’t.”

“But what did you FEEL?” I was curious.

“I’m not answering.”

“I felt your hip press up into my hand when I . . .”

“Stop it.” I could see her heart beating harder, causing her blouse to quiver. She was trembling.

“When did you FEEL it Sara? When we were holding hands. When I was rubbing your arm?”

“This is not a conversation.”

“When my hand was on your breast? Your . . .” I mouthed the word pussy. She looked away. “Sara?” I was trying to get eye contact again.

“Well answer me this. Sara, tell me, where is your favorite spot to be touched?”

“Well, your not touching me there again!” She was glowing now.

“No. No. No. That’s not what I meant. Safe I mean. Your tummy like you said before? You said ‘One’ of.”

She shook her head no.

“Tell me. I like this too. It is nice. Like you said it’s been two years for me too. The last two nights will never happen again. But Sara, I liked holding your hand,” and I squeezed her fingers, felt her respond. “It was all innocent.” She softly rubbed her thumb along the back of my hand, a little smile emerging as her eyes looked at our hands.

I repeated, “Holding hands,” I looked down at her thumb rubbing on me, “Rubbing fingers, your arms, your tummy, your . .” .

She looked at me.

I laughed, “NOT your breasts.”

She turned to me then, leaned in close. Still holding my hand, rubbing my hand with hers.

“You wanted to know my favorite place. Safe place I mean. You still want to know?”

I nodded my head.

“Ok. Just above my ass. You know, the small of my back. Just below the small of my back.” And she put her other hand back twisting in front of me. Pointing at it. “Right there,” looking over her shoulder then at me.

Her breasts were arched directly in front of my eyes, and her top fell away from her body a little as she did this. I was looking down her blouse, she noticing but letting me.

She turned back toward me, her eyes happy again. “That is my secret place. There I told you. Your right, it felt good. I liked it all Jason. See, but we can’t . . .it’s . . .”

I said simply, “Weird.”

She laughed, “Well weird. But in a good way. Special. That’s why I kissed you. At that moment in just that little speck of time everything did FEEL ok. It was just when I thought about it, later. . .”

“Well, lets not think about it. Come on,” and she took my hand as we walked away.


The car got fixed and we were back on the road again. We left shortly after our morning talk and dad drove about as solid as I can remember, trying to make up time but we were not where we were supposed to be yet, and so we were again trying to get a room for the night without reservations. There was a part of me that was excited, thinking – maybe. But there were two rooms tonight. A double and a double double, just like it was supposed to be. Sara and I looked at each other when we heard that. Sara just said, “back to normal then,” so everyone could hear. But it had special meaning for us. It was a relief actually.

We were a little quiet that evening, partly from being exhausted from driving for more than twelve hours. Late in the evening we staked out our respective beds and the one constant in all of this was her long T shirt and my boxers. We weren’t cool toward each other, it was more like shy around each other.

She pulled her covers back as she stood by ‘her’ bed and said, “Well I’m going to bed.”

And she stood there a moment, looking at me. It seemed odd somehow.

I nodded, “So am I.”

She voiced what I was feeling, “It’s going to seem so different having the whole bed to myself again.”

I didn’t answer and we turned out the lights. The room was a little darker than the other room and I could only see the lightest silhouette of her beneath the covers. I WAS relieved, but at the same time disappointed.

About an hour passed and unexpectedly I could not sleep. My eyes were open, my mind would simply not rest. I could hear her breathing in the next bed. Slight shifts on the mattress. Every sound kept me on edge for some reason.

I glanced at the clock, when I heard a soft whisper. “Jason.”

I just looked over into the darkness and paused briefly before saying quietly back, “Yeah.” My heart started.

“I can’t sleep.”

“Neither can I.”

“I was wondering. I think the reason I can’t sleep is that I got used to your hand on my tummy. Could I just crawl into bed with you tonight? Just that, like we said.”

I couldn’t believe it. I collected my thoughts. “Well, ok. But. . .”

She was rising from the bed now, smoothing down her long T, “It’ll be fine.”

“Uh, sure. OK.” I pulled back the covers of the other side of the bed, lay back down, closed my eyes.

I felt the mattress compress and spring back up as she slid in toward me.

“Thanks,” and she settled in right beside me, actually lifting her T shirt up above her belly and taking my hand and laying it onto her tummy.

The softness of her skin was so intoxicating just then, so unexpected. I could feel the warmth from her side of the bed emanate toward me slowly and I inclined myself toward her slightly. She also leaned her head so that it was just touching my shoulder. Her wonderful smell rising around me.

“We can’t make a habit of this when we get home you know,” I intoned.

“No. But we’re on vacation. I think part of it is being in a different place every night. It’s fine. Well night.”

I could see her close her eyes, could feel her breath against my cheek. She was right, we both drifted off to a sound sleep.

I woke to an incredible soft warmth, realizing she was pressed up closely along my length, my hand still on her tummy. I could feel her soft warm hair on my cheek and fallen down around my shoulders. It was beginning to feel like habit now. Familiar. Both her hands on mine. Again the blankets were pulled back, and we were simply beneath a single white sheet. As her hands were lightly laying over mine, I reflexively moved my fingers once again drawing those small circles around her tummy. She stirred lightly, and I noticed this time a change in her breathing; but she never opened her eyes, she just tightened her grip my hand.

In her groggy little voice, “Uh, uh. Be good. You have to.”

But then rather than drifting off to sleep, she turned away from me while still holding onto my hand, and bringing me along so that my arm was wrapping around her waist. I was holding my hand a little lower, right over her abdomen, my finger tips settling right at her panty line. We were spooning in the bed with my chest against hers and my chin right at her shoulder.

After what must have been about ten or fifteen minutes, of me laying with my eyes open, my mouth brushing into her hair as she was turned from me, I thought about that spot at the small of her back. Her hand was ever so slightly stroking the back of my hand now as we lay there, and I gently tugged it from her grasp. She gripped a little more tightly, but then let go and settled down into the mattress.

I leaned back a little and with my free hand began to rub the small of her back, massaging her there, sliding my hand along the curve of her lower back, down the swell of her ass and over her panties, touching my finger tips to her thighs. And I began to draw small circles right there at the small of her back, playing with the elastic of her panties, tipping my figners just beneath the fabric.

“Mmmm.” This little growl was all I heard, and she did not move at all.

As I rubbed her there, she was sort of tipping her ass back into my hand. I knew she liked this. I was scratching lightly, drawing circles, stroking her skin and I noticed that the area as she had said, just below the small of her back, was her favorite. For each time my finger tips passed there I could feel her undulate her hips, responding to my every touch. I realized that the lower I went the more she seemed to like it. The movement of her hips in rhythm to my touch was very arousing.

I began to slide her panties lightly and gradually down her backside, when I heard another girlish growl, she whispering back to me, “Oh, no, don’t. You can keep rubbing my . . .back. Just . . .”

But she moved not a muscle, not even turning her head, and I continued tugging her panties to just above where her legs parted. Her bare ass exposed to me. At one point I felt her lift her hips ever so slightly to aid my efforts, and they came down now just to her thighs. She appeared to continue sleeping, groggy, not moving. Only the lightest sighs, and her growl I had never heard before.


I believe it was half displeasure and half desire, a mix of equal doses. I was skirting along this edge of what she would allow, though the line was like a liquid line that seemed to shift moment by moment.

I could feel her heart beating on the surface of the mattress as I continued to rub the small of her back reaching still lower, even wrapping my hands around her bare ass, tracing the line of her panties down between her legs, and up crack of her ass, and back up along the small of her back. She developed a regular undulating rhythm to my touch. I was so aroused now that my cock was straining against my boxers and I actually released it, pulling my own boxers down my thighs as well.

Sara turned her head to look back at me, squeeking in her tired voice, “Damn you. I’m sorry I told you. Behave now, I need to sleep.”

I whispered back, “Feel nice?”

The growl again, “Mmmm, too nice.” And then, “You promised. Behave,” as she wiggled her ass, and reaching her hand back took ahold of mine. “Just Hold me.”

She grasped my hand and pulled my arm around her waist again and jumped back sharply on the mattress so her body pressed lightly up against my front. The result was that my exposed cock was actually resting right against her bare backside. We were skin to skin from our shoulders to our sexes. I felt her start at the contact, but she made no further response, just settling herself once again into the mattress and me.

“Hmmm, that feels nice,” she cooed. And as she said that she pushed her ass back against my cock.

I was afraid to move. I wanted to stay like this forever, I never wanted this moment to end. Beyond all my wildest dreaming. We began to fall asleep once more in each others arms.

She was so relaxed, her body was so soft and supple. I let my chest press against her and with abandon we let our bodies slowly twine together as we spooned one another, our every movement stimulating the other. I felt the rise and fall of her breathing against my whole body. She mewed like a kitten in my arms. And I believe that for awhile we did sleep.

When next I was conscious – if I was – it was from her soft fingertips stroking along my arm. As she rubbed me, I let my hand drift lower upon her, down her abdomen, slowly sliding my fingers into her panties and gently cupped her little bush for awhile, pressing my fingers in between her legs. I did it quickly in a single movement, and I felt the breath catch in her throat as I did it. I could feel just the slightest pressure of her pussy against my hand, as she pressed first forward and then back again.

I also let my cock settle down right up along the crack of her ass, and because I was so wet, it quickly became slippery down there. I could feel both our heartbeats as we pressed together, as I held her to me, my breathing warming her hair. I began once again to press my hand up between her legs, insunuating my fingers into her puss, spreading and opening her pussy lips. Feeling how wet she was once again.

As I was sliding my fingers on her sex, she moved a leg forward and to my pleasure I could feel her opening her legs to me, no conditions. With a soft sigh, she was surrendering to her desire. She was not going to take my hand away, as her hips began rocking forward and backward against me. When she slid her hips forward my fingers slid through her wetness and when she rocked her hips backward, curving her back and lifting her ass up as she did, could feel my cock sliding along the crack of her ass. And with each movement – forward and back – I let the head of my cock press lower and lower until it was brushing right over her anus. Our warmth and breathing continuing to rise as we slid ourselves together. I felt such a hunger inside of me as she passively received my touch, undulating her body, laying still with her eyes closed feigning sleep.

I was rubbing my fingers steadily against her now with a firmness that she could push ever harder against, and I could feel her positioning herself, guiding my fingers along her wetness. Showing me. Positioning her clit beneath my fingers perfectly, this hard little nub and I could tell how sensitive it was now. I was pressing its base, and stroking its length lightly as she pressed hard agains my hand, drawing circles around her wet shining clit. It felt white. God she was wet, and I could hear her breaths catching in her throat, panting and sighing, sometimes gasping, deep moans, the arousal rising and rising. The heat between us and out smells intoxicating us.

She was lifting Her backside up as high as she could and pressing back and back, seaching for the tip of my cock, turning her hips to me, until she finally guided me down between her legs instead of up along the crack of her ass, clamping her legs around my penis, holding my hardness tightly. As I continued to stroke her clit and pressing my finger for a moment into her vagina, feeling the tip of my cock as I did. She reached back between her legs with her hand, pressing her body against me, and wrapping her fingers around the head of my cock began tugging at me, pressing my hard cock deeply between her legs, opening her legs, wanting to be filled. I let go of her then and tipping my hips backward and forward, let my cock slide between her legs – enjoying the feeling of her frustration and hunger as she grasped my penis only to have it slide away. When next I pressed between her legs, I felt her fingerips on me and pressing the head of my cock, I let her press me right up inside. Delicious, exquisite. I pressed myself in. Could feel her close around the head of my cock, opening on all sides. I was filling her, and I pressed myself inside as deep as I could and held myself there. We were both clinging to one another in the dark room, the sheets fallen off of us, naked, sighing and gasping.

There was only this light whispered moan coming from her as I drew myself out and then pressed deep inside, over and over again.

“God damn you Jason.” She panted. “Oh, god, it feels so good,” as she pushed her ass back hard and I filled her once again.

I began rocking against myself her, sliding in and then out, my whole length as I was holding her puss from the front with my hand, began stroking her there, digging my fingers into her clit. Felling the flesh of her pussy, wet and loose on my fingers, sliding on her. Could feel my cock sliding inside.

She turned her head and I could see the whites of her eyes, “Happy? What you wanted?” and I leaned myself to her mouth, and kissed her. Felt her mouth open to me. Fucking and kissing in that dark, silent room. Deep soul kisses. She was turning herself to me and wrapping her arms around my head as we twisted together as I continued fucking her harder and harder, until we were trembling, shuddering, moving on the other faster and faster.

As I thrust into my little Sara I could feel her stiffen against me, “Ahhh, I’m cumming! Oh, fuck, god, Jas . . .”

I felt her press back her hips trembling against my body, pushing hard against my cock, spasming beneath me, turning so she was face down on the bed and I following, fucking her from behind. I rolled over on top of her, following her ass and fucking her with abandon. Her ass was lifted up in the air, the curve of her back arching down, her arms at her sides and her face lay sideways on the mattress, her hair spread out on the pillow. I fucked harder, sliding my whole length into her until my cum was rising.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum.” I was thinking of pulling out, spraying her on her back.

I could hear her, “Cum in me.”

Feeling it rise, I held my cock inside her puss, buried myself in her. She pushing her hips against me, wave after wave, filling her. We were crying out to one another in the darkness, sliding together, wetness and hair, and breath, until we collapsed upon the bed. I lay on her, nuzzling into her shoulder, her hair sticking to my cheeks. We were smiling and laughing, and I could see her looking back at me, eyes open now.

“You little shit.” As I lay my torso beside her, still inside.

I kissed her.

She reached down and felt my cock pressed inside her cunt, and simply said, “Fuck.”

She rolled onto her side and I pulled myself out, and I lay beside her. She just lay there with her arms over her head, still wearing her nightshirt which was stretched across the top of her breasts, facing me, looking at at me. The whites of her eyes. I was still hard and I watched and I took and rolled her the rest of the way onto her back confidently.

I said quietly in the stillness, “I’m not finished with you yet.”

She was looking at my cock, realizing what I wanted as I lifted myself over her and was complying now with my every touch and movement, how I directed her body beneath me. I was still so hungry as I lay upon her and settled between her legs, she opened her legs wide, lifting her knees up on either side of me.

Her cunt was gaping, wet and I lay slid my cock between her legs, and felt her lift her hips, letting me press my whole length right inside in a single stroke.

“You going to fuck me all night?” She cooed.

I could look down and see her body beneath me, breasts laying open. She reached her arms to the edge of her nightshirt and pulled it up and off over her head in a single motion as I fucked her.

I lifted hips slowly, letting my cock draw out of her and then slowly, excruciatingly pressing my whole length back in. Slow long strokes.

Her panties were still around her ankles, I could feel her trying to kick them off as well. We were naked. I looked into her eyes, could see her teeth as she held her mouth open, panting with each thrust. Her head tipped back, I began kissing her neck and she folded her arms around my chest and pulled me against her bare breasts, touching the sides of my hips with her thighs.

“Mmmm, not that I mind. Go on, go on, fuck me all night.”

I wrapped my arms back around her, holding her at the small of her back, began cupping her ass with my hands and stroking her ass as I fucked her, tipping my fingers between her legs. She held me against her and bringing her mouth to my ear began this stream of words.

“Oh just the way I like it. You fuck. . .ahhh, now what do we do, you bad boy. You like being inside me, this what going to happen when I hold my legs open around you now?”

I lay my mouth on hers and we kissed her soft, she lay her hands on my cheeks as my tongue pressed into her. Rising and falling on her, faster and faster. We were tracing our teeth with our tongues, pressing our mouths and our sex together, rising and falling.

“God you feel so good.”

In between kisses she continued whispering in my ear, “Am I your little girl? You know how bad we are?”

“Bad,” Said.

“You know. Are you going to punish me? Is this my spanking. Spank me. You like my little cunt. Are you fucking me?”

I lifted myself up and we looked down between our legs, I pressing down into her and rising again. This stream of words in my ear. I held her to me and began to fuck harder.

“That’s it. Fuck me, ahhh.”

I was pounding her now.

“Oh god. Wait. I’m sensitive. Oh God!”

I was going crazy. Her body meeting my thrusts, her legs held open, taking me. I was so hard for her, wanting her with every fiber of my being. My whole body began to stiffen. She held to me. My hands were on the mattress on each side of her.

“You . . . fucking . . . your . . . sister.” She panted out.

And with those words, I could feel myself cuming inside of her, filling her as she bucked hard against me, pulling me tight against her, rubbing her clit along the length of my cock, lifting her hips against mem, holding herself to me as I filled her with my cum. Filling her.

Her voice at my ear as I relaxed my body against her, felt our skin sliding together. Her voice at my ear, “Stay inside me as long as you can. We can sleep like this. All night.” and I fell beside her, we lay side by side, our hips together, my cock still hard and pressed inside her. “

Just stay there.”

I just breathed, “Hungry?”

“I warned you.”

And we lay still in the dark, She could feel my cock softening as I held myself to her, clinging to her and we drifted off to sleep once again.


At one point during the night, I have no idea when, I felt my hardness pressing against her once again, and I began positioning my cock from behind to slip once more into her pussy. No pretense, I just wanted to be inside of her. She started, and reacted by silently lifting her ass in the air and opening her legs. Positioning herself for me.

“You want a little more of that pussy down there huh?”

She felt my cock slide right inside, but then she rolled onto her back causing me slip out and turned around so that she was facing me and continued to push me back solidly onto the bed.

“My turn,” and she climbed up over my chest, and sat across my stomach, legs held wide. God she felt so good. It was strange being in the dark, with these wonderful smells of sex all around, and my body being pressed against the bed by Sara saying words like fuck and cunt and pussy.

I could feel her pussy hair pressing against my abdomen, and the opening of her cunny leaving this wet streak down my front as she slid lower and settled herself down onto my cock. I felt that hunger being satisified again, the delicious warmth of her as she slid down my body, positioning herself, finding my cock and sitting down on me. Wonderful waves of pleasure washing along my body and filling me with a heat that kept rising, as she kneeled above me, rising and falling on my cock. She was leaning herself forward until her breasts pressed to my chest, pressing her cunt along the base of my cock, so that she could literally press her clit against my length and catch a steady rhythm.

“You like my cunt? Say it.” She whispered out.

“I love your cunt. Your juicy little cunny.”

She just smiled, her hands pressed against my chest rising and falling above me.

I lay beneath her and held her breasts in my open hands, squeezing her, before letting my hands slide down around her hips and onto her ass. She could feel my fingers curl in and press into the crack of her ass. I slid my fingers lower until they pressed over her anus, and brush my fingers over the surface. Her eyes grew wide.

“Oh yeah,” she licked her lips. “You are a bad boy.”

She pushed against my fingers and guided me, encouraging me to keep pressing. Until I had a finger sliding up to the second knuckle.

“Keep doing that. Oh my GOOD, yeah,” she grunted and squirmed on me.

The relaxation in her voice was so intoxicating, the deep trill. The curves of her body above me open in every way. I had never seen her so wanton. Had never known how erotic and wild she could be. She yielded her breasts to me, arching her head back exposing her white neck. She had full red lips and nibbled at my arm as I caressed her neck. She was so filled with desire. I could feel her quivering breath. Her cheeks were mottled, she could barely breath.

“Ohhh, feels so . . . good. You like your little girls pussy? Oh, make me cum.”

“Mmm. My good little girl. Such a hungry cunt.”

She would whisper, “Finish me. Am I your little girl. Fuck me. Say it.” My hands were on her, moving her body against my cock, sliding her against me.

“My good little girl. I’m fucking you every way I can.” Pressing my finger into her ass, holding her tightly on me, rocking into her, guiding her clit along the length of my cock, and filling her, deep to the hilt. Faster we washed against one another. She pressing down harder and harder, throwing her hair back and forward.

“Oh, I Love my little girl. My good little girl.”

“No bad.” And she pouted.

We looked at each other with wild eyes. My little sister who used to take a bath with me, who used to be amazed at our one difference that made one of us a boy and one of us a girl. Who I grew up with and knew so well. Who I watched on so many evenings, and of the times I could have walked over and lay my hands on her. Who was yielding to me completely now. We fucked silently, steady in that darkness, until she began frantically sliding upon me, pressing into my chest, throwing her head down and then back. She was biting her lips so hard. Almost crying.

She quickened her pace and started crying out, her little growl, panting, straining her body against me. We came in one long continuous wave of dissolution, it was wave after wave after wave, until I was almost in pain. I couldn’t even tell if we were making noise or not anymore. My body stiffened and I could feel myself releasing ribbons of cum into her, and as it pulsed out of me, her vagina felt like a mouth drinking me in, sucking and quivering when her back arched and she came, thrashing, rising and falling above me.

Until we fell into our wet center of the bed. We were one. The sheet was wrapped and tied around our limbs, we were bound together, wet hair across our faces and in our mouths, between our legs. Sex on our breath. Sweat and her cum dripping from puss, leaking down her thighs. We fell tangled into one another, arms and legs, my cock laying limp across her thigh, and we tongued each other softly. Laughing, pulling her waist and hugging her to me. She was trembling to my touch. I just kept staring into her eyes as I kissed her, wrapping myself around her, pushing my leg between her thighs, rolling her onto her back.

She lay smiling looking up at me, “I just can’t get enough now.” And she rolled toward me, our bodies having become so united as one that I lost track of what was hers and what was mine. Our skin so soft, and moist, our every movement slippery and warm. Hair and teeth and bone.

We drifted off to sleep a third time.

Next morning we woke to soft sunlight streaming through the window. Laying naked in each others arms. The smell of sex all around us. I opened my eyes and there was Sara now smiling softly, her head settled into the pillow. She had a hand on my cock beneath the sheet, runing her fingers along its length. I could feel myself hardening.

She turned away, her ass settling into my lap guiding me inside her once more.

“Rub my back why don’t ya.”

Chapter 02

I was just opening my eyes as she tipped her back to me. The sun was streaming in our room and I looked down at the sheet which had pulled down exposing her narrow waist to me and I could just see the crack of her ass. It was my sister laying naked in bed with me. I had an instance where I felt this was one of those times that happen to you once maybe twice in your entire life.

“Come on,” she looked over her shoulder pouting. “You little shit.”

I lay my hands on the small of my sister Sara’s back.

I rejoined, “Little shit? I think you’re the one . . .”

She interrupted, “I don’t think that I was the one who fucked me last nigt. Four times!” She lifted the sheet up and looked at her naked body, “Nope, don’t think that I can do that with this equipment.”

“I was going to say, SEDUCED me.”

“Come on,” she was whining now and bouncing on the bed. I could see her breasts as she turned toward me. “Rub my back!”

I lay there with my hand on the small of her back drawing small soft circles on her. My cock had already grown so hard that it hurt and I began to shift myself so as to slide it into the crease of her ass as I massaged her.

“Ah, ah. No No. Just a . . .”

I kept pressing myself toward her and felt her ass tipping toward me, arching all the way back and I slid along the length of her between her legs.

I could hear her growl again, before she said, “God damn it. Stop!” She growled her growl again.

“I’m going to have to call you Tigger,” I laughed.

And we began to slide our bodies together, twining our legs into one another. I held my hands on her hips and began to guide myself into her. She was lifting herself up positioning on all fours and I was following her with my dick. As my cock slid inside she pressed back hard and I filled her entirely. She began to grind herself against me, when just then we heard a loud pounding on the door between our room and our parents.

“Shit shit shit,” I literally leapt back off Sara and off the bed onto the floor, away from view of the door.

My sister tipped her head up at the door and then dropped into the bed and grabbed the sheet up around herself. Luckily we had started out in both beds, so they both lay there with covers pulled down, disheveled.

My mom opened the door and stepped inside, “Are you kids ready?”

And she saw Sarah still in bed. “Are you still in bed?”

“Mom! I hate when you do that. We . . I could have been naked in here! I was waiting for Jason. . . He’s. He’s in the shower.”

I was laying flat on my stomach on the floor scootching myself close to the edge of the bed.

“I don’t hear any water.”

“Uh, he just went in there. Give us a few minutes mom.”

“Well dad wants us on the road by seven. We can get there by noon. If we leave on time.”

“We’ll be ready in fifteen minutes.”

“Ok then,” And she closed the door.

I let my head drop to the floor. Fuckin Aye!! that was close.

My sister threw herself back on the bed.

“We didn’t lock the door.” Then she started laughing and rolled herself toward me and looked over the edge of the bed down at me laying supine on the floor my head touching the carpet.

“Yeah, Mom. We could have been naked. Or . . . Fucking.”

Between gasps I said, “We’re idiots, you know that.” I could not belive how close we came.

She was laughing, letting the nervousness out. Still hanging her head over the bed she looked down at me and said, “You look like a dork” She lay her hand on my back. “My dork.”

There was just silence. It had been close. So much for that vision of a perfect morning.

“I told mom we’d be ready in fifteen minutes.”

My cock was still rock hard and it stuck out straight as I stood up off the floor. My sis took it in her hand, “Got a problem?”

“You could fix it.”

She was looking at it, “We don’t have time J.”

And she walked over, her naked ass bending in front of me, giving me a quick peek of her puss between her legs, before pulling her panties on. Next a little pair of short jeans and then a half top. No bra today.

She was dressed, just like that, I was still naked. She mouthed to me, “Sorry,” held out her hands.

I got dressed, the horniest I had ever been – ever in my life.

As we walked to the door, she cupped her hand over my cock. I let her. It stood straight up, almost poking out of the top of my pants.

“How is that possible? We fucked like four times.”

I just literally moaned, “I am so hungry for you right now.”

She laughed. Loving her effect on me.


We were in the car again, windows pulled up. The car speeding along — fast. Dad was mad. The goal was Daytona by noon, and already we were running ‘late.’

Sara was sitting on her side of the car, smiling and stealing glances at me. It was truly unbelievable what we had been doing to each other last night. I was so uncomfortable. I still had this horrible erection. After about an hour Sara slid to the middle of the back seat and sort of hung her arms over the middle of the front seat and started looking out the front window between mom and dad.

“Did you guys sleep ok last night?”

“Oh yeah. It’s not as dark as I like it. Better than the other night.”

She had this adorable little girl voice when she talked to the parents.

“You kids were comfortable last night?” Mom looked back at us.

I lay my hand on the small of her back just then, and she looked a wicked grin at me before continuing.

“Yeah, the beds were really comfortable. Sorry we were. . .”

And she paused lightly as I let my hand slip up and around to her front as I began massaging her breast which was just below and behind the front seat. Out of view. I had to have her. I could NOT stand it and there she was leaning right in front, right beside me in her little half top. I could see her soft swelling breasts pressing against her half top. No bra, just the pressure of her body against the thin fabric.

She continued, “ . . . late this morning.”

But she made no move to shew me away, she just sat with her arms slung over the seat. I massaged down to her bare tummy then and down further trying to press into her jean shorts which were hugging her hips tightly. While they set real low on her tummy, they were still too tight to get under.

She swatted my hand just then, but then after a pause she reached down and unsnapped every one of the buttons that ran down her front and looked back at me, biting her lower lip, and giving me a kind of ‘ok go for it’ look.

I wasted no time. I could not even sit still in my seat. God I wanted her! How was I going to get through this day?

And she opened her legs as wide as she could and sucked her belly in as I let my fingers slide under her panties and reaching reaching between her legs, into the soft tangle of hairs. I worked her shorts down her thighs as far as I could, she wiggling her ass to help me along. I slid my fingers into her puss and pressed her lips open wide. The softness between her legs yielding in my hand. Her pussy hairs were still a little stiff from last night. And I was pressing and slipping into her, as she lay her head down on top of the front of the seat. I could see her blushing, her lips going red the way they did. I was learning my sisters body.

“Why don’t you sit back,” said my mother looking at her.

“No. This feels nice.” She took a breath, “Comfortable,” my sister said looking me right in the eyes.

And she stayed like that as I worked her puss, she rocking her hips against me and sighing. Staying silent. I could feel her moving more steadily, slipping back, moving her hips to direct me onto her clit and I grasped it with my fingers, and she about jumped straight up.

She just said in diversion to her suddenness, “What’s that?” She would have pointed at anything just then.

Both our folks looking, “That’s . . . just one of those parks where they do outdoor safaris.”


She was getting ready to cum, I could feel her creaming onto my hand she was so wet. And then her shuddering shaking hips, her thighs tensing and twitching as she contained her orgasm in silence and fell down into my hand with her bottom. I could hear her exhale deeply. A deep satisfied sigh.

Without a word she closed her jean shorts and then settled back into her seat on her side.

I tried to sit forward a little and hide behind the seat and began to open up my own shorts. ‘My turn!’ I was trying to silently indicate ‘My Turn!’

She just smiled, shook her head ‘no.’ Then she let her hair drop in front of her face, and turned herself so she was looking out the window.

I was in such agony.


When we finally got to our hotel. This was it! We would be here for almost two weeks. My sister and I would share a room for two weeks! We got out of the car, found our rooms and I was after my sister within one second of closing the door.

She was backing away from me holding her hands out in front of her, “If you think I am going to lay in here all day!” She kept backing away laughing, “J!!”

“Oh come on. I did you. Come on. Please.” I was stupidly begging, “I can’t stand it.”

“I am going to the beach,” and she was pulling her half top off standing before me topless now, her perfect tear drop breasts. My cock was tenting my shorts.

She would have none of it. “We have plenty of time. Behave!”

I came around behind her and wrapped my arms around her. “Be-HAVE!” And she squirmed in my arms laughing, strugging against me. I was lifting her, “Jason BEHAVE!. . . I’ll scream. JA-S . .!!!”

I let go, and threw myself into a chair, she walked over to me, and trying to placate said, “I’ll let you undress me.”

I looked at her.

“But that’s it. Try anything else and I’ll change in the bathroom.”

She stood there topless. Some threat.

But I agreed and she let me ever so slowly unbutton her shorts and pull them down around her legs, down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. Now only in her white panties. I hooked my fingers around the string and slid them down letting my face drop down to her tummy and lower settling my nose into her muffin. The smell of her sex was intoxicating, so sweet. I was so hungry.


“Ja-SON!” and she jumped back. “You little fucking pervert.” And she took her swim suit in her hand and held two small pieces of fabric out to me. “Now dress me.”

I purred at the offer. I was this little dog. If I had a tail it would have been wagging.

I took the red top from her hand as she held it out to me. “Top first,” I said.


And she turned around. I looked up and down the length of her. Her bare back, her narrow waist perfect perfect ass. She had this fantastic pouty ass and wide hips. Her thighs parted right at her puss and you could see hairs dropping down dark between her legs.

“Wait,” I said. “Just a sec.”

She waited, and I began to take my own clothes off.

She began to turn.

“Don’t look.”

“What are you doing?” And I stood up behind her and wrapped my arms around her again touching her with my bare cock leaving a wet trail of cum on her bare skin.

“Jason behave. PLEASE.”

“I am.” I protested. I’m just putting your top on,” and I lifted the top over her head in front of her.

“Uh, huh,” she looked back at me . . .

and as I let my cock slide between her legs, my arms wrapped around her, she did not move. I brought the top around, she putting her arms through, I clasping the back. Through the endeavor, she was ever so lightly undulating her hips onto my cock. Slippery. Heaven!! I had her . . . But then stepping away.

And she next held out the smallest little red bikini bottom. The same one she had modeled only a week ago.

“Now these please,” she chirruped.

I took them bent down in front of her puss, looking right between her legs, and she stepped in. I pulled them up around her hips and now she was dressed.

She looked at me, now I was the only one who was naked. Second time today.

She pointed, “Sit on the bed.”

I complied.

“Now what are we going to do with you?” She held her hand on the tip of my cock and stared at it, not me, it.

“If I do this, can you PLEASE behave the rest of the day. You fuckin little perve.”

“Depends, what are you going to do?”

And she smiled and just went down in front of me.


I watched her open her perfect mouth and take the tip of my cock all the way into her mouth. No warning just slipping my whole length in, letting her white teeth scrape me lightly. It felt as if the room went white, her wet mouth sliding on my head. I lay my hands on her, curling my fingers in her hair. Melting into her.

And then she pulled her mouth back and looked up at me smiling her white teeth at me.

“Is it a deal? I take care of this thing and you behave the rest of the day?”

I nodded. “Promise,” I croaked.

And she tipped her mouth down and so lightly kissed the tip.

“MMMMM,” I was so aroused, every pent up desire was releasing at once. I just said, “I needed this all day. Oh fuck, so good.” I was watching her head tipping back to my cock.

And she said, “I WAS a bit of tease.”

And then she opened and slowly let her lips part around the tip of my cock, slower this time and began to pump her head up and down in a perfect steady rhythm. With her right hand she wrapped her fingers around my balls and let her fingers tipple back so she was rubbing the surface of my anus and she continued to suck on me. I let her set the pace. I wanted this to last forever. Just laying my fingers on her, playing with her soft hair.

As she quickened, she also let my cock sink deeper into her mouth. she could take my full length and I watched her head move back so that her mouth was wrapped just around the tip and then steadily back down the full length of my cock. I felt her begin to press her finger into my anus and slide her finger up into me and then press forward toward my cock.

That was it! I could feel the cum rising inside. And I began to buck lightly into her mouth. She let me. I began to cum in a wave that left me falling back in my chair. She was literally holding me in place by her finger in my ass and pulling me toward herself. She began to suck and drink the cum as it sprayed out, again and again.

“So good. Oh my god,” I whispered, turning my head to the side, tensing my thighs around her, closing my eyes. This wave of pleasure and release.

She brought her mouth back, her bright red lips, now smiling up at me. Her white teeth. That sparkle in her eyes. Tipping her head back, brushing her hair out of her eyes.

I breathed out, “That was the . . .I never”

She just said, “Now get dressed.”

I pulled my swimsuit on and as I was walking out the door she cupped her hand around my swimsuit feeling my soft little member.

“Now that’s better.”

She walked out the door in front of me, sand immediately beneath our feet, and I watched in utter amazement at the sway of her hips as she headed toward the ocean.

Our secret.


We found a nice secluded area of the beach with one of the cabana structures provided by the hotel and lay our stuff out there. I tended to remain in the shade. She was going to sun herself, and I knew that meant very short times on each side at first, and then longer and longer until she was out a good chunk of the day. Tanning was a very delicate art.

Mom and dad came out shortly and settled in, also in the shade their out of shape white bodies plopping down in two nearby chairs. Relaxation. I usually would sit around for a while but then would go around and find the activities of the place. I wasn’t one to just sit around. But Today! Today I could have lain there and watched my sister spread out on her towel surounded by white white sand all day long; but thought I should stick to my routine.

“A day late and a dollar short, but this is what we came for,” my dad grunted as he sat back in his chair.

“Can’t plan for everything,” says mom.

“ I think this has been a great vacation so far daddy,” chirrups my sister. I am looking straight up her legs. She catches my eye and says, “Jas could YOU put on some of this sunscreen for me?”

Fuck. The little bitch.

She knew what she was doing and she smiled all innocence, and looked down at my suit.

“I uh. . .”

“She isn’t going to bite you,” says mom.

“I didn’t want to get up is all.” I was hugging the towel to myself.

She held the cream out to me. “Pleaaase?” Her little girl voice, both parents looking at me.

I rose and carefully knelt by her, whispering, “Little bitch.”

She laughed. “Behave,” she whispered back. And rolled back onto her stomach.

I dollaped a small amount on my hand and began at her shoulders, the soft skin sliding beneath my palm, sliding my hand along the curve of her shoulders, only a thin string for her bikini, and could feel my cock twitch and harden. I let my hands slide lower around the edges of her ribcage, glistening from the sunscreen in the sun. soft white skin. And then that small of her back where I tippled and drew small circles there, she lay her head to the side and smiled at me, pushing her hips ever so lightly into my hand. That curve of her hip back into my hand was so erotic. I was looking at her and could perfectly picture her bare ass laying down before me. I went rock hard.

“My legs too.”

Another dollap and starting at her calves rotated my hands around the back of her legs and up up to her bikini bottom and then even up over her bare ass following the line of her suit to the small string at her hip. One leg then the other. I was down on my knees. She loved that too! I had dressed her naked body not half hour ago and now she had me rubbing her in front of mom and dad. I was going to go crazy.

“Thanks,” she breathed out not moving.

I now could not turn around to go back to my chair, so I simply rose and began walking away from everybody. I looked rediculous.

“Where you going?” Mom called out.

Sara lifting her head to look after me.

I looked back, to see her laughing.

“I’m just going to see what there is to do around here.”


Sara was laughing so hard she couldn’t hardly sit when we were back in our room. She was bending and clapping her hands together.

“You looked pretty paniked there,” she said catching her breath

“You shit,” and I swatted at her.

“Uh, I’m just going to see what there is to do around here,” she mimicked my voice. She finally wandered to the corner of the room, laughing still as she fell into a chair. “You find anything interesting J??”

She was sprawled out on the chair still in her swim suit, one leg hanging over the armrest and the other sticking straight out onto the floor. The effect being that her legs were held wide open in front of me.

“Ha ha ha. You couldn’t even turn around!”

I ignored her simply answering her question directly, “They have jet skis, and para-sailing. I’ll be able to do that tomorrow. I signed up. Pretty cool”

“Good, good.” She cooed more to herself, calming down now. Silence. She was looking down at herself rubbing her tummy.

I continued to fill the silence, “I had fun.”

“I bet you did.” She was looking down at herself. “Do I look tanner?” She pulled the top of her bikini down a bit,showing just a little of her boob to me.

“Uh,” I was staring openly at her body now splayed out on the chair her top half pulled down. “Not really. I can’t tell.” I stepped a little closer.

“I don’t want to burn. It takes awhile, escpecially at first. I think its perfect, for today.” She lifted her top back into place.

“So do I.”

She looked up, smiled. “This vacation is not what I expected.”

“Tell me about it.”

“How could we . . . did you expect that we, uh… would, you know.” She lay her hand over her puss between her open legs. And then she just made a ‘clck clck’ sound

“Not in a million years.” I was drawing to her like a moth to a flame. Where was this going?

She said half to herself, “We shouldn’t,” and she was rubbing her stomach again. She looked up at me, “You know that don’t you?”

I was silent. There was quiet for about a minute before I asked, “Well . . . What do you want?”

And she looked out the window for quite awhile, the light of the beach shone brilliant against the shaded room. Her red bikini barely covering the center of her opened legs. I could literally see the swell of her puss, the crease. Her hands stroking her tummy, tippling the edge of her bottoms.

“The question. . . What do I want? What SHOULD I want is more like it. But . . . what DO I want?” And she looked at me again, smiled. “You behaved today.” I could see her hips undulating ever so slightly.

“You didn’t.”

She laughed put her hand over her face. “I guess I didn’t. But you deserved it!”


“Just . . . because. Because . . .I don’t know. This morning!”

“You made me crazy today. All day. All the time all day.”

Silence again.

I went back to ask, “What do you want? Sara??”

“Bird Dog.” And she made like she was shooting something.

She looked out the window again. Hips undulating lightly. And then at me.

“Right now.” She was staring directly into my eyes. I could see her breathing change. She was contemplating her words, “Right now, I Just want . . . you to eat me out.”

My heart lept into my throat.

She was still lounging, unmoving, staring at me. “Right now.”

I froze.

“Can you do that? Lick my cunt. It’s what I want.”

I nodded my head.

She laughed. “I gave you a pretty good blow job, your turn. I haven’t had good cunnilingus since, like fucking forever.”

She rose from the chair, “I think You’ve opened Pandoras box here.”

“I think it’s your box I opened.”

She glided over to me and then took my hand. “Come on. Undress me.” She lay out supine on the bed, raising her arms above her head pulling me along behind her.

“Do anything you want to me.”

I lay my hands on each side of her bikini bottoms, and she lifted her hips and I slid her bottoms off in one motion.

She smiled and looked up at me. “I love you you know.”

I nodded and sat down on the bed between her legs.

She kept looking up at me, half sitting and lay her hand on my arm, “That’s a problem isn’t it?”

She opened her legs around me. I began to massage her tummy, letting my hands carress her thighs, inside her thighs brushing the hairs of her puss. “Mmmmm,” stiffening like a cat. She reached back and unclasped her top and then slid it off as well. I

I was trying to find the words, “I . . .”


I continued to stroke the inside of her thighs up to her center, her open puss still swollen from being fucked the other night. Moving closer I lay my whole palm over her mound, covering it completely; and then so gently pressed her open with my middle finger and ran it from the top of her mound through her pink line, her pink center. The smell of sex rose around me. She was so wet. And I bent down my face and nuzzled further up into her puss, putting my nose right where it had been when I had undressed her – and dressed her for the beach. She could hear me inhale deeply.

“You like my smell?” she purred to me.

“I love your smell.”

“Mmmmm.” She pushed herself into my face, lay her hand on my head and I rubbed my nose along her length.

“Mmm, Yes. What I want.”

And I began to lightly lick the hairs of her puss, the outline of her cunny. She had cut the dark hairs very short for her bathing suit. Her puss lips puffing out, skin and thin hairs, I pressed my fingers and opened her like a small fruit, pulling her lips wide white with cream and then slid my tongue along her pink center and she arched her back pushed me into her.

I looked up at her, my wet face, cum on my chin and her head was tipped toward me, dreamily eyeing me and smiling, “You look like you’re enjoying me.”

I lapped at her, nibbled, chewed sucked like this forever. Forever and ever. I never would stop. I lay my hands up around her hips, wrapped my hands under her ass and held her like a platter of milk. She played with my hair, and tugged and pressed directing me silently where she wanted me to go next.

I licked from the bottom of her puss pressing my tongue into her vagina, fucking her with my mouth and then sliding firmly up to her clit with my flat tongue. I tippled around her clit until she could not stand it and would push me lower, feeling her get more and more aroused. Her cheeks glowed red and her mouth was open, I could see the tops of her teeth, her breathing became ragged and she had this steady undulation of her hips into my mouth.

Her clitoris when it was hard would poke out like a little finger and I could put my mouth around it and suck. She would press me down and I could hear her breath catch, “ah, ah.” Her clit was hooded and I could lap beneath the edges and around the bottom, and feel her push as hard as she could, I quickened and sucked her there. That hard little tool at the top of her puss, how it loved to be played with.

Between gasps, as I pressed my tongue hard against her, she said softly “Mmmm, so nice. So . . .good. You take your time. Keep . . .”

I tipped my head up and met her eyes.

I let my fingers press up into her and reached inside. She opened her legs wider for me and I curled my fingers up into her and rubbed the rough walls of her vagina until she was undulating around my finger. Quicker now, harder, she was not so sensitive and I pressed my tongue against her, dug my fingers inside. She was bucking against me on the bed, squirming, rolling back and forth squeezing her thighs around me.

I could feel my cock growing so hard again. I had my T shirt off but my swim suit was still on. I backed my backside up by my sis, and said. “Take em off.” She said not a word and began to slide them down my legs.

“Cute . . . ass.”

“It’s all yours.”

She reached her hand out then and began to strock my cock, hanging on as I continued to suck on her little cunny. I could feel the trembling in her belly. The movement, the arching of her back, whispering to no one in particular, “Oh god. Yes. Oh my god. So good.” And her cries were tumbling out of her, she went compeltely rigid and squeezed her legs around my head so tight it hurt.

She was utterly surrendering beneath me, liquid. I could do anything to her. And she began to fall into me, and shiver, and cry. Her hair was across her mouth and she panted. Turning to her side, crying out. Oh, This little girl who was disheveled, naked, my hungry little slut sister getting what she wanted. What she wanted: Me eating her out. Sucking on her cunt. And she came, creaming white around my fingers, in my face and crying, then settling onto the bed, relaxing again, falling down into the bed, her one hand fallen on her breast, the other stroking my hair.

She opened her eyes, glowing, exhausted.

“Fuck. What am I going to do with you?”


There wasn’t even a question that night. We went into the bathroom, took off our clothes and crawled naked into bed together – locking the door between rooms. Turning out the lights.

She rolled toward me lightly, expectantly, the mattress shifting beneath us.

“Hold me,” was all she said tonight.

I wrapped my arms around her and she settled her head into my shoulder, she lifted her eyes to mine and then kissed me. Lightly, slowly. All the time in the world, we knew what we were doing tonight. This soft tongue tracing my teeth finding and playing with the tip of my tongue. Putting her mouth around my lower lip and sucking on me. Kissing me over and over. We twined our bodies together and trembled beneath the one sheet letting it fall down around our waists. I rolled my chest on top of her and pressed her into the bed, still kissing her wrapping my arms around her waist pulling her to me.

I let my hand wander down as we kissed like this squeezing and pressing her breasts and found her puss again; pressing my fingers into her, opening her again. We could fuck a hundred times and I was unsatiated. A hundred more and still like the first time. She melted beneath me.

“We are so bad. I warned you didn’t I.” She was breathless, mottled. Her hair splayed around her. Only sense and flesh and smell.

And she pulled me on top of her parting her legs loosely, relaxed. I pulled the covers down, exposing her. God she was so natural, sensual. I could smell sex rising from her body, the heat rising between us. I nosed down between her legs while pressing and needing her tummy and breasts. She, putting her hands on top of mine. I was hungry and loved her familiar smell, my smell.

I lapped at her with a flat tongue for a little while, drinking in her taste, and then rose back up kissing each of her breasts and then kissing her on the mouth again.

“Do you like the way you taste?” I asked.

She looked at me as we kissed. “I love the way I taste in you.” The relaxation in her voice was so erotic just then, the deep trill. That growl. The curves of her body beneath me open in every way. She yielded her breasts to me tilted her head back exposing her soft neck.

She had full red lips and held her mouth open breathing in my ear as I caressed her neck. I could hear her breath, “You going to fuck me?”

And I let my cock slide up into her pussy as she said that, pressing her hard into the bed, rising between her legs and sliding into her feeling the wetness and heat tighten around me. She was so filled with desire. I could feel her quivering beneath me. She could barely breath.

“Ohhh, so . . . good. You like your little girls pussy? Are you going to fuck me all night. Again?”

“Again and again and again.”

“Jason? Am I’m your little girl. Your little sister? Say it to me, fuck my cunt.”

And I let myself slide deep into her, filling her, deep to the hilt. “Oh, I Love my little girl. My good little sisters cunt,” I whispered into her ear.

“Oh, So bad.”

She brought her knees up around me, I split her open, she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me onto her as tightly as she could, pulling me in as far as I could go. We kissed and carressed. I pressed and slid filling her, holding her down with my cock and began to rise and fall upon her once more. I cradled my arms beneath her waist and then her ass. I was lifting her up off the mattress as I fucked her. Pressing her down and lifting her up again. I let my fingers slide back and back until my finger was sliding over her anus – as she had done to me. Stroking her anus and then pressing my finger up into her little ‘rose.’

She opened her eyes wide and stared at me. “Oh, that feels . . . good.”

“You like that? You did it before, remember.”

She nodded her head, and tipped back into the pillow, arching herself beneath me and I continued sliding in and out of her with my cock and my finger. “I want to fill you up.”

“Fill me up, everywhere.”

Royal Nuru Massage London

I was pressing so deeply, cradling her at the same time.

“I never want you to stop. Oh my god. . . What you do to me.”

I pressed my second finger into her and she dropped into the bed, I could feel her whole body tense, I could literally feel her heart beating in her vagina.

I held her this way, filling her completely. Sliding into her, and then rising until my cockhead played at her opening and then back and back, over and over so softly, rising and falling feeling her yeild to me. Softening beneath me, holding me as I washed upon her. We were one. I could smell the heat and sex between us, hear her receiving me and letting me go. Her wet cunny slapping against me, over and over.

This little girl just a week ago had modeled that little red bikini, and was embarrassed when I saw the small puss hairs sticking out. We fucked silently, steady in that darkness, until she began to frantically claw at my back and press her puss hard up into me.

I quickened my pace. I pounded her into the bed, she was pushing back as hard as she could. We came in one long continuous wave, until I was almost in pain. My body stiffened and I could feel myself releasing ribbons of cum into her, and as it pulsed out of me, her vagina felt like a mouth drinking me in, sucking and quivering when her back arched and she came again, and thrashed beneath me. We were crashing together. I had to literally pin her to the bed with all my weight.

We lay naked on mattress, sheets laying down at our feet, but we were bound together, wet hair across our faces and in our mouths, between our legs. Sex on our breath. Sweat and her cum dripping from my chin. She was shaking, her hairs in my mouth. I just kept staring into her eyes as I kissed her.

She lay silent, a finger curling her hair, unmoving, eyes closed. I was still hard inside her. I lifted my hand up from beneath her, took my finger from inside her and shook her lightly. She did not move. I took her head in my hands and turned her face to mine. She opened her eyes.

We lay like that for quite awhile. My cock still hard, still inside her and I gradually began to move once again. She looked down the length of her body to see my cock and she laughed.

“You’re still hard? Oh my god, I can’t even move.”

“Should I keep going. You ok?”

She tipped her head to the side, her eyes closed. “Don’t ever stop.”

I began to move upon her unmoving body. She was exhausted. I don’t think she had come down from the orgasm she had just had.

She whispered, “Oh, go slow. I’m sore.”

I stopped. “No. Keep fucking, don’t stop. I love it, it hurts so good.”

Another time she said, “I feel like your splitting me open Jason.”

I began to rise and fall, the hard length of my cock reaching up into her. Back and back and back. I could feel the cum rising again, but I had been making love to her so long that it was like it was farther back inside me, cumming cumming a greater distance. And then I was falling on her filling her and she was cuming with me again beneath me, our bodies wet with sweat, sliding against one another. Her tummy was literally dripping and I could slide along her front. Wrapped tightly holding ourselves together, she was scratching my sides as we fell exhausted into one another, and then simply fell asleep.

I have no idea when we actually fell into sleep.


Near morning she woke and snuggled tightly against me. Skin to skin. I wrapped my arms around her so that she was nestled into my chest like a coccoon. Her leg was lifted and set between mine. My cock was laying along the length of her belly. She opened her eyes at the same time I did, and kissed my chastely lightly on the lips. Then she turned herself around and nestled herself back into me, placing my cock perfectly at the crack of her ass.

I, of course, went immediately hard.

I heard her groan. “That wasn’t such a great idea was it.”

She let me slide my cock between her legs. “Just for a little minute, but I’m sorry – I’m too sore,” she whispered. So I so gently just let my cock slide between her legs.

After only a little while she growled lightly and said, “Oh God. I am so hungry for you. God damn you . . . Put your fingers in me. Like last time.”

I remembered immediately what she meant. And so I reached down and slipped one finger up into her ass.

“Mmmmm God soooo good.”

And I let her undulate on my finger which was pressed deeply inside her in the dark, after awhile slipping a second finger inside. She was so wet there still.

“No one ever done that to me before.”

After awhile I took my fingers away, and she protested lightly until she realized what I was about to do next and she went deathly silent, still. I took my cock and slid it into the crack of her ass and let it slide around her anus, letting my cum soak her there. Her juices were everywhere and she realized . . .

I placed the head of my cock right at the opening of her ass hole. She reached back and took my arm. “I don’t know about THAT!”

I just said, “I’ll take it slow. See how it feels. Its better than my fingers.”

And she let go, laying silent and still, tilting her hips back to meet the head of my cock. I pressed and pressed. She began to press back as well positioning herself, arching herself. I could feel her begin to open to me, her tight little ass pressing, and stretching around my cock; but then she would pull herself away.

And then she would say, “Oh, I don’t know.”

I would try once more. Then at a moment that was pure heaven, I felt just the tip, the head of my cock drop into her. Her anus clamping down around the head of my cock, and at that moment I held perfectly still. She also did not move.

I could hear her moaning now. “Oh my god, Jason! Oh that feels . . . Mmmm. No no no further. . . Just stay there.”

But I was so aroused, I was shaking now and I began to undulate my hips ever so slightly when she pulled away from me again and turned toward me. “I think. I think I’m just to small for you there. It hurts. It feels good, but just a . . . little. I don’t know.” Her little girl voice, and she showered me with kisses.


Oh I needed to cum just then. I was inside her tight little ass just a moment before she pulled away.

I said, “It’s fine. It’s fine. We’ve been pretty experimental today.”

She kissed me, and I could see her dropping back off to sleep her breasts rising and falling with her breath, the sheets down around our waist, and my cock harder than it had ever been.

I lay there and stroked myself in the dark, until I came into the sheets with visions of my sisters ass.


Next day I had decided on a mission.

A secret mission, that would be like a fortuitous accident.

We got up the next day the way we did now. Another comfortable day of dressing, undressing each other. Standing at the bathroom mirror naked as I showered. Kisses and touch, sun and sand. Lotions and shade. Warmth and relaxation.

But I had a mission today.

I wandered into the City near the beach and found the shop. A little sex shop and went inside. At noon we were going to take a little nap, we told our folks. But when we got to the bed, on my sisters pillow was a little plastic box.

“Open it,” I said.

“Is this where you went today?”

“Maybe. Just open it.”

She lifted the lid and looked at me. It looked like a ring box and I’m sure she thought it was jewelry of some kind.

“What is it?” She took the shiny clear plastic object out of the box. It was tapered and had a soft narrow top that tappered down to a blunt point.

I took a breath, “It’s called a butt plug.”

Her eyes went totally wide. Almost a look of panic.

She kept turning it in her hand, sitting on the bed in her bikini.

I continued, “It’s for uh, when your too tight. Uh, it loosens you up.”

“Perverted,” was all she said as she stared at the shiny object turning it in her hand.

“I thought you liked it. Last night I mean.”

She nodded, kept staring at it.

“How does it work?”

“This end here.” I pointed. “You press it into your little rose.”

“My rose?”

“Your ass.”

She laughed now, clapped her hand together. “You named my ass Jason.” And then she asked, “Does it hurt?”


“It’s gradual. You build up, bigger and bigger for. . .”

“Ohhhh.” She gave me a sidelong glance.

“I got the kind with the flat top, so it uh doesn’t show.”

She looked at me. “How long do you. . .”

“You put it in as long as you want. The longer the better.”

And she was up off the bed, pacing. “Will you, uh, put it in?”

“Sure!” It worked I thought. Smiling. “Here.”

I grabbed her bikini bottom and pulled it off, she just stood there without even the slightest resistance. Her little bush standing directly in front of me now.

“Lets try. I want you to put it in.” She was still turning it in her hand as I was pulling her bottoms off. “This one is pretty big.”

“I thought I would get a medium. I have three.”

Her eyes were wide.

“Three sizes. This is the smallest of the ones you got? . . .Um Ok, I want to try it. What do I do?”

“Get on the bed.” She did. “Now uh put your ass in my face.”

She laughed. “Can do!” And she backed her ass into me, wiggling her hips and looking back at me.

“Be careful,” She set on the bed doggy style looking back at me.

I could see the cute little pucker of her ass.

I took the plug, placed a little of the lubricant on the surface and touched her anus and then pressed lightly. Harder and harder. It pressed into her slowly, and she was arching her back to me.

“Oh god. Mmmmm. So bad. Could we be any worse?”

I looked at her with a wicked grin, “Lets wait a few days and see.”

And then it pressed all the way in and I could feel her anus clamp around the narrower part, but open now about a half inch.

“Oh my god, I can still feel it.” It fells like when your fingers are in me.” And she got up and started walking around. “Mmmmm, when I move. I’ve never felt like this before. Feel how wet I am.”

And she stood in front of me with her little puss pouting in front of me.

I cupped her puss and pressed my fingers into her. She dropped her hair in front of herself. And she was so wet, I could feel the juices running out of her. This ripe piece of fruit.

And she was cooing the whole time. “Oh my god, press your finger all the way in. Finger fuck me. Oh, yeah. I can feel it when you do THAT.”

And I felt her come right at that moment and her knees began to fold as she tipped her ass into me. She began to kiss me then, tilting my head back and we fell into the bed for our ‘nap.’

“Fuck. Oh my God,” she cooed.


We were walking along the ocean shore, her hips swaying in an exaggerated motion. I knew she was trying to move so that she could feel the plug at all times.

After about a half mile up the beach she took my hand.

“I hurt.” She was looking up at me.

“It hurts?”

“No. Not what I said. I said ‘I’ hurt. I have never been so fucking aroused my entire life. . . Jason?”


“Can we fuck with this thing still in me?

I want that.”

Chapter 03

“What a great tan!”

My sister Sara was checking her tan, approving of herself, cupping her breasts with her hands, and looking up at me, “What do you think?”

She was standing naked at the foot of ‘our’ bed, her arms held out, turning front to back. I was reading a magazine, but stealing glances of her at the same time. She had such perfect little boobs, looking like white little triangles with nipples set like jewels; lower down this dark tangle of pussy hair standing out against another white triangle of flesh set below her navel, the real box of treasure; and these little lines running around her hips, over her shoulders, across her back.

I looked up from my magazine, gulping. Drinking her in. I could smell sun tan lotion. Remaining calm. “I think I like the parts of you that haven’t been tanned.”

She put her hands on her hips, stuck her tongue out and began to dance around the room, peeking at herself in the mirror.

I could see the circle of a little butt plug poking out from her ass cheeks I had pressed into her several days ago when her back was to me… Did I mention that I was also naked on the bed?

I was back to reading my magazine, when she hopped up on the bed, flipped her leg across me and sat down, hovering her puss over my cock.

“Say you like my TAN.”

“It’s, ok.” I was reaching up with my cock, feeling it stiffen almost immediately as I tried to touch her, brush her hairs as she lifted herself away. I let myself drop back on the bed.

“Uh, uh. No No No. Say it. Say I have the greatest tan EVER!”

I looked at her.

She was biting her lip, up on her knees, leaning slightly forward, a little pout. “It’ll be worth it.”

“How worth it?”

And she set her puss down ever so lightly, briefly tickling along my cock. I could feel her soft hairs just brush the underside of my dick, touch my balls. The weight of her, the parting of her pussy, her warmth, and then she lifted herself back up.

“Oh my God that felt good.” I closed my eyes.

“Pretty worth it…And… I’m Pretty horneeeee!”

I lay my hands on her thighs, looking up at her, she lay her hands on mine. Sara’s dark hair was fallen down around her shoulders, I could see her white teeth as she held herself above me.

“Damn, girl, you have the best TAN I’ve ever seen!”

And the next moment she fell down on me, her body spread along my whole length as she ground her pussy down onto my cock, rocking back and forth, sort of wrestling with me, pinning me to the bed. I gave no resistence.

“Lay still,” she breathed in my ear.

And she sat back up, took my cock in her hand and pressed it up between her legs, positioning herself, nuzzling my cockhead along her slit and then set back down, exquisite. I could feel myself slide into her in slow motion, watching myself disappear into her heat and warmth.

She was sitting on me again, her nails digging into my chest, my cock pressed straight up inside her. She paused like that, only the smallest movements of her hip that was involuntarily sliding around on me, and my own breathing. Our hairs tangling together between our legs.

She was looking at me, smiling, “Was I right? Hmmmm?”

“Oh, You feel SO good.”

I reached around her waist and down along the crack of her ass, pulling her toward me a little and reaching, reaching pressed the flat of the little butt plug that was sqeezed up inside her. It was the ‘medium,’ the one inch diameter plug that was in her now.

She growled her low growl and dropped her head to my chest, then looking back up at me.

“I told you not to move.”

But then, she didn’t move either and I kept pressing it into her, moving it around, turning it. Her pussy sliding on my cock now. I could feel the wide flare of the plug slide along my penis from inside, from along the outside of her vagina. It felt so incredible. I could not believe how we were laying here, me fucking my sister, day after day after day. For nearly two weeks now.

I held her to me, undulating my hips, “I’m not moving.”

“Your such a liar!” She hit at me. “Such a fucking liar.”

“Well I am fucking.” And I started to bounce her on me, lifting my hips up quick and then dropping down, letting my hand press into her ass each time she dropped pushing the plug into her.

“Oh, Oh, Oh!” With each bounce, growling, her whimpers and moans.

“Oh god that feels…so good. I wanted to fuck…YOU. Stop it…Ah, ah, Stop it.” She Squealed, “I’ll scream!”

“You already are.”

She dropped back down, melting together skin to skin. “Oh god.” She was just licking her lips holding her mouth open.

I kept bouncing her against me, until I felt her body stiffening, as she began whimpering again and crying out. “You fucker, oh…fuck! I’m cumming. Oh god keep doing that! Oh god. J….”

And she was writhing on me, holding me tight. I was pumping myself into her, my whole length into her. I knew her body so well, and began to squeeze her breasts. They were so sensitive when se was mid-orgasm.

Her eyes went wide. “Oh my God, yeah. That’s it.” She lay her hands on mine and I squeezed her hard, “Oh.”

I could feel her trembling above me, arching her back away from me, tipping her hair back. And then her breathing slowed as she dropped back down and she just lay there looking at me, her breasts pressed against my chest, hooking her legs around mine. She whispered, “You fucker,” as she began to kiss me. I opened my mouth and let her play in my mouth, we touched tongues.

I brought my hands above my head as we kissed, held my palms open, “See. I didn’t move a muscle.”

She bit my tongue, “Fucker,” was all she said.

She lay against me, her hair tickling my cheek, I could feel her still sliding lightly along my cock, slowly at first, then rising and falling on me, I could feel myself sink into her. My cockhead just touching at her vagina and then sinking deep inside as she would lower herself and sit herself down, then rising back up again. Torturously slow.

I was still hard. I hadn’t cum yet.

She lifted her head and looked at me close. “Now you promise. Lay there. Don’t you move. Let me do you. Pleeeease.”

I closed my eyes, and turned my head.

I felt her kiss my neck, little feather kisses in a line down onto my nipples. She softly so softly licked around my nipples and suckled them. She knew how I loved that. I could feel her hands brushing my body, reaching down and drawing a line along my hips, as I kept my eyes closed. So luxurious.

The whole time my cock is moving inside, her strokes along my cock so soft and slow, the full length of me.

She took my hands in hers rising and falling on me, a rising and falling warm wave, letting her breasts brush along my chest as she moved upon me.

When I looked at her she was this wave of flesh rising and falling on my body. I lay with my arms above my head just watching her. She was looking down at herself, at her body as it moved on me, you could see my cock rise up into her between her legs, disappearing into her dark patch of cunny. That little hole hidden between her legs. Steadying herself at times with her hands and holding onto me, just laying her hands on my chest.

She leaned down, held her mouth at my ear. “Like that?”

“Mmmm you have no idea.”

“Like your little sister fucking you?”

I closed my eyes, nodded.

“Like your little sisters cunt.”

I lay impassive.

“So wet. So open for you. What you wanted? You want it?” I nodded, eyes closed.

I felt her slide down harder, quickening her pace, breathing harder, opening her mouth, we were panting. I began to meet each thrust of her body. I wanted to bring my hands up and hold her, I wanted her to kiss me again. But I did not move. She wanted this. I gave it to her.

And as if she were reading my mind she lay along the length of me and began kissing me again, a deep loving long kiss. I could feel her teeth, and I pressed my tongue into her as I fucked her, as we rubbed and washed against each other. Feeling her warmth, listening to her cunny opening and closing around me, the soft slap of her body, of our body, rising and falling into one another.

I could feel her getting aroused again, could feel her clit hardening and lengthening, this little finger sliding along my cock. She was pressing herself hard against me, grinding into me as we kissed. I didn’t move, and lifting my cock bumping her with each thrust, she was grinding hard against me, the rythem and deep long thrusts fed my orgasm and the cum was rising, I could feel it.

I began to turn my head, press into the mattress and moving around on the bed, lifting my hips, kissing her saying, “Oh fuck Sara, I’m cumming I’m cumming.”

She held me tight, as I moved beneath her, and breathed in my ear, “Cum in me…Oh yes.” She could feel it, “Cum in me. Let me feel you fill me up.”

And I began to fill her. I could feel my cock pulsing into her, and as I pressed my cock into her as deep as I could, I could feel her vagina contracting around me, and the movement of her body tightening and clinging to mine. This time, deeper. Our bodies simply wound around the other, as we came together, our skin wet and sliding together, as we became one. The light, the room, everything around us vanishing into nothing.


our eyes opening again….

“Oh my, what you do to me!” I next heard her whisper.


How long had it been? I must have fallen asleep.

I could feel my cock was still inside her her, could feel cum trickling out and running down my balls, cooling between our legs, forming a little puddle beneath us.

She opened her eyes and looked at me, smiled. I felt her squeezing me, squeezing my soft cock out of her puss.

“Strong little pussy,” I said softly as she turned herself, setting right next to me and I never tired of watching her body as she lifted herself off me and set herself up beside me, naked, brushing the hair from her eyes, pulling the strands from her mouth, as she kept one hand on my hip. Then turning to me, all smiles. The glow in her eyes, that just-fucked look.

“It’s been getting lots of exercise.”

I wrapped my arms around her, curled myself around her knees.

She kissed my shoulder. She cooed, “That’s what you get for appreciating my tan.”

“It’s the best in the history of homo-sapiens on this planet.”

She scratched me.


“I Love you,” She kissed me.

“I Love you too.”

“That’s a problem,” she said as our lips touched.

“What?” She hugged herself to me, held me just then. I could feel the warmth of her cheek.

“I never want to let you go.”

Then she let go, and sat near me, positioning herself, crossing her legs, “We can’t you know.”

“Can’t what?”


“We just did.”

She turned herself to me, her puss was this gaping little wound. I couldn’t stop looking at it, began to nuzzle my nose between her legs.

“Stop it.”

I said again, “We just did.”

“You know what I mean…We have three days – today, tomorrow and then we go home. We can’t….After that.” She was combing out her hair with her fingers. “I can’t believe we haven’t gotten caught yet.”

I was blinking at her, she had alluded to this before. It had a kind of over the cliff sort of feeling for me. It didn’t seem quite as steep a week ago, this vacation still seemed like forever as we walked that sunset on the beach. But three days. That seemed – SHORT.

I sat up, “You mean like NEVER.”

She didn’t say anything.

“I don’t know. But yeah, what if it was NEVER.”

She looked at me. “What would you do?”

“Sneak into your bed and…” I touched her pussy. Stroked her soft hairs, caressed her tummy. She let me. “Could you say ‘no’ to this,” and I snuggled a finger deep into her vagina. She let it linger there, pushing herself down, impaling herself on my extended finger, the hint of a smile.

“Your impossible.”


That afternoon we were getting ready to go out on the beach.

I couldn’t stop thinking about that little conversation of Sara’s. Three days.

It all felt like it was closing in. She was right. And we are in different colleges. This was impossible, rediculous. My head was swimming, these are not feeling I should be feeling.

Sara was still naked and sitting in the chair that was her favorite spot by the window, brushing her little muffin. Stroking it, staring down and pressing the hairs one way then another. She looked like a little monkey.

I lay there watching her. I could feel myself stiffen. Unbelievable, how could I. She noticed as well, looking up and laughed. “Down cowboy.”

“It’s not my fault. You make me so fucking horny.”

“Tell me about it. Look how swollen….” She looked over at my penis, “Down boy, down.”

She jumped off the bed and ran over to me and took my cock in her hand and began to push it down between my legs. Turning it, twisting, pushing, hard!

“Ow ow ow. What the hell are you doing?!” I sat bolt upright. “You can’t do that to a penis.”

“It’s aversion training.” She hit the head of my cock, “Bad penis bad penis.” She was speaking down into my crotch still pressing it down, tugging at my balls, but now it was just laying flat on the bed.

She sat before me, and there we were. Naked and just looking at one another. We looked alike in some ways. We were the same size, same color hair. Our hands looked alike. She took my hand in hers and let her fingers twine into mine, then set my hand down on her knee. She reached again and took my penis in her hand, soft this time. Turning her fingers, gently stroking its length, it was rising from the bed, like a punished little puppy looking up at you, making sure everything is ok.

“Good little penis,” she said. Then meeting my eyes, “Too good.”

“Never too good.” I rejoined.

She began to rise from the bed, turn herself and I lay my hand on her back and as she rose let my fingers tickle down her back, just leaving the touch of her ass as she stepped away.

I said, “Get ready. Lets go.”

“Ummm,” She held her hand to her tummy, held her leg out and looked at herself, “I have to shave first.”

She stepped into the bathroom.


She laughed, cause I was like thinking about her face.

“My legs Dumbo.” And then she turned to me, pointing, “My pubes.”

“Ahhh.” Was all I said.

I turned to leave but then stopped.

“Let me.”

She looked at me.

“I’ll do it.”

She was holding the little shaver.

“Look if its only going to be another three days, then I think we should…” She was ignoring me. “Go for it. Please.”

She lay the little blade in my hand.

“Be careful.” She sat on the toilet.

“Lets do it out there. There’s not enough room in here.”

She rolled her eyes. “Such a big production.”

I took her hand. She followed me out.

“I use this cream.” She lay that in my hand, “and then slowly, CAREFULLY…”

“I know how to shave.”

“Oh yeah?”

And I set her into the chair she loved so much. “Sit the way you normally do. Legs open.”

She laughed, “Am I that bad.”

“Pretty much.”

“Cause I’m always airing it out.”

She set herself down and hooked her legs around the cushions opening herself up nicely to me.

“Here, now scootch to the edge of the cushion.”

She complied, letting her hand hang loose as she watched me with a bemused smile.

“You are enjoying this way too much.”

“You have the most beautiful pussy EVER.” I was just inches from her sitting down between her legs.

She smiled, I began to rub the shaving cream onto her legs and then took another squirt into my hand and began to rub it over her mons and up onto her abdomen.

She jumped.

“Hey! My thighs…” I watched her eyes get wide, as she realized what I was about to do.

I just said. “I said I know how to shave.”

“You done this before have you?”


And she settled back into the chair, eyes wide, and opened her legs wider, tipped her hips up and set her pussy right before me. I was looking at white cream and pink slit. I took the shaver and began to draw it down her abdomen, could feel the dark hairs catching in the blade. I had a little cup and would swirl it around in there each time.

I did not want to hurt her or catch the hairs, I wanted painless, this was too glorious. I was so careful. I was about to shave her pussy, and the least nick could stop the whole thing. I knew her.

I drew the blade down her thighs, then back up to her abdomen, the hairs catching more as it approached her mons. The blade sliding along the soft flesh. I could see the swell of her puss, this mound of flesh, no hair.

She did not have so much in any event, but the bare white skin, the dark hairs bunching along the line of the blade. The line of her pussy lips, running down between her legs. This little hairless line. I drew the blade along the edge of her pussy lips, slowly slowly. She was watching intently the whole time. Swirling the blade in my little cup.

“Have YOU ever done this before?” I asked as I intently watched this emerging bare little cunt.

“No.” She was covering her eyes. I loved when she did that. Her cheeks were glowing red.

I could hear a catch in her throat.

In silence I swirled the blade and shaved, until there was just bare skin and little lines of white cream.

“There. Lets check.”

“Lets CHECK. O Gawd!” My sister said as she laughed.

I looked for any little trace of hair, and finding a few here or there, removed them carefully with the blade.

She was bald. It was so beautiful. My cock ached.

I took a wash rag and wiped between her legs.

“Oh, that’s cold.”


And she rose from the chair, tipping her cunt out so she could sort of see it. She stepped into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

She touched it.

“God it feels so…cool. The wind, when I move.”

“Hairless,” I said.

I was so hard now. God I wanted to fuck her. Again. I came up behind her. This is the true test, and turned her around to me.

“Ah, ah ah. We are going out.”

“No, just let me…test.”

And I let the tip of my cock touch her over the mons, sliding it down her abdomen, leaving this little wet trail of pre cum on her skin.

“Doesn’t that feel good?” I tippled the head of my cock over her bare skin. I pulled away and lay my hand over her, pulling her open, she was so wet it was unbelievable.

“God you do like this.”

“Oh, Jason. You have to….What are you…”

I let my finger slide down into her, pressed into her vagina and she held herself open for me, I could feel her lifting up on tippie toe.

“It feels so cool.”

She was arching her back and rubbing herself against me.

“Jason! We already fucked once.” I touched her clit. “Oh my god. Stop….”

“Let me lick you.” I slowly slipped a second finger inside and held her with my hand, still touching her clit with my thumb.

She held there, before whispering, “Ok,” and she was literally melting onto the bed. I began to run my hands all over her, softly stroking her, up between her legs.

She was whimpering, “Oh Jason, I want to go outside. Mom and dad….”

And I pulled her legs open and began licking her hairless little cunt. She lay her hand on my head and pushed me into her, sucking in her breath. I could hear these ragged gasps.

I looked up at her, this pink little hairless slit touching my lips, “You’re my little girl now.”

I continued licking, my wet tongue running between her thighs and cunny lips. Lapping at her bare skin and then pressed my tongue along that line, the wetness squeezed out of her.

“So sweet. My sweet little girl.”

“Ohh….Jas…I” She was moaning and pushing her cunt into my mouth. I pushed on the plug, and she tipped her head back.

“You might be ready for the next one.”

She looked at me, her eyes were glassy. And…I could tell she was mad at me at the same time.

“I’m going to…kill you,” she panted as she writhed against me, sliding her hips up and down my mouth, pushing me into her.

“God damn you. I have never felt so fucking horny in my life.”

There was silence, I pushed my fingers in and said, “Turn around.”

“God dammit!” and she turned herself around on all fours.

Backing herself to my cock. “Hurry up. I want to go…outside and….” I stepped up and pressed the head of my cock right into her vagina. Slid all the way in, and could hear the air go out of her, she putting her head down, “Ohhhhh!”

She was so wet, she opened right up. Her legs held wide and I could see her whole body shake as I slid in, my balls hanging down between her legs.

And I held her hips and pulled her onto me, second time today. She was pushing back and looking down between her legs. I started to push on the plug in her ass. “Oh, god damn you. I ….I can’t stand it.” And she was cumming immediately,. “It hurts Jason, it hurts. Oh. Stop it.”

She fell into the bed, arms out and I could feel her thighs trembling against me.

And she was crawling away from me, as I pulled her back, dragged her to me. I started ramming myself into her and felt myself starting to cum. I could feel her eating me in. But then very quickly she bounded away from me again, and then rolled over, lay on her back with her legs and arms held up. I started to get on the bed.

She was holding me away, “We are going outside! I am not laying in here and fucking all day long.” She held out her hands holding me back, still laying, still not quite able to move.

Oh I was in agony, I was still hard.

I began to push onto her, moving my cock up between her legs. “Suck me off.” She looked at my cock. “Come on. It won’t… How do I?”

She laughed, held her pussy in her hand, covering it from me and rolled off the bed, standing away from as I lay there.

“Well I’m ready.” She slid her finger along her labia so I could see her painted nails slide along her bare puss. “Really Ready. Such a nice orgasm, mmmm, and all nice and shaved.”

She went to her bikini which lay on the floor.

“Want to dress me?” Wicked little grin.

Oh, I could not stand it. “Suck me off, Please.”

She stood with her bikini bottoms.

“Just let me look at you then. I need to…”

“Ohh…poo little, Daddy. You got yourself into this mess.”

“You liked it. You came.”

She watched my cock. “Mmmm, Save it. I want you for tonight.”

I looked at her dismayed.

“It’ll be worth it, believe me.”

She pulled on her bottoms, then her top and walked to the door. “See you.”

The light shone in behind her.

“And don’t you go doin nothin ….Without me.”

I watched the sunshine behind her and then the thump of the door.


“You didn’t did you?”

A half hour had gone by.


She looked at my crotch, then at me. Incredulous.

“I watched the news.”

She laughed.

“You kids having fun?” Mom came up from behind me and set in her chair. Dad was already there.

“This the best vacation ever.” Sara cooed. “I looked at her. Like my tan?”

She winked at me.

I said, “Best I’ve ever seen.”

Dad says, “The sun is bad for you. It’ll give you skin cancer.”

Mom set herself down under the shade of the cabana. “Your dads right.”

“I do this once, maybe twice, a year.”

“I love the way it looks.”

“Looks can kill,” says dad.


“So what’s your Surprise?” I stood there yelling at a closed door.

Sara had run into the bathroom slamming the door behind her the moment we stepped in, locked it.

When she next appeared, she was out of her suit.

“First,” and she held it out to me.

“You got to put this one in…I’m ready.”

She was holding the last, the largest, butt plug.

She was turning it in her hand as I backed away and sat on the bed. I tapped the mattress.

“Get on all fours.”

She jumped onto the bed and faced away from me, wagging her ass at me.

“Wooof! Rrrrr.”

“Good doggy, I patted her ass.”

She wagged her ‘tail’ at me.

The butt plugs were these clear plastic short cylinders, that flared at the end. The one end was flat so they wouldn’t ‘show’ when you wore them. This one looked like a short cock, it looked very thick.

I had bought three, each larger than the other to gradually ‘loosen’ up my little sister for an ass-fucking that was implied in the whole thing. I got hard just thinking about it. We had tried a little ass fucking earlier, but she was too ‘tight.’

The first plug was a half inch, then one inch – the one she had in her right now. And it felt so good when I fucked her, I could feel the flared end press along my cock as I slid into her. She loved the feel and it was making her cum constantly, even when we were just walking along, from the feel of her swaying hips and thighs sliding together.

But this one was two inches diameter! It only needed to be in her a day or two. I got hard thinking about her early promise, ‘It’ll be worth it.’ I was trembling and breathing so hard as I settled behind her on the bed, looking up her ass across her shoulders, her dark hair touching the bed.

I pulled on the one still inside her as she was positioned on all fours, her ass backed into my face, it resisted then released. Her ass was bright red, this gaping little hole; and her bare pussy pouted out below, this pink little line. What was I doing here? It was all so unbelievable.

“Mmmm such a nice little rose,” as I pressed my finger into her.

She looked back frowning, “Quit naming my ass Jason.”

I took my finger out, sniffed it.

“Ewww. Pervert!”

“No no it smells,” I sniffed again.

“Stop it!”

She was reaching for me.

“Mmm, nice, Good.”

I picked up the larger clear plastic plug, held it out so she could see, her eyes wide.

“This isn’t just twice as big you know, one inch to two inches. It’s three times as big, pi times the radius. 3.14 times one inch. THREE inches. That’s the circumference. It’s THREE times bigger when I push it in.”

“Quit doing math.” She paused and said quieter, “Just, Put it in.”

I set it at her rose, touched her open anus and pushed, pushed, pushed. I could feel her opening and…She was growling as I could feel it slip in, “Uhhh, Uhhh. Oh my God.”

I felt a plop, as her ass shut around the flared end. Her ass wrapped tight, stretching around and then I slid it all the way. She rolled on her back, glazed, and just lay there looking up at the ceiling. Her cheeks were glowing red.


“Fuck me.” She said impassively as she stared at the ceiling. She was holding her hands between her legs. I could tell she was touching it.

I moved toward her.

“No!” She saw me move toward her, “Noooo!!” She held her arms out, pushing me back. “It was just an expression.”

I was already hard.

“Jason! Need more aversion training,” she held my cock.

I backed away. “No no he’ll be good.”

She sat up, looked at the floor. “It’s working…I think. I can feel it stretching.” She was staring at my cock as she said that.

She stood and walked around, taking these really weird long steps and shaking her ass around, cupping her pussy, looking between her legs and over her back.

“You look like a dork.”

“Oh, it feels…..I feel like I have to shit. It hurts. Like a got a BIG cock up in me. All at…”

“Now who has the potty mouth.”

“So open. My clit tingles! When I walk…so cool.” She held her pussy in her hand, covering herself as she stood before me. “I am a fucking slut.” An amazing statement considering here was my sister standing naked in front of me, shaved hairless and who was walking around with a butt plug up in her. “How much worse….” Then, Wait!” She ran into the bathroom.

“Now what?”

From behind the door, “Get Dressed. We’re going out….Daddy!”


She next came out in an amazing short, very short, shiny little skirt, black and a half halter top also black. Her breasts were just covered by the fabric. Over that was this leather black jacket.

“When did you get that?”


I eyed her up and down. You could see her bare waist between the jacket and skirt. She was wearing high heels which made her legs look even longer. Her halter was open right between her breasts. She let her hair fall around her shoulders, and she put on this red red lipstick. “Mmmm. Slutty.”

“Like it! God, I am a slut now.” She said to herself as she looked in the mirror. “I am so horny. Wait till we….” She looked in the mirror. “It feels so…..”

“Oh, yeah!”


She looked at me, “Good – you got dressed.” She eyed me up and down, “I wondered about that. What I’d find.”

I held out my arms in mock of her, and turning once said, “Like it.”

“Mmmm, Jeans and a T shirt. Hmmm. You look just like…a guy.”

I wrapped my hands around her waist and dipped my fingers into the edge of her skirt. She walked away.

“I want you to take me to an awful little seedy bar. Then, I want YOU to sit at a nice, mmm, a really tall stool in a DARK corner. And…”

She turned and stepped close, whispered in my ear, “And molest me. I’m your little girl tonight.”

She stepped away and moved to the door, swaying her hips then stopping, reaching under her skirt, tugged her panties down around her knees, and then stepped out of them. Held them bunched in her hand out to me.

“Here put these in your pocket. I might need them later, I don’t want cum running down my legs.”

I held them in one hand looking after her as she walked to the door, she looked back at and in her little girl voice, “Come on daddy!”

“Just a sec.”

I needed to adjust myself.


We walked away from the beach, and along some dark streets. It was close, not too far, the perfect spot. This storefront bar, it just said ‘BAR.’ We stepped in and were hit with a blue haze, a thick cloud of cigarette smoke, and it was dark, with red lights from neon signs hanging along the walls. It was a large room, with a long wood bar along one wall, a low ceiling. Toward the front was lit, there were some pool tables, dart boards. We moved to the back away from the lights.

It was also loud, but toward the back we could talk, and as a bonus the tables were high – the stools were – adjustable (nice touch).

Sara looked at the tables, spun the seat on the chair and nodded her approvale as she eyed me. “Hmmm.” She spun up a little, then backing herself up to the edge of the stool adjusted it right to her crotch, so the edge was just above the line of her skirt.

“We don’t get out enough,” she said to me pushing the stool over for me, leaning to my ear as I sat and whispering, “Daddy.” I could feel the warmth of her breath in my ear, her words tingling down my spine.

I wanted her.

“Daddy. I might be too young to be here though.”

“Your fine sweet, your with me.” My heart pounding as I looked at her, the way she held her mouth. God she was good at being a slut. I had NEVER seen her like this.

She sat on the stool across from me.

It was funny when the waitress came later because she carded us.

“What’ll you have?”

Sara answered, “Um give me two yaggermeisters.”

“I’ll have a beer. House taps fine. Uh, make that two.”

There was this group talking next to us:


“Yeah…he always says, remember when Kathy was pretty. And damn I can’t remember that.

“He carries around this picture of her wearing a nighty, in his wallet. She was pretty cute then.”

“I don’t think it’s her. Whe was never blonde.”

“Think she was. But she’s…..messed up…don’t think she even weighs…hundred pounds.”

“She’s held together with a steel plate…”


We looked at each other, I leaned in, “Yeah I think we picked the right place.”

Sara laughed.

The drinks came and Sara downed one of the yaggermeisters in one gulp. She drank the second a little bit slower, and ordered two more.

“I think I’ll need a few of these,” she held up her glass, started playing with a napkin and looking at me. “Well?”


She looked around, “How are we going to do this?”

I could feel my cock stirring.

I looked around, there were LOTS of people.

“This bar is pretty full.”

“Yeah, and…” She shifted over close me.

“You know what it feels like right now sitting in this chair, with a butt plug up my ass?”

I looked around.

“With no panties on, and a bare pussy. A dripping cunt.”

I shook my head and gulped my beer.

“Unfucking-believable. Come here,” and she leaned in and kissed me full on the mouth, a deep long kiss, we turned our heads into the other. I held her by the back of her neck, pulled her to me. No one looked.

That was the first time we kissed in public. She leaned away and wiped her chin, smiling. Satisfied with herself. I could barely breath, and she was enjoying her effect on me.

“You kissed me.”

She drained the last of her yaggermeister and the waitress brought the other two. She asked me if I wanted more, I nodded. Sara took the glass and took another large sip, her eyes shining, her red lips smiling.

As the waitress walked away, “I’m going to do a lot more than that.”

“You’re a cat in heat.”

She began to rub against me, “purrrr.” And she lifted her chin up and kissed me long, one more time. The waitress walked up watching us, I looked over, her mouth was open, tonguing me. The waitress just stood there. If she only knew we were brother and sister.

I turned to the waitress, “Uhh.”

“Any food.”

“We haven’t looked.”

“Get me some french fries daddy.” She had her head on my shoulder, and set her hand over my crotch and squeezed. I was really getting aroused, and I began to lightly adjust my cock in my pants.

She could obviously see what we were doing, standing there watching the two of us.

“French fries. And I’ll have another beer. Get me two more.”

The waitress walked away, returned with the food and beer. Sara took her drink tipped it back and then bending her head low, looking up into my eyes, lay her hands flat on the table and stood. “Scootch back.”

And turning herself settled her ass between my legs. Her puss set right at my crotch, she turned and snuggled her nose into my neck whispering in my ear, “Mmmm, that’s about right.”

I reached under the table and lifted the edge of her skirt, the crinkly fabric, and lay my hands on her bare thighs wrapping my fingers around the inside of her legs and began to rub up into her, looking around at the others at the various tables.

The music was still thrumming away, the lights flashing from a distance, it was dark, but we were being pretty obvious.

Sara purred back as she was eating french fries, “What are you doing daddy” You said we was going out, but…” She paused and held her mouth open, unable to speak, as I ran my finger up through her wet slit. She was squishing around, her cunny juices were dripping out of her, and my fingers slid so smooth on her hairless cunt.

I rubbed the wetness all over her bare skin and just slid my flat palm up and down between her legs as I said, “Nothing honey, don’t mind yourself. Does This feel ok?”

Her hair was touching the table, she pushed her legs open and tipped her pussy into my hand, undulating her hips so I was just holding my hand in one place letting her move herself around how she wanted. She was trying to push her clit along my fingers. “Ohh, fuck, daddy. Mmm, it feels fine, but I don’t know…” She was looking around.

I slid my hand lower and felt her vagina, no hair anywhere. Her hairless cunt. It felt so incredible.

“Feel nice?”

She nodded. “If you like it daddy. You like it?”

“You shaved,” I cooed.

“Daddy, you know I don’t grow nothing down there yet.” I was going crazy.

She snuggled back, felt my hard cock through my pants. “What’s that?”

“That’s my cock. Does my little girl want to see my cock.”

“Oh, yeah!. It’s so hard.” She was squeezing me through my pants. “Yeah. I’ve never seen one before. I like the way it feels.”

I pressed my fingers into her as she was rubbing me, pulled her pussy open and felt her wetness. She was so fucking wet, what were we doing? It was crazy. People WERE watching us now.

I was ignoring everyone, focused only on her. I could smell her, the heat of her against my chest. Her skirt tipped up around my hand.

Un-fucking-believable. That’s what she called it.

Her legs parted and she was tipping her ass back, touching my crotch with her bare puss. She turned her face back to me, looked in my eyes, kissed me again. Then she looked down, “Open your pants.”

I reached behind her and opened my pants, they were a little tight.

I said, “I don’t know.”

She was determined. Hungry, she reached down, “Here.” She began shifting the bar stool behind the table, and opened my fly. “Tug them down a little, from the side,” she was looking down in my lap, my cock poking straight out the fly.

She pressed on the tip. “Is that a cock daddy?”

“Hmm. Hmmmm.” As she pushed it took my breath away, I wanted to thrust into her. I wanted to fuck her so….

“It’s not so little. It’s wet.”

We were whispering between us. The waitress was walking up to us, I saw her stop and then turn around. She knew what we were doing.

I tugged, and she tugged. Pretty soon my balls were hanging over my fly. It pinched a little. She was intent, hungry, watching and then she turned herself, dropping her skirt over my lap, backing backing herself up until… deliciously, I felt the tip of my cock touch her wet, hot puss. It was liquid, I slid between her legs. My senses exploding.

“Ohhhh….NOW what are you doing?”

The feeling of her wet lips opening around the tip of my cock took my breath away. I literally could not speak. I grasped her waist.

We were seated against the back wall, she pressing me back into my chair. My cock settling in between her legs, she was tipping forward, leaning lightly on the table lifting herself up on tippy toes, looking around, sipping her yaggermeister, so nonchalant.

I leaned to her ear. “You’re such a good little girl, I thought I would give you a reward.”

She backed herself up and positioned her vagina over the head of my cock, I could feel myself sliding right into her.

She backed right along my length, looking back at me with a sideways glance, “Hmmm. Thank you. I like that.”

And we held like that for a while, standing there with my cock buried into her puss. She was just sitting in my lap, my arms around her waist. I was buried up inside. The head of my cock lay right in her belly. I could feel the plug pushing against my cock.

She looked back, “Want a sip of your beer?”

I nodded, took it and sipped.

“Your such a good daddy. I like when we do things together.”

She began rocking herself forward and back against me, I could feel myself sliding into her. Her hairless pussy drinking me in, her open legs and skirt fallen around us. I began to reach with my cock up into her, pressing, lifting up off the seat, hooking my feet around the legs at the wrung around the stool. And pressing into her, pulling her back against me, grinding myself into her.

I held my mouth at her ear, “I’m so hungry for you.”

“Your fucking me.”

“Mmmm.” And I could feel the heat rising between us, her lips were red, our cheeks mottled. Our breathing becoming these gasps as we slid ourselves together.

When, out of the corner of my eye…Dad! At the bar.

“It’s dad.” I whispered.

Sara, sliding, lifting her head up letting the hair fall down her cooed, “Mmmm I know.”

I said, “No! Dad. DAD. Over there, look.”

She turned her head, she froze.

They were sitting at the bar, dad and mom. Dad always sits at the bar. What were they doing here? We leaned back further, held against the wall. Amazingly, Sara was still sliding her little cunt on me. I could feel my length sliding up into her and then feel the tip of my cock touching at her opening, and then she was backing herself sliding me all the way in again. Very slow, this steady rhythm.

We were fucking, our folks not twenty feet away from us. She whispered back, “They can’t see us.”

“The hell they can’t.”

She looked back at me. “So pull out.” Her eyes held wide, this mournful little look. A little pout.

I didn’t move. She pushed herself back again, as I impaled her. She gave me a little bump, “Didn’t think so.”

And we continued to let our bodies slide together, as I stroked her soft skin. Reaching beneath her jacket and squeezing her breasts, letting her press and fuck back on me as I sat in the chair, pressed against the wall.

I reached around and found her clit, began to rub, draw circles, fold the head back and press it, stroke it lightly. Her head went down, I know how she loved that. She whispered, “You little shit.” I was going to make her cum.

“I’m going to cum in you. Right here.”

“They’re right over there.”

“So stop.”

She answered by beginning to move on me faster, and I continued to rub her clit, she breathed out to me, “I want to cum. Cum in me daddy. Oh god! So good.” She was moving on me now with abandon. There were eyes fixed on us.

She leaned forward, both our eyes on the back of our parents head. I fucked into her steady could feel myself start to spray into her, ribbons of cum filling her. I could feel my cock squishing into her, the sloppy slapping of our sexes as we fucked into each other, my cum spraying out.

She was bucking back against me, I could feel her legs stiffen and she leaning against the table with her mouth open, turning her head, trying to stay silent. I could hear these little squeaks, as she spasmed against me; and I squeezed her clit, and heard her squeeling with surprise. It sounded like a hiccup.

I was filling her with cum and she hung off the front of me, her hands held the edge of the table, and we were in the midst of an orgasm when the waitress set the bill on our table. “Have a nice evening.”

I laughed, as Sara ignored her, probably didn’t even know she was there, and continued to orgasm and slide herself against me, pleasuring herself. I could feel her gradually relax as she leaned herself back against me, full along my front and wrap her arms around my neck. She sat full on my lap. I settled back, my cock still buried up inside her, softening. The vinyl seat was wet with our cum.

I have no idea how many drinks Sara had, but she was very tipsy, and she began to giggle. “I can feel you.” She rubbed her cheek against me.

I reached down behind her and pressed on her butt plug. “Oh my god. Oh my god!” And I could feel her body tremble in another orgasm.

“Oh God, J you can’t do that!”

She giggled again.

“I got two cocks up me.”

I felt my cock slip out of her. She stepped away, straightened her skirt, “I need my panties now.”

I pulled them out of my pocket as I pulled my pants up around myself. Handing them off to her and she stepped into them. A few people at the tables nearby were obviously watching us. As we walked by I smiled, and they nodded. We snuck out the back door.

I was still so horny I could not stand this and I took her by the hand and led her along the dark path back to our little room.

When the door closed I didn’t turn on the light. I took off my T shirt and pants, and I turned Sara to me and she said, “Where are we?” She lay her hands on my chest.

I was just holding her, she looked around seeing, realizing, “Oh!” And then she laughed and snuggled into my arms.

I was standing in my briefs, hooked my fingers around my waist and pulled them down and stepped out. My cock beginning to rise as I looked at her, as I stood naked in the low light of the room.

Sara felt my cock bump her leg and she looked down at me, smiled and then covered her face. “Oh! Excuse me.” Then she whispered, “Daddy you’re hard again. Can we do what we did before?”

And I slowly undressed her, slipping off the jacket, untieing the halter from behind her neck and letting it fall around her waist. She unzipped her skirt and it fell aournd her legs.

Then she stepped to the bed and tugged her panties down, and then she came up to me, looked into my eyes and melted into my arms. I let my cock point straight up her belly.

“Gawd. That was stupidly incredible.”

“Best thing we ever did!”

And she kissed me, eyes still shining, still tipsy, “Yeah! So Far….”

I let my hand lay on her ass, just fluttering my fingers over her skin grasping the butt plug and pulled, felt it ‘pop’ out of her.

“Ow.” She giggled again. “Oh.”

I whispered, “So far.”

“Daddy now what are you doing?”

And I just took her by the wrist and turned her onto the bed. She knew. She was going to get it now.

“You were a naughty girl.”

“Naughty! No. Daddy, I was a good little girl.”

“Taking me out into public and playing with my cock in front of all those people. Naughty. Very naughty.”

I pushed her onto the bed.

“Daddy I….”

“Don’t talk back to me,” and I swatted her ass. That felt good. I heard her squeal and did it one more time. She turned to me.

“I’m sorry, I won’t.”

“You need a spanking young laddy.”

There was silence. “Turn around.”

I turned her, held her hips. I could feel her trembling as I pushed her down into the bed. she lifted her ass up to me.

I was so hungry for her. I took a little bottle of lube and squirted it on my penis, sprayed a line on her ass. She jumped! “That’s cold.”

I lubed her ass with it, rubbing it up into her with my finger. Poured lots of it on her. The cool liquid forming lines on her back and ass.

She cooed out again. “Ohh, that’s cold.” She giggled now. “What are you…”

I came up behind her and rose up on my knees, my hands wrapped around her waist.


And I set my cock to her ass, her little rose and pushed. I could feel her pushing back against me. And I felt my cockhead slide right in, felt her tighten around my head. She let out a low moan, and I just held myself there. Held my cock, just the head, quivering up her ass.

And in the silence we held still, just our breathing, feeling her body beneath me. She began to push herself again back against me. And I began to slide in further, just a little and then a little more. And to draw myself out again, these slow short strokes. She was meeting my thrust and was growling deep, letting her head touch the mattress. “Oh my God, sooooo fucking good. I can’t believe…..”

I slid my whole length into her. It was so tight. My little virgins hole.

“That’s my little girl. I’m going to spank you.”

“Oh god! I’m sorry. Spank me daddy. I’m so sorry. I won’t play with your cock in front of other people again.”

And she was lowering onto her elbows laying her head sideways on the bed. I was towering over her and pushing my cock up into her ass.

I reached around and lay my hand on her bare puss, cupping her stroking her. She looked back at me, I could just see the whites of her eyes as she looked back at me completely surrendering. I could have done anything to her just then.

“Fuck me.”

And I drew long deep strokes up into her. She was whimpering, “Oh my god I can feel this all the way into my clit.” And I pressed my finger into her and took her little clit in my fingers and squeezed as I pressed back into her.

Her head went up, and she was, “Fuck. Fuck. Ow. Oh J….ow.” I drew out, “No! Deeper.” and she was backing herself, reaching herself onto me.

She was so tight. And we were pounding into one another she was fallen into the bed and I was lifted up onto knees, lifting one foot onto the bed as I slid my whole length into her, her ass lifting high off the bed.

And then she was crying out, screaming, shaking. “Oh my…oh my. J…J….I can’t believe it. Jason I’m,” and she lay her hands out flat on the bed and began to scream into the mattress. Her whole body was spasming beneath me.

I could feel my cock burning, the cum rising in me, and my orgasm rushing up my spine. I fell down onto her back and held on as tight as I could, keeping her pinned to the bed.

I was spraying up into her ass. I was so aroused, and pounding down on her. She was turning one way and another, as I pinned her to bed with my cock, run through her.

Hard and tight and so wet. She was crying into the mattress and then went utterly limp. I lay on top of her, our bodys were soaking wet, we slid against one another and lay my arms around her head. She bit my finger and held it there.

I let my chest slide off her as my cock slid out of her. She felt like she were on fire, and she breathed, “I’m too hot, I need air. I can’t breath.” She was pushing me off her

I lifted myself, rolled onto my back and she curled herself into a little ball.

I began to touch her, and she pushed my hand away.

“Oh, Owww! You can’t touch me right now.”

“What. Are you ok?

“Oh. Oh. Oh my God.” Silence.

“Are you ok?”

“I’m still cumming. I can still feel it.”

I lay on my back and that’s the last thing I remember…..


At one point in the night, I felt her spoon into my arms. I wrapped around her and she turned and kissed my cheek.

She whispered, “Jason, I thought of something.”

I just said, “Hmmm.” I was not awake.

Next thing I knew the curtains were open.


In the morning, I could feel sunshine on my skin. Opening my eyes saw a little line of light on the white sheets which were disheveled on the bed.

I looked around, Sara wasn’t There. I could smell coffee.

She was sitting at the little table, two cups. She wasn’t wearing any clothes, she had showered.

Coffee? My slut sister with coffee. I looked at her, she didn’t look any different. She didn’t have a virgin ass anymore. My little girl.

I could see her tan lines, the soft skin. I looked where her ass pressed into the chair. I wanted to push my cock up inside her again. She smiled when she saw my open eyes.

“Uh,” I sat up.

I didn’t want to wake you.

I looked around. I looked at the nightstand, there lay the plug.

She saw me look, smiling, “Yeah.”

I got out of bed and sat across from her, took the coffee and it was still hot.

“I love the way you look when you sleep.” There was silence, I took a sip. She continued, “Remember when you first touched me?”

I smiled, thinking back. Her hair was fallen around her shoulders, the hair was still wet. She was squeaky clean.

“Right here.” She leaned back pointed at her tummy. I could see her bush.

“I can still feel it. Every day.”

“Remember when you modeled your bikini?”

“Oh…” She looked off into the distance, “A million years ago.”

“Three million. Remember you had those little hairs peeking out.”

She covered her face.

“You were so embarrassed.”

“I don’t have anything down there now.”

I pictured it. “True.”

“Thanks to you.”

“Yeah, well.”

“No. Thanks.”

“You and I…”

“Are amazing. I wanted to go take a walk. Clear my head. I remember the question you always seem to ask me, like every day. I think back to when you first asked it, when we got here, ten thousand years ago.”

I listened.

“What do you want? J…It’s not a fair question.”

I set my coffee down. Took her hand.

“We aren’t allowed to have what we want. We don’t get what we want. Not ever. Not anymore, about everything….What do I want? I’ve been thinking about that.”

She held her cup in both hands, “I want to be naked, and sleep whenever I want. I want to eat whenever I’m hungry whatever I want. I want to go into stores and take something off the shelf if it strikes my fancy and walk out with it. And I want to hold hands with you and kiss you out there,” she pointed out the window, “Where everyone can see us. And I want to suck your cock on the beach.”

I looked at her, “Well, I want to hide away with you forever in a dark warm room.”

“We leave tomorrow.”

“We could stay.”

“I have school. So do you.”

I frowned.

“Come here. It’s our last day.”

We fell into the bed, and it felt unthinkable. Knowing that time lay out before you, that’s one thing. Her body stretched out on the bed. Her tan little form, with white triangles on her ass, on her boobs, little lines around her back. That feeling of knowing you are about to fuck, closes out the future. In that moment – eternity. The silence of the room filled us. The drawn curtains. The muffled light. Our little world these past two weeks.

“You have the best tan in the whole world,” I cooed to her as I rubbed her back.

“Hmmm. I think someone wants to fuck me…Again.”

She turned on her back and wrapped herself around me, and we folded into one another.

She pulled her legs around me as we lay facing one another and pushed my cock between her legs, oh god that perfect bare flesh.

“Remember the first time I touched you there?” I asked. “I don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I was so scared…It felt so good.”

“I touched you right over your panties. The ones you described to me at the ice cream place. The fabric, I could feel the hairs of your puss beneath the fabric. How you pulled my hand away.”

“My heart was beating so hard. Jason, I wanted your finger in me. I could not believe you would do that.”

“Did you think about touching me?”

“No. But your hand on my tummy. I kept wondering if your cock was hard.”

I let my cock slide up between her legs. “It was.”

She laughed, “Mmmm. I thought it might be.”

“Next morning I wanted to yell at you, but you were so beautiful. I love your eyes.”

She kissed me then, and we touched our faces together. And I began to kiss her neck and she rolled onto her back and I kissed down the front of her. I was licking her skin, tasting the salt on her, and down between her legs. Her hairless little cunt was amazing.

Bare flesh, the little line, the pout of flesh. She opened her legs and let her knees drop to the sides. Her pussy looked swollen, ravaged. That wet pink line, she was so wet.

“Mmmm. My little girl.”

“Mmmm. Daddy. Eat me.”

And I licked at her, felt her roll onto my chest as I lay back and watched her sit on my cock. We were experienced lovers. She knew my body. And I felt us merge together, we let our bodies come together – cum together – I watched her mouth, the way she held it open as she rose and fell on me. I watched between her legs, my cock as it sunk up into her. We came, and then she lay beside me.

“Jason, you ever hear of the the 400-mile rule?”

“The what?”

“We go back tomorrow, we CAN’T, like I said. It’s impossible. We can’t. I can’t believe we did what we did. But…”

I waited, expectant.

“The 400 mile rule. You can do anything you want if you are more than 400 miles from your home. We can go…on trips together. It has to be more than 400 miles away. OUR vacation. Wherever, whenever, as often as we want. Forever….no matter what, no matter who we are with.”

I kissed her, “Deal.”


I began to tipple my hands over her body, to trace the outline of her skin. She rolled over onto her stomach. I briefly touched her ass, she looked back at me, “And I’ve been thinking. I want three things from you.” She leaned up on her elbow facing me.

She looked like a question mark.

I kissed her waist and lay my head in her breasts as she wrapped her arms around my neck.

“Ok. Ok. Ready?” I nodded.

“This is what I WANT:

“I want to be blindfolded, tied up and fucked. And I don’t want to know when it will happen to me. I want you to surprise me. I want to live with that every day.

“And I want to be fucked by two guys at the same time. I want you to be one of them, or they can be two other guys – AND you – which I guess that would be three guys. (She laughed). But I want a lot of cock in me all at one time. And….